Tremaine Neverson Has A Strong Back (and I’m Lovin It)

the foxhole knows i lust luh me some tremaine neverson.
trey songz for the “who?” out there.
they will send me an update with the quickness about him.
you already know what i like to see.
so tremaine is in,
week 4 of his faux reality show?
we have arrived at the sex portion of the program.
it had to cum sometime.
get it?
well an f-bi sent me some bts of what to expect…

what a coiny dink!
i have strong thigh muscles too.

as soon as he’s done with that floozy,
it’s my turn.
i’m sure she is a nice vixen,
 this episode/video,
“she lovin it”,
is where alla dat is from:

do you see that print in the beginning?
call me!

lowkey: i dig these songs.
i’m def looking forward to this release.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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