kareem hunt is going down, but he’s taking full responsibility tho

i don’t get other humans.
you’d think that after years of hardship,
once you “make it” to the next level,
you’d be on your best behavior.
you wouldn’t be disappointing all those who supported you.
i’d imagine it was like that for nfl baller jackal of the kansas city cheifs,
kareem hunt.
as you know,
or didn’t,
he allegedly assaulted a vixen in the hallway.
this is the video

…and here is his apology pr interview with “espn”

i dunno…
he’s answering the questions really…

is that the word i’m looking for?
i was gonna say “like a doofus”,
but it’s sunday.

if he knew he was gonna let folks down,
especially with an alleged stranger,
why even let that get to that level?

if things went left,
he shoulda kicked everyone out his crib.
end of story.
when you get to a certain level,
you gotta really start screening folks who come into your circle.
i’m not saying others aren’t genuine,
but you always gotta act like there are cameras always around.
this ain’t the hood anymore.
what’s crazy is this incident happened in february of this year.
someone was sitting patiently on that to ruin his career.

kareem has been cut by the chiefs.
i doubt another team will pick him up.
if another one does,
they’ll put him on practice squad and then drop him again.
there’s always another hungry baller wolf waiting to take his place.
i hope he stacked his savings to retire quietly.

lowkey: when a scandal comes with video,
especially with white vixens as the victims,
it’s gonna be hard not to collect an “L”.

6 thoughts on “kareem hunt is going down, but he’s taking full responsibility tho

  1. This whole thing is all about money. The nfl didn’t investigate like they should have because right now the chiefs are one of the best teams & they didn’t want that mo way to stop rolling in. They now can’t get in contact with the “victim” & she is not cooperating with the nfl or local pd. That can only mean one thing to me that someone paid her off & that’s all she was after anyway. Just my opinion.

  2. I love how he says he takes sole responsibility, what utter BS. I went to college with a bunch of athletes and sorry to say the dumb jock stereotype truly applies. They are used to getting into trouble that gets covered up. This happened in February, and he would have skated on by if there wasn’t a video. Good luck as a personal trainer or security guard.

  3. Ok I’m waiting for the vixen to get Gloria Alred to get some of his cash bc you know it’s coming. This happened in Feb the nfl didn’t interview him nor the vixen and gave the excuse oh we tried to get the vid but couldn’t get it right…well guess what tmz did. Hunt is only apologizing and is sorry now all these months later bc the video aired and he got caught, lost his job and just lost his endorsement for underarmour. Nobody learned from Ray Rice…sad. Since there’s scandal with the Redskins signing ex 49er Reuben Foster after his domestic violence charge, don’t see any team running to sign him too soon esp since running backs have a short shelf life in the nfl plus a new class will be up soon for the draft in 2019.

  4. SMFH…

    Another one bites the dust. Another one sings the Kumbaya song. Another one has not learned that he is just a black man playing a white mans sport and many have done the same damn thing and got cut.

    He felt privileged that he is a big time NFL player with a lot of money who can do as he pleases. Well guess what sweet boy…you are just another blaxk man that was lynched. I hope he had some savings. I doubt it though. Black people can’t spell the word SAVINGS….

    Nigga you on your own. Ain’t no one sorry for your ass.


    1. Sadly, that’s how they all do. He’s not a superstar though. Were he one of the NFL’s top players/moneymaker/face…you can believe they would be trying to cover the bases and make all kinds of excuses.

      I agree though. I hope he had money put away, because he’s done. He’ll be an Arena league player from now on.

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