Was Wale Just Outed Today?

Wale-Instagram-600x600so rapper wale is allegedly part of the foxwire?
well i’ll be!
so this faceless jackal claims he was allegedly getting all that wale peen on the low.
this is what was said on the jackal’s twitter timeline

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.21.48 PM

wale looked like he was trying to squash the situation.
failing miserably.
he should have kept quiet.
telling him:

“i don’t know what you are talking about…”

…only leads to more outing.
too defensive.
just fall back and let the jackal bark.
if this is true tho,
i don’t really feel sorry for him.
they choose to mess with these jackals.
they should know better,
but alas they do the same shit over and over.
i often wonder tho…
if these people who get outed are basically attracting who they are?

ill mannered

if you look at the people that get outed,
and then look at the out-er,
you basically see the same person.
the outed may look like the victim,
but we all know potential messy when it comes into our lives.
it has a certain “stench” to it.
also check wale’s resume and his past messiness.
although i ask questions,
they can’t mess with someone like me.
they wouldn’t understand how i rock.
dating celebs/baller wolves would be different for everyone if they weren’t so loyal to dysfunction.

lowkey: you peep the jackal’s sandals?

photos taken: twitter


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Was Wale Just Outed Today?”

  1. I believe the industry is filled with bi men. It’s just doesn’t add up for it not to be. All performingart schools growing up are filled with them. Yet no one in the industry is. How does that work?

  2. He asked for it. If you wanted your shit to be private then he could had find someone who is discreet, but he chose not to because he wanted that jackal to outed him

  3. I don’t understand why these ballers/rappers/rich dudes mess with these “ratchets” only to end up regretting later. I’m not going to blame Wale because I don’t know the circumstances of what went down and no one deserves to be outed but people need to pick who they fuck more carefully. My grandmother used to always say if you lay with dogs you wake up with fleas. And these negroes keep fucking these stray bitches. There are so many quality wolves/foxes out here that understand the game and are discreet but they keep getting looked over.

  4. I am confused.Isn’t MarilynMondroe a female.Real name Sha Nedra.MTO has this same story with a pic of a female they refer to as a THOT

    1. I was going to ask the same. I think it was a female. I was thrown off earlier when I read this, but I wanted to wait until I learned more.

  5. I’m sooooo tired of reading about ballers/rappers/actors getting outed by these messy queens. If your gay be gay don’t be sneaky. Be happy with who you are

  6. sometimes i think these guys dont start out as jackals they get caught up in the good dick/good ass, paid trips and shopping sprees and etc that they forget “You’re not in a relationship it’s just sex” and not only that maybe people are just getting tired of dl rappers doing the life behind closed doors but always saying harsh things about gays, which causes their fans to do the same sometime…i’m over dl men give me a man who knows who he is he doesn’t have to yell it from the rooftops but at least be real…i’m almost 30 now don’t nobody got time for those same games that i went thru at 19 or 21!!!!

    1. ^Amen Malcolm! Desperate, bitter, and pitiful! I’m sure that this person knew what they were getting into, and when it didn’t happen…that’s when the ratchet mode kicked in and the screenshots went out. So sad what a person will do for attention. Let me find an actor/athlete/musician (Romeo Santos) that treats me good..shyt, that mofos secret would be safe with me!!

  7. They’re the same….its because they have money and popularity it somehow makes them invincible. Same jackals as before same as they were before the labels, contracts, plugs, side pieces, thots etc….just got money. VERY detrimental without the discipline! They’re waiting to out em cause they wanna be em

  8. All of us that are “US” already knew, anyway…..there will be more, Jamari…u know it. These guys can’t keep it off social media…they wanna record everythang

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