the foxhole liked the latino with the deep back dimples

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viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so ^that is michael de jesus.
you can tell that is a strong latino wolf already.
a foxholer sent him to my dms.
as you can tell,
he already raised my blood pressure.
i put this video up today on my ig from leestudiosnyc.
all the foxhole came

do you see those back dimples?
i’m faint

i don’t know what he is saying here:

…but my answer is “i’d like more please”.
he looks good in all angles

some latinos know how to bring the whole freak out of you.
the ones from other countries tho >>>>
it might be that “can’t speak good english” thing…

i’d be like a white suburban housewife with the pool boy.

nothing is better than fuckin’ your pool boy.
you know how that go.

*pictures/videos cc: leestudiosnyc | wild things | micha de jesus

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “the foxhole liked the latino with the deep back dimples”

  1. Give me body!! His back is everything! I love me a muscle man but I’m starting to really dig cool nerdy / silly guys. I think because they are more attainable and seem easier to keep. Muscle fine guys are a cute fantasy.

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