U Have Been A Bad Boy (and I Need To Punish U)

body4story“get on your knees”…

“okay baby.”

“um thats not the correct thing to say.”

i proceeded to slap him in his face.

“i’m going to say it again since you forgot.
get on your knees.”

“yes daddy.”


tonight he was going to be my bitch…

now before you look at my crazy,
my wolf is nobody’s bitch.
he is a big muscular muthafucka who worked out every chance he got.
his body was decorated with tatts.
he looked mean.
i have to always tell him to fix his face.
nothing about him said “bitch”,
but tonight,
he was going to be my bitch.
i met him at an industry event.
he was the friend of a friend of a friend.
well he got my number and we became pretty close.
he was respectful,
but after a few clues,
he finally revealed he was bi.
he claimed he wanted to put his dick in me when he first saw me.
i was game.
i’m always game for good dick from someone sexy.
he was exactly what i was looking for.
even though he identified as a “wolf aka top”,
he liked me to dominate him during our private moments.
that was his fetish.

“how bad to do you want?” i asked,
standing behind him as he kneeled on the floor.

“i want it bad.”

“how bad?”

“really bad daddy.”

i took one of my silk ties and tied it around his eyes.
his arms were tied around his back.
all he had on was black boxer briefs.
his 8” dick was already hard.

“why do you do the things you do?” i asked.

“because i’m a bad boy.”

“yes you are.
you know that turns me the fuck on…” i said,
pushing his head forcefully as i walked away.

he licked his lips.
he had the best pair of lips i have ever had the pleasure of kissing.
they were plump,
and always wet.
i took a candle from off the table and walked back over to him.
i poured the hot wax down his big chest.

“shit…” he moaned.

“stand up.”

“yes daddy.”

he stood up tall and erect.
he was taller than me.
his height came in handy when he fucked me standing up.
i also loved his body,
i get hard just looking at him without any clothes on.
hell with clothes on.
everything he wears always makes me horny.
his sweaters show off his arms.
his t shirts show off his chest.
his drawz show off all that meat.
i took the edge of his boxer briefs and pulled them down.
his dick plopped right out.
it stood at attention waiting for something to be done to it.


i took my hand and moved it up and down the shaft.
it wasn’t that thick,
but he made up for it in length.
whenever he fucked me,
i could feel it creating friction against my prostate.

“what do you want me to do with this?” i asked,
after i sucked on his hard nipple.

“i want you to put it on your mouth.”

“what did i tell you about your manners?” i said,
slapping him in his face.

i want you to put it in your mouth please.”


after spitting on it.
i got down my knees and dragged my tongue across the head.
i felt his body tremble.
i put my hands behind my back,
like i had done to him,
and slowly started ingesting his dick.
inch by inch,
i let it all go into in my warm and wet mouth.
i used only my neck to control the tempo.

“damn daddy please don’t stop.”

i sucked on his dick like he never had it sucked before.
i wanted to challenge myself by not using my hands.
he started to rock his lips back and forth as he fucked my face.
he couldn’t hold my head like he usually does.
he was completely helpless.
that turned me on.

“since you’ve been bad,
you have to be punished.” i said,
pulling his dick out my mouth.

“i have been and i’m sorry daddy.”

“no you aren’t.
you wouldn’t have done what you did.”

“i know.
please be gentle.”

i brought a stool into the middle of the room.
i guided him over to the stool and bent him over.
he leaned complete over it with his tight ass in clear view.
i went into my closet and pulled out my special leather belt.

“i don’t like it when you’re bad.
i have to do this every time,” i asked,
running the belt slowly down his back,
“do you have anything to say?”

i’m ready for it.”


i gave him one hard lash on his ass.
he winced.

“are you going to be bad again?” i asked.

he said nothing.
that required another hard lash.

“i’ll ask again.
will you be bad again?”


is that right?”

i liked that he totally didn’t submit.
i hit him a little harder than the last.
he put his head down and mumbled something under his breath.

“um what did you say?” i asked,
putting my head down to his.

“i said…
ima fuck the dog shit out you once i’m free.”

i felt a sudden chill go up my spine.
dry mouth.
my knees felt weak.
he was going to give it to me tonight.
i could feel it.

“oh are you?”

“yes i am…”

i proceeded to spank him a few more times.
just enough to make him live up to his promise.
i have this thing…
i like being fucked hard.
i love hate sex.
the type of sex where i’m being choked.
the type where i am begging for mercy and trying to escape.
thinking about it now has me at “10”.

chill!” he yelled out.

“are you going to be a bad boy again?” i asked

“naw i won’t.
get this shit off me now…”

i threw the belt onto the floor and un-tied him.
he was in a hurry to get free.
once he was free,
that was it.
he pulled the blindfold off and pushed me against the wall.
he pulled my pants down and leaned up against me.

“ima punish this ass…” he said as he finger fucked me aggressively.

once i was open,
he took the tie i used to blindfold him and made me bite down on it.
he bent me over,
pulled on it from the back,
and shoved his dick inside me.
almost balls deep.
he fucked me like a straight crazy person on that wall.

“you gonna be bad?” he asked,
our skin slapping as he dug into me so hard.

i couldn’t reply with the tie was in my mouth.
hell i couldn’t even concentrate.
he was fucking the shit out of me.
i tried to run,
but he pressed harder against me.

take this dick baby…” he asked.

he took me over to the bed,
tied my hands behind my back,
and fucked me even harder.

“call me daddy!” he yelled.

i’m sorry!
please!” i begged.

after a good 45 minutes,
he made me kneel in front of him and exploded on my face.
he closed his eyes and jacked the rest of the nut out of him.
i was tired.
i have never been fucked so hard.
my ass was throbbing,
but i loved every minute of it.
i love when he shows me who “daddy” really is.

Written by Jamari Fox (C)
3.1.15 \ 8:42pm

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. I’m so glad you’re back with your stories you have a talent for writing the good steamy ones.

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