what is this blasphemy they’re calling “aladdin”?

this is the only “aladdin” i acknowledge.
so they straight up and down VIOLATED me today.
i saw the following and nearly threw up.
they released the live action “aladdin” cast,
with will smith as “genie”,
on the cover of “entertainment weekly”.
WTF is this????…

so i can deal with homewolf being “aladdin”.
why is will smith not blue?
and in some kind of CGI form?
the biggest violation is princess jasmine.
princess jasmine is a bad bitch

…who is that basic betty?
they couldn’t find someone of color to play her?

they couldn’t find this vixen:

…or “the like” (not kim) to play her?

they had one job and they decided to fuck up my disney childhood.
i’ll need them to do this over.
at least “the lion king” looks promising:

lowkey: i’m already cringing what they’re gonna do with abu!

pictures cc: daniel smith/disney

article with the nonsense: entertainment weekly

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “what is this blasphemy they’re calling “aladdin”?”

  1. Will replied to someone on his IG asking about being blue… He said the genie will be blue… the photo released are the genie when he transforms human when the occasion arises.

  2. The person they picked is of color however she’s biracial so yeah im disappointed in that as well. I hope they do this right but we will see. Lol

    Did you see Jafar tho’? honestly if she’s picking i would go with Jafar he looks fiiiiiine.

  3. Now you know how I felt when they inserted Will Smith into Suicide Squad just for the hell of it. Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson has become two of the most annoying cliche black actors in Hollywood. Especially Dwayne Johnson with his 9 films per year. And now Michael B. Jordan will be joining the ranks of the only black man available to get thrown in every damn movie just to put asses in theater seats. I’m not hating, I’m just tired of Hollywood essentially ignoring the countless droves of Black and Brown actors out there busting their butts just to get a chance.

  4. What kind of lazy casting is this? They know good and darn well they should’ve gotten Tai Couture to play Jafar. I am livid!

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