Video Girls (Jesus Help Em)

I love my video chicks.
They give great eye candy in the videos as well as the parties.
You think such a beautiful woman that has men at her beck and call would be thinking with her brain.

She is thinking with her pussy and apparently it doesn’t have alot on it’s mind.

I dunno who I am more mad at.
The athletes/rappers or the video girls.
On one side,
chick is about her shit.
She is getting her ho on to make sure she is walking in the latest Loubies and Chanel.
But… ultimately, that is it.

Hard dick on nice sheets.

The athlete is looking at the pussy
and his dick is throbbing.
He cannot think straight and the only thing on his mind is banging the ho out.
Married or single,
his main motivation is getting the pussy.

Nice pussy on satin sheets.

But what kills me is the stupidity on all ends of the spectrum.
On that ultimately killed Steve McNair (look him up).

some random video chick went on Lip Service…

… saying she is the reason Kim Kardashian broke it off with Reggie Bush.
She was fucking with him on the side and she realized that he is cheap as hellĀ  because he couldnt/wouldnt buy her some shoes.


Stop right there.

He isn’t entitled to buy you shit miss.
When a man is beating your shit up and you are not getting anything out of it but an orgasm,
you need to revaluate your WHOLE situation.
He was getting free pussy and she was probably doing shit Kim wouldn’t do in the bed…

(BTW, I saw the tape. The head was a little amateur. Maybe she got some Dick Swallowing Class 101 but the head wasn’t hitting.)

the thing I like about the gay jump offs is that there is a level of trust between athlete/rapper and us.
Gay jumpoff knows that it is vital it keeps on the hush hush and plays his part.
He gets his back banged out (or banging back out) when such athlete is in town and even gets a few trinkets/cash for his services.
I know of a few kept gay jump offs in the industry who are now in relationships with athletes/rappers
and living a good life.
Rent is paid for and they are working and making sure their money is stretching.

That is another thing.
Gay jumpoffs tend to be smart.
They have a job or going to school to have a better job.
When he ain’t in the mood for fucking,
we get to sucking.
…and face it,

gay men give better head.

Would have Superhead lose her license.

These video hoes use dick sliding as work.
They drop their college education to drop on their back for some daggone Gucci.
They fuck numerous players looking to get wifed.
All while their reps gets slandered.
They can be a 45 year old ho and still chasing young drafted dick.

My point is,
the difference between the gays and the women is that these bitches talk way to much.
On Twitter exposing secrets and having their business all out there.
WTF is so hard with just moving in silence?
It is so bad when your business is so out there,
that you are KNOWN on gossip sites.
They can give you a whole run down on all your indiscretions, what your pussy looks like, how you gave head to an entire team AND coach, and how you ain’t got no cash.

…but you know NOTHING about the gay men who are enjoying their athlete/rapper.

If it was ME,

I wouldnt tell a soul.
I am sure I’d be flustered knowing Daddy to be is a football player but
I’d be getting broke off in all ways and living comfortably.
Even if I am the jumpoff,
doesn’t matter me none because gays move differently than bitches.
You can find a pretty bitch on a video set a dime a dozen.

You can’t find a dude like me anywhere else.

So to all my video bitches, groupie bitches, hoes in training, and thirsty bitches fucking men in the industry…
I got 1 thing to tell you and pass it along like a cold to others who are suffering the same fate…



You getting millions of dollars worth of penis inside you andĀ  you don’t have a pot to piss in.
Just nut on ya ass cheeks.
Really though?

Words from Mister .f0x
You don’t have to like it but you sure gonna think about it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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