alexa play: “object of my obsession”

i’ve found my latest obsession.
it appeals to my tech nerdy heart.
so i’ve always seen the amazon echo in commercials,
but i never thought i’d own one.
i thought it just controlled a smart home.
as of right now,
i don’t want a smart home until i’m in my own home.

future testimony.
so my home wolf surprised me yesterday…

He got me an 2nd generation amazon echo dot

he had an extra one and gave it to me.
i’ve been testing it out and foxhole:


first of all,
it is a lot more enhanced than siri.
now i love siri,
but alexa is a beast when it comes to understanding better.
the music.
the music.
now you know i love ambiance.
i’ve been letting music play in my living room.
it’s surprisingly very loud for such a small device.
i love she can do so much:

make lists
read my calendar
control my tv
play games

…and so much more shit i know i have to explore.
i love it so much that my home vixen was sold.
hers is coming next week.
so it’s worth checking out foxhole.
this week,
it’s really cheap.

2nd generation – 19.99
3rd generation: 29.99

this definitely says “welcome to the future”.
i’ll allow it.

x click here for 2nd generation

x click here for 3rd generation

if you get it now,
you can get amazon unlimited for 99 cents/3 months.
if you have prime,
it comes with amazon music which is just as good.

learn more: amazon echo

6 thoughts on “alexa play: “object of my obsession”

  1. I was attracted to this being the techy that I am but anything that’s promoted too hard scares me, all you ever hear about is Alexa and honestly that males me nervous, it’s bad enough big brother is always watching. Sidebar: I love wrestling and it’s a direct conflict when they call the wrestler Alexa Bliss’s name and the echo thinks it being called on lol but with all that being said for $20 my order will be placed in a moment. Thank you!

    1. ^my thing is big brother is always watching.
      don’t have any tech,
      live in the mountains,
      and stay off the grid.
      don’t limit your self because of big brother.
      if you aren’t doing anything illegal,
      you should be fine.
      i’m more scared of those that are close to me.
      those can be as big a enemy as the government.

      1. I get what you mean the thought always still scares me, and then there’s Irobot with will Smith OMG but you’re right about those closest to you. Anyone can betray anyone is what The Red Queen series taught me. I put in my order for Alexa with great hesitation I’ll have you know lol

  2. Jamari, I don’t want that. I need a full Android up in my house that I can sing and twerk with.

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