Well Walter Lee Hampton II Told Ya’ll!


this is what walter posted on his facebook a while ago.
that platform is starting to wobble.
he seemed desperate anyway so maybe it’s time he bow out?
gracefully or nah?

status taken: facebook

Author: jamari fox

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42 thoughts on “Well Walter Lee Hampton II Told Ya’ll!”

      1. It seems it’s just the black gays he doesn’t like. I’m not about to try to figure out how his warped mind functions. There’s clearly so many issues going on with him that I don’t even know where to begin

      2. The fucked up part is…do you see how many people actually supporting and agreeing with his fuckery? Didn’t we talk about this yesterday…how fucked up some people can be in the black gay community.

  1. He probably didn’t get the kind of reaction he was hoping for, so this we have this status from him.

  2. And’s that’s why we stay far away from emotionally damaged, bitter people. I can respect someone that puts it out there that they don’t care about anyone else’s feelings or wellbeing.

  3. He is pissed because a black gay guy named David played him for a fool.He posted four videos on his youtube channel about how this guy played him.David is an unemployed “fitness trainer” who Walter help buy a $30,000 car so that David could become a Uber driver.Walter also put the unemployed man on his insurance.I stopped watching the video after that.So Walter is pissed he got conned so he is done with Black Gay men.LMAO

      1. Personal Trainer usually means unemployed. It seems like everybody and their mama are wannabe “personal trainers”

  4. Well the real tea was David was fucking Walter’s old ass and once he used him from what he’s worth…he moved on. That’s why Walter wanted to expose him. He couldn’t take it. That first video was enough for me. Walter lowkey spilled his own tea trying to read david

  5. I thought he was gay himself? Is he? He has always confused the hell out of me. I am already done with this foolery. He is one of those types of people who does not know what to say.

    1. He is gay and HIV+ .So since he is out he thinks everyone should be open about their sexuality and their status so he outs people.

  6. While many of you think what I did was wrong….My Mailbox is filling up with many messages from people thanking me. I have known for years that many black gay men do not understand the impact HIV continues to have on our community. To many of you HIV is just not that serious. So I am comfortable and confident that I did the right thing by publicly outing David and his HIV positive status …..This man has lied to many people just so he could have sex with them. Sex can not be that serious that you have to lie about your HIV + status and seek out so many sexual partners. If David had been truthful and honest about his HIV status when i asked him…None of this would be happening today. I stand by my posts and videos about this situation. I quit worrying about what black gay men think about me over 15 years ago. since unfortunately many of you have seriously warped minds when it comes to HIV.~ Walter Lee Hampton II

    1. Walter some of your observations on gay life are witty and intelligent. But there is a bitterness and meanness that come through your social media posts that turn me off. I quit following you long ago. Try to find a happier place and spirit.

      1. thats from his FACEBOOK Post…. he has a blackon and off boyfriend of 20 years named EARL if you go through his photos.

    2. ….but you took the time to come to the foxhole, a successful BLACK blog owned by a BLACK gay male with predominantly BLACK gay male readers, to defend your actions? i think you care alright. Be encouraged. Go thy way in peace….

    3. …But you value what white gay men think about you? They don’t think about you at all. Alienating black gays won’t change that, nor will it change the fact you got played by one. You say black gays don’t understand the impact of HIV, but there’s a bathhouse somewhere right now where white men are having an raw orgy or some white bottom is poppered up and face down and ass up waiting to get fucked raw. You’re bitter and proof age doesn’t bring wisdom.

    4. Walter you are right I think some people just don’t want to here the truth. Keep doing what you are doing if you only save one life you have done your part. Ps your body is amazing it makes want to take of my self I wish my muscles were bigger but I have a swimmers minimum build and am hiv negative. Also tell people about truvada it suppose to help stop hiv transmission weather you are negative now or help from passing it to others if you are positive look it up online. I take it and negative and haven’t had sex in over a year I just happen to hear about it on national public radio a gay white man was taking about how it saves one of his friends in Chicago I live somewhat close. But I must say Chicago is far worse because we have much more bathhouses and nightclubs with sex areas I love my state because there more gay freedom but you have to be careful and set limits for yourself. In Chicago there all kinds of hot men. Some were so fine I had to leave the nightclub and go to my hotel room alone and pray then I went the pride alone and went home alone lol

  7. *sigh*…who let this fool in and comment? lol, wow…I have to give a permanent side-eye to anyone who has followed/is following the likes of this crazed nigandrethal or big booty Jacob…the lameness factor is off the meter!

    1. Mediatakeout did a story on him for outting Tyler Perry years back. I guess thats why he’s well known. Man, this is worst than the Exxon oil spill.

  8. I really don’t know how to feel about this….. It did make me laugh to be quite honest, but the whole situation of exposing David instantly made me think of Michael Johnson: http://madamenoire.com/342611/hiv-positive-college-student/

    That why I don’t know what to feel about that situation because yea Walter was somewhat wrong exposing someone status, but at the same time (I saw the videos) it sound like David is intentionally infecting all these men with a deadly virus.

    Now I don’t know the backstory between Walter and David, so I can’t say much, but if it is true that David is not taking medications, having raw sex with everyone and infecting them without telling them about his status. In my opinion, Walter was right for that in a way for exposing him because he could be saving someone life right now, believe it o not. Again this remind me of Michael Johnson who knew he was HIV+ and didn’t disclose his status.

    I found this piece about disclosing your status in Georgia: http://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/transmitting-std-georgia.htm

    “Disclosure and consent

    It’s also not a crime in Georgia if you engage in the prohibited conduct after you disclose your infected status. For example, if you solicit someone to engage in a sexual act and reveal that you are HIV-positive, you have not committed a crime if you made the disclosure prior to the solicitation or prior to engaging in the act. However, it is a crime if you tell the person about your status only after you have engaged in the prohibited conduct.” – Mark Theoharis

    1. GMAFB If Walter was primarily concerned about protecting the public’s health he would have talked about that in the first video.Instead he spent all that time talking about a car and putting this guy on his insurance.So obviously his primary motivation is getting back at this guy who made him look like a pathetic fool.

      1. Well he didn’t only talk about the car and the insurance. He was leading towards how the guy was irresponsible because he didn’t pay rent, didn’t have a job, all he did was party and fucked multiple men. Truth be told, ATL guys might be hot and have beautiful cars but they live in a dump because all they do is fucked tbh. I’m just being a Devil Advocate.

      2. My point is the fact that he is spreading a deadly disease is a more important issue than the stupid car.If you know someone is breaking the law and endangering lives than contact the authorities.If this guy didn’t screw him over ,Walter wouldn’t be saying sh##.In previous videos he has talked about other guys in Atlanta who engage in the same behavior as David S but he didn’t publicly “out” them.

  9. so are we more concerned with the fact that walter informed us of a threat to the black gay community. Why are we not up in arms against david shirely who had unprotected sex with countless individuals nowing he was hiv positive. walter befriended this young man given circumstances they became roomates and walter noticed his struggle got him a new car was paying the car note car insurances paid to get him valid driver’s license paid the light bill cable bill put food in the house and kept this mans house clean. this to me sounds like a friend that i would want in my corner if the struggle got real. and above all else he confronted david about being positive having medication and not taking it and if you look at the legions on davids body he looked like he was closer to the Aids side of the equation and like a concerned friend walter helped him find a specialist and the boy still didnt do that. Yall need to get out of your feelings and your black gay stigma and wake the fuck up. And let me pose a question if you are negative and you raw dog with a positive individual and you didnt know he was positive your friend knows but doesnt tell you. who would you be more mad at. me personally id be mad at myself first my partner next but ultimately destroyed that my friend didnt care enough about me to let me know i was heading in the wrong direction. Wake the Fuck Up

    sidebar if you are a reality warped foolish whorish fag wake up

    1. He was being vindictive because he got played for a fool.

      If he was really concerned about others he would’ve went to the authorities. Not made a video about it and list all the dumb concessions he made for a GROWN ASS, ABLE BODIED, MAN and make the whole thing fodder for people to talk about.

      Seems to me he was the dumbest of them all.

      1. Actually he can’t go to the authorities unless he is the victim. Only victims who were not inform about their sex partner’s status can call the cops and take him to court.

    2. They’re not going to wake the fuck up. They would rather be hush hush and let the virus keep on spreading because they have this fear of the stereotype that gay AA men are HIV infected without realizing that they are making that stereotype true.

      1. He actually could’ve gone to the CDC and they will contact the police if any laws have been broken. I doubt if he did that though because he wanted people to watch his video.

        You make no sense btw.

        No one here is advocating for anyone spreading HIV, but the way some gays will LIE about other gay men having HIV to be malicious makes it hard to believe anyone.

  10. Wow…ok ok, anyone who has raw, indiscriminate sex – and born/raised in any semi-industrialized environment – should not expect to be viewed as a victim as far as I’m concerned….there’s waaaay too much information and still breathing afflicted individuals who are living examples of what will happen to claim naivaivete…this overgrown fool wasn’t trying to serve as a public announcement for the people, b/c the people know what’s really the deal…he was bein a vindictive fool…if you have unprotected sex, then you should assume the other person’s got it (which is my thinkin regardless what they say anyways and take necessary precaution) and either you have it, don’t know, or don’t care. ..*sigh*…ATL can be such an incestuous cesspool of sadness I see

  11. Take responsibility for your own sexual health.Get tested,insist your partner get tested before engaging in unprotected sex.Educate yourself on PrEP and PEP.Take steps to minimize your risks.If I don’t protect myself and I contract HIV through consensual sex,than that’s on me.

    As for Walter Hampton he is an asshole,IMO.

  12. The bigger issued is that Walter appears to be completely unconcerned about the other innocent people he leaves in the wake of his outting campaign.

    No one’s even talking about the fact that he didn’t just outting David, which you can have your opinion on, but that he literally put out the names of David’s sexual partners (like Jacob) that didn’t wrong him. If he was so concerned about the rampage HIV is having in the black, gay community why is he also crucifying the “victims”….

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