I think she is absolutely stunning.

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7 thoughts on “VIXEN CANDY (7)”

  1. Shes pretty, but this pic, makes me think of something that a straight wolf and I were talking about…. As cute as she is, she’s the average perception of what our society says is pretty.. So is it that she’s really that pretty because theres tons of pretty Puerto Rican, and mixed girls that are absolutely gorgeous, or do we just perceive her as pretty because it’s been ingrained in us?

    1. ^you raise a GOOD point.
      I was JUST talking to someone about that today.
      I don’t know any dark skinned “beauties” on screen.
      It’s like you have to pass a color test to be drooled after.

      But if you are a Wolf on screen,
      you can be any complexion.

      1. True story… I just don’t understand that, Kim Porter, Inga Marchand, Beverly Peele, Naomi Campbell, Megan Good.. And so many other dark women are beautiful, but no one mentions it, but there lightskinned counterparts are glorified and often just an average red bone, the only thing special is they are lightskinned with long hair.
        As far as men are concerned I think oftentimes the exotics are considered handsome. Be it dark or light you have to look like you from somewhere to be considered handsome in America.

  2. There are certain traits that make fysh “pretty” depending on upbringing and culture. Generally, in our culture, there are certain features are preferred. So things like: Smaller nose, eyes closer together, certain eye shapes, high cheeks bones, thinner, angular cheeks, etc. Even when it comes to black women who are beautiful because of their face, they still tend to choose the same sort of look (see: Tyra banks, Beverly Johnson, Chanel Iman, Halle Berry, Eva Pigford, Beyonce, Meagon Good, etc). They all sort of look the same in my opinion.

    When it comes to skin color, although it is a factor, it isn’t really the skin color within itself that makes fysh more attractive. If that were the case, most albino black women would be viewed as appealing. But they’re not because of their facial features. There may be a correlation though with having lighter skin and having those features however.

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