aaron hernandez was a smooth criminal for the (alleged) booty

i don’t know if they’re dragging or romanticizing nfl baller hyena,
aaron hernandez.
that being fonted…

How much alleged boyfriends did he have?

i swear i’ve written about like 3 so far.
whose next?
well this one:

…who goes by ryan mcdonnell,
seemed closer to aaron than the others.
he allegedly had aaron singing for him during prison visits.
it allegedly happened while his fiance was waiting in the lobby.
“the daily mail” had the story and well…

Aaron Hernandez recited the lyrics to ‘I Need Your Love’ to his rumored gay lover during a prison visit while his fiancée waited in the lobby, newly-released audio tapes have revealed.

In the records obtained by Radar Online, Hernandez can be heard talking to his ‘close friend’ Ryan McDonnell during a July 2013 visit at the Bristol County prison in Massachusetts.

The pair talked for 40 minutes of the 45 allotted for the visit, leaving just five minutes for fiancée Shayanna Jenkins – the mother of his eight-month-old daughter Avielle Jenkins-Hernandez.

‘What’s up baby?’ Hernandez said as he sat down with McDonnell who commented: ‘I like you in that outfit’ – referring to the disgraced NFL star’s prison-issued garb.

Hernandez then said that he’d be released from prison in ‘a few years’, to which McDonnell said: ‘Then, we’re moving to Cali.’ 

‘Perfect,’ Hernandez replied. 

McDonnell joked: ‘You’re [going to] try out for an arena football team because that’s all you’ll probably be able to play.’

‘If I get out before my thirties – which will be definite – I’ll be on the team,’ the former New England Patriots tight end replied.

Later on in the intimate visit laced with flirtatious comments and ‘I love you’s, Hernandez sang the lyrics to ‘I Need Your Love’ by Calvin Harris

‘I need your love, I need your time, when everything is wrong you make it feel right — I feel so high, I come alive, I need to be free with you, tonight,’ he crooned. 

‘I know that song,’ McDonnell said.    

The conversation then turned into heart-to-heart, Radar reports.

‘Obviously, the world’s a messed-up world,’ Hernandez said. ‘I’m not saying I’m the greatest person in the world, but I know what I deserve.’

You just go outside and look outside for an hour? You just look at the sky for an hour?’ McDonnell asked. 

Hernandez responded: ‘No, I get it in’ – referring to his workouts.

‘I ain’t putting it nowhere else,’ he said. 

McDonnell questioned whether he was taking more than his share of the visit but Hernandez quickly changed the subject.  

According to visitor logs obtained by DailyMail.com, McDonnell was the only friend that Hernandez included on his initial list of five visitors approved by the prison – along with his mom, brother, cousin and fiancée

aaron was such a dirty cheater.
well he was a murderer so…
he isn’t any worse than the other males out here.
some of their disrespect has no bounds.
ryan is better than me tho.
i’m all for staying down for my wolf,
but if he is arrested for murder,
i’m on the next thing smoking.
i don’t “do” jail birds.
nothing says “time to go” like talking to your wolf behind a glass.
i’m not with it.

lowkey: i’m starting to wonder if the guy he murdered wasn’t allegedly fuckin him too…
( x
see his texts here )

article cc: the daily mail

9 thoughts on “aaron hernandez was a smooth criminal for the (alleged) booty

  1. Aaron had a type, and Odin wasn’t it. Odin’s cousin was the one who quasi-outed Aaron while at the nightclub the night of the murder. The cousin told Odin to watch out because Aaron was a bitch and all hell broke loose from there. The texts should still be floating around.

    1. If men want to keep their sexuality to themselves they have the right to do that but not when you have a whole girlfriend and child out here. I think that man was just a sociopath who had a complete disregard for other people’s feelings.

  2. The real reason he murdered Odin Lloyd? How did Odin find out he was gay since Aaron kept it such a secret? Were he and Odin involved at some point and it went south? There was just a story of a dl dude murdering a guy he was involved with bc he was afraid he was going to tell somebody else. I wonder are the documentaries going to explore the Aaron Odin angle too?

    1. “i’m starting to wonder if the guy he murdered wasn’t allegedly fuckin him”

      Yeah, I heard that it was possibly more from an angle that Odin either knew for a min, or recently found out about his bisexuality and Aaron figured he was about to be outted by ’em for some reason.

      1. Or maybe they experimented and Odin was like this aint for me, and Aaron was like you don’t get to make that decision.

      2. Yeah. It was mentioned that he thought Odin knew because he slipped up in a “drunken moment” and Odin heard/saw the interaction. Apparently he made some kind of threat to Odin, and he felt at some point that he was going to be outed. I think it ties back to that moment where he claimed Odin was talking to some people HE (Odin) knew, but Aaron didn’t care for…and Aaron felt disrespected.

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