Who Do U Trust? Are You 4 Sure?

Do we truly know our friends?

That is a question I am sure we have asked at one point of our lives.
After a year of dropping fake friends and associates left and right,
I am starting to see what a fake friend really is.

You do not want to have all kind of fake people with you on your path to stardom.
It is better to cut them off at the pass before they get to spoiled at the destination.

Below is a list for you to finally answer all the question…


1. “You always look like shit.”

They never have anything nice or positive to say to you.
They always degrade you or find something wrong with whatever you do.
Oprah could have given you “The Perfect Human” award and they will find a way to say something negative about that.

Can a muthafucka get some love?

Not from their ass.


2. “Swagg Stealin 101”

They say envy is the sincerest form of flattery.
IMO, it can be really fucking annoying.
When you have someone copying EVERYTHING you do and trying to take credit for it,
that is definitely a problem.

We all become little clones of our friends.
It is only natural.

The problem is, you do not want someone biting off your swagg and then when they reach their full potential, dropping you and becoming YOU.


3. “DICK before FRIEND”

They will put the muthafucka they are fucking above you.
Not even who they “LOVE” – but someone they think they love.
They will ignore you to chase after this new person.
Meanwhile, YOU knew them first.
That is not only thirsty behavior – but it is fake behavior.

You never ever EVER put the person you are fucking over the person who has been there. If someone does that to you, EVERY TIME, it goes to show how important you are in their life.


4. “YO HELP ME!”

They are your BEST friend when they want something.
They will bake you a fucking cake if they know you are about to help them.
Don’t even start talking when it comes to borrowing money.
They will put their coat over a puddle for you to walk over as you are walking into the ATM.

Bet you if you said you have front row tickets AND backstage passes to some event,
they would be already dressed the week before.

Not a good look.

These are the worst friends of all.
They aren’t your friends PERIOD.


5. “Lie 2 Me”

They lie about EVERYTHING!!!
You cannot believe them to save their life.
It is one thing to throw out a white lie or two,
but to be constantly lying?

A friendship requires honesty to grow.
You may not tell you friend EVERYTHING…
but you let them into your life and share experiences to help you both know each other.

Some people lie so bad,
if they tell you the sky is blue,
you got to go Google it to make sure.

They got to GO!!!


6. “You Can’t Do That, That, or That”

They will tell you everything you CAN’T do over things you CAN.
Shit, am I good at ANYTHING nigga?
They are not supportive at all.
That is the last thing you need in a friendship.
If you want to go climb a mountain barefoot,
they may NOT agree and should let you know,
but when it feels like emotional battery…

… then it isn’t healthy.


– Talking about everyone behind their back
– Not good at managing their money/life is in shambles
– They do illegal shit to get by
– They have fucked their friend’s s/o behind their back.
– They don’t take care of their kids BUT they will make sure they look good
– They keep a nasty ass house
– They disrespect their parents or siblings to the point it is wreck-less
– Flossin’ in the club but broke as a joke/lying about their status
-Putting on a fake persona to other people to be accepted

friendships can be like relationships.
We all need someone to have our back.
But watch who you bring into your life.

You never want to regret your decision in the near future.
I know I have.

do some mental re-evaluating to see if YOU do these same traits.

We can complain about other people,
but are never ready to accept full responsibility for OUR OWN ACTIONS.

Got you with that one huh?

Looks like you may have some work to do.


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