What I Learned About Someone While Stalking

tumblr_m69hgx0EFm1rvf139o1_500i spent the day stalking someone i didn’t know.
don’t judge me…

from what i saw,
i probably would have liked to know him.
he seemed like he knew how to have a good time.
it did help he was cute too.
again: don’t judge me.
he reminded me so much of star fox.
just full of life and happy to wake up in the morning.
i was always envious of that.
people who don’t allow their “problems” to stress them out.
i think that’s why i was so drawn to this stranger.
its a shame that i never got to meet cordel fowler.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.26.56 PM
i needed a quick mental vacation out of “that place i work at”.
they were pissing me off in every direction,
so i went onto his instagram and found myself looking at every picture.
it was very bitter sweet.

how could someone like this be gone?
in such a horrific way?
why did god bring him home so soon?

ironically his second to last picture was him in the backseat of a car.
from the looks of his ig,
he was extremely popular.
he left behind so many people who cared for him.
he had a lllllllllllllot of sexy friends too.
i definitely was digging that.
he made quite the impact on everyone from what i can tell.

one thing that always sticks out to me when anyone passes is their social media.
it just sits there in limbo.
no more updates.
just everything “up until”.
the comments will start to diminish until their death anniversaries.
sooner or later,
those will stop too.
people will move on back to their lives.
the social media page will then serve as a scrap book of memories.
ones that family and friends can go to when they want to relive.
that’s one of the interesting things about our “plugged in” generation.
we never really “die”.
our spirits will live on to those who knew us best,
while serving as a “i was here!” to others who didn’t.
i guess that’s comforting to know.


visit his instagram: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “What I Learned About Someone While Stalking”

      1. that’s creepy. but i’m not gonna lie i use to predict when i was gonna die too. i just hope i die at a very old age

  1. I live here in Atlanta where it all happened. I didn’t know the guys, but I had seen this guy and Adam around town. They seem to be every day guys, living life, enjoying life. It’s so sad and horrible what happened and my prayers goes out to their families and close friends. Live life today, because tomorrow isn’t promised to any one of us!!

  2. Life is never fair or kind. You’ll see the most gentle and nice people die first, specifically because people are more likely to go for them.

    It’s why I’ve always had a hard time with religion and faith, still do. Even then I still go to church some times just because I like the vibe, probably the wrong reasons.

  3. His sister just posted his funeral arragements on his IG.I predict his family will delete the account after the funeral Saturday.Somebody has deleted some homophobic comments on his IG that were on there Saturday.

      1. When I first heard about them Saturday afternoon, it was on Kordale and Caleb’s (gay dads) IG page.They mentioned they were at a birthday party with them earlier.Someone else mentioned they were with them at a gay club Friday.I saw Gay paper today called Georgia Voice reported “The three gay men in Atlanta who were killed in accident were mentioned by Don Lemon on CNN Tonight.” I think it was common knowledge or well known that they were gay.

      2. For many of the attractive, popular guys on IG, “gay” is always implied. It’s never blatant. Pay attention to who they follow, and who they’re hanging out with to give you clues.

        My concern is with the funeral. Was the family ok with his homosexuality? How will they react to so many gay men at the funeral?

  4. Ironically today, I was on Youtube and a video pop up for fitness trainer Achilles Williams from Atlanta who was tragically killed last year will making a video and there were fresh comments on the page, many people had no idea that he was dead, one guy went so far as to say that he sent him an email about him training him, and somebody else had to let him know that he was deceased. I had a family member who lost her son to a senseless murder and she grappled with closing his Facebook page, she left it open a year and finally I think it got to be too much so she had them to shut it down. I have several friends and family members who are deceased who still have their social media accounts open and it is always eerie how Facebook will pop up their birthdays. I hope his family will leave it up for a little while to give his friends and fans a chance to grieve.

    Even though I had never met these dudes or really even heard of them before this tragedy, I feel like they have had an impact on my life, just by the nature of their tragic death, I have been doing some heavy thinking about my purpose in life and where I am at in my life at this time. I can honestly say that if I go tomorrow, it will be so much that I didnt experience that my obituary could not honestly say that he lived his life to the fullest. This tragic event also reminded me that I am still here no matter the bills, relationship problems or any other thing, I get another chance to change the direction if I so choose.

  5. He was gay. And he was popular in the scene. That’s 99.92% of the comments on their pages are from Gay/BI/DL/Closeted men. It’s crazy how big of a network black gay/BI men are. If only we can use our power to advance our community.

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