yardiestyle debuts who he gets pu$$y from

an OF fav.
yardie wanted to let us know a while ago that he is bi.
i think we fonted about it over in the backwoods.
usually when some of the gays get a little too excited,
some have to be reminded that there is no chance.
i don’t know.
either way,
a foxholer sent me a tweet about yardie and a vixen he is dating

those kisses he gave didn’t convince me of anything.
if you told me that he was being held a gunpoint,
i would believe it.
there are a lot of males who fuck other males and date vixens too.
that isn’t a shocking concept.
i’m sure we have all messed with a few.
many of us care don’t care he dates/has sex with vixens outside of his job.

His job is to be a prostitute and have sex for money,
sometimes with other prostitutes as well.

the prostitution game has changed in 2023.
it’s not standing on a corner.
it’s opening an OF and doing sexual favors for money.
some males escort to other males discreetly off social media.
their day job is working out while being in a relationship with a vixen.
they all let us know they “like pussy“.

They also like to give,
or do both with a John who is willing to spend.

that is not to knock anyone’s hustle but they all “like pussy”.

Am I wrong?

of course not.

when i’m in the mood to watch aimless power pounding,
i’ll turn him on to get off.
i like seeing that round tail of his but other than,
he can date/fuck/marry whoever he chooses outside of that.

lowkey: he is like a homophobic jamaican but in reverse.

5 thoughts on “yardiestyle debuts who he gets pu$$y from

  1. I guess for me I’m fascinated with how people live their lives in an unorthodox way. Everyone knows his face at this point, its the worst kept secret in all of porn so why does he continue to hide his face on his content. Then he goes to Jamaica which is perceived as one of the most homophobic countries to have a date with this woman, if they find out that he does gay porn in Jamaica isn’t he putting himself in danger, or is the homophobia in Jamaica overblown?

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