they killed his grandparents and made him watch after

when i think of beef,
i always think of the biggie song on “life after death“.


folks don’t know what true beef is.
it’s not shading or throwing cups and plates across restaurants on reality shows with full security.
real beef always ends in violence as in what happened to biggie.
beef is what they did to honeykomb brazy’s grandparents a few days ago.
this story has haunted me since i first saw it.
they killed his grandparents,
torched their home,
and allegedly made him watch the aftermath via facetime…

that person screaming in the background.
honeykomb brazy put up tributes on his ig shortly after:


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 when you’re part of a certain way of living


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you gotta expect your enemies will get through to you in different ways.
it’s like a mob movie.
they kill your loved ones so you can suffer.

may honeykomb brazy’s grandparents rip.
i’m afraid this probably won’t end well going forward.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “they killed his grandparents and made him watch after”

  1. Horrible story. but when you live a crime-laden life this shot tends to happen. His grandparents most likely lived a decent, dignified life only to die behind some ratchet hood shit because of HIM! I hope he never has another day of peace

  2. He had to watch thru Facebook LIVE and it went through to the end. I would sue Facebook because they cut people LIVE when they are using music. This don’t make no sense how they can literally find out who killed his grandparents but won’t do it because of how he lives his life.

  3. It’s so much more to this story. It ain’t that much beef that people go around killing non involved family members. Either he was in on it or he did something really crazy to cross these people who took his grandparents life. Just going to his instagram recently and seeing how he has moved on from his family getting killed from his bs has me really wondering…

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