With Mike Espinosa, You Get The Bunz You Pay For?

mike espinosa wants you to know…

“he got 99 problems and a flat ass ain’t one”

how does he let you know this?
well an f-bi sent me the evidence and well…

and these:


mike does alot of personal training at barry’s boot camp in new yawk.
he is certified and focuses on “biceps and booty”.
judging from his own

i see he is worth every penny.
ain’t that right,


lowkey: judging from ( x mike’s ig ),
one can assume what flava he likes the most.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “With Mike Espinosa, You Get The Bunz You Pay For?

  1. I think he dances too. If I remember correctly, I saw him dancing in a video with a famous choreographer.
    I think they were practicing a routine to a Chris Brown song. He definitely got ass though!

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