yes, i can’t

i find myself needing a break from everything.
taking a few minutes to recharge my inner battery.
good ol self care.
blogging can be an energy vampire at times.
i write about the good and a lot of the bad within the forests.
for the last two days,
i legit detached from life.
as you can tell from the shots i threw up on my ig stories



i was totally involved in that bath life.
weird enough,
i haven’t sat in my tub in a hot minute.
it was much needed as i had a lot on my mind.
along with that,
two people i’m associated got on my entire nerves yesterday.
i found myself getting ready to flip on them so i had to separate.
their energy needs to be purged from my existence for a little.
i lit a candle and even got my crystals involved.

at that moment,
i was somewhere other than my apartment.

i start a temp gig for the next two weeks.
the head huntress called me about it on friday.
i’m not really excited about it tho.

1 – it’s another pay cut
2 – i hate the idea that i have to go back to corporate america again

i’m so turned off from that hustle.
i am blaming myself for still having to go back again.
my life feels like it’s in a washing machine,
but my emotions are on a continuous spin cycle.
let’s hope the universe can make everything fresh again.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “yes, i can’t”

  1. The only thing I liked about working in corporate America was showing off my new outfits! Especially winter wear! Baby make them heads turn!

  2. Jamari, I can relate, so take care of ya self baby! I’m learning that also, because at the end of the day we came into this world alone and we leave this world alone and in between we gotta survive in this doggy dog world.

  3. I hate that you always seem to be stuck at these temp jobs that go nowhere. I don’t know what field you’re in but there has got to be something permanent for young fox to get into. I pray you land a real job soon. I know all about self care, I set my apartment up to be my escape from reality and I indulge whenever I feel depressed or don’t want to be bothered. I like how instead of jumping down someone’s throat, you took the mature route and soothed your soul. That’s what it ultimately is all about, protecting your chi and not letting nobody get the best of you unless heavily provoked.

    1. ^this is only 2 weeks,
      thank God.
      i can handle a two week gig in this kind of situation.

      i use to take my aggressions our when i was mad,
      but then i realized that turns folks off from you.
      so i just retreat into my shell to do some self care and get my energy levels back up.

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