The Whole (Foods) Truth and Nothing but The Truth


1cb2a17374083.560aa66797b12oooooooooookay so this story baffled me.
i don’t understand get it,
but maybe you will.
so an openly gay pastor,
by the name of jordan brown,
went to go get a cake that said:

“love wins”

…and ended up with a cake that said something different.
that’s the part i’m not getting.
check the story via the new york daily news so we can talk about it…

After a Texas pastor sued the grocery chain for giving him a cake that read “Love Wins F–,” Whole Foods is fighting back, calling the homophobic slur on the dessert a hoax.


Now in a counter-lawsuit, the company is suing Jordan Brown for $100,000, claiming he made the whole controversy up.

“We believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Brown and his attorney,” the company said in a statement.

The chain released surveillance footage from the incident, showing Pastor Brown picking up the cake at the Austin Whole Foods, clearly looking through the transparent packaging, without noticing the homophobic slur during the checkout.


The Austin pastor said in his original lawsuit he had noticed the slur after taking a peek at a stoplight.

Whole Foods also pointed out the baker behind the cake was part of the “LGBTQ community,” adding that Brown’s lawsuit was “completely false and directly contradicts Whole Foods Market’s inclusive culture, which celebrates diversity.”

The barcode for the cake was also on top of the packaging during checkout, but later in Brown’s video, it’s shown to be on the side and bottom corners.

Brown, an openly gay founder of the Church of Open Doors, originally filed the lawsuit against the national food company for discrimination and asked for unspecified damages on Monday.

“Pastor Jordan spent the remainder of the day in tears. He was and is extremely upset,” the lawsuit said. “It is impossible to calculate the emotional distress these events have caused.”

Brown’s lawyer, Austin Kaplan, did not reply to requests for comments. On Monday, he told the Daily News the homophobic slur was not a hoax.

“My client doesn’t have blue icing in his house,” Kaplan said. “He received the cake this way.”

well i hate to say it,
but i think he is a liar.
so he is trying to tell me…
he went and bought a cake,
it had a clear packaging on the top,
and he didn’t see the word “FAG” on it?


now my thing is,
what is his motive tho?
why do this?
he isn’t very smart because:

  1. cameras
    2. a baker who will be questioned
    3. the “scheme” is coming off sloppy

he is attractive


…but he might also be crazier than a shit house rat.
well if he loses this case,
he will more than likely be banished from pastoring again.
nothing better than an ex pastor!
i’m trying to see a possible “truth” for him,
but i’m coming up blank.
tumblr_n1y4mmUh881ra5gbxo3_250so i have to ask the foxhole…

Do you think he is telling the truth?

lowkey: whole foods has the best coconut oil for your hair.
just an fyi…

article taken: new york daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “The Whole (Foods) Truth and Nothing but The Truth”

  1. Hmmm something is very fishy about this story. I’m not understanding how he didn’t see it. He’s cute tho lol

    1. Fail, fail, fail. The cashier scanned the top of the box. He tempered with the box and he will definitely pay for being so money hungery

  2. …and to add to your #2, a baker who is now reported as being part of the LGBT family…so, yeah…I don’t get it either

  3. I didn’t believe him when I first read about this a couple days ago.If you order a cake and request they write a message on it.The first thing you are going to do is check the message on the cake before you leave the bakery area.He walked from the bakery to the checkout area never glancing down to notice the slur was written on it? Also all he purchased was the cake.I would have given him the benefit of the doubt if he had a basket full of groceries and a crying toddler to draw his attention away from the cake.
    He is cute though

    1. Exactly! The first thing you do when you order a customized cake is to make sure it’s acceptable. The pastor is a liar and I hope Whole Foods nail him to the wall!

  4. This story is so confusing to me because I live here in Austin Texas and I can say for sure that whole foods is always on top of there quality control and the gay community here is also whole foods bread and butter so I highly doubt that anyone who works there would risk there job but stranger things have happened.

  5. I heard about this story and was confused as well, something like that word would have been the first thing I saw when I got the cake.

  6. Now if this ain’t a new way to gain new members and a few dates for a potential first gentleman I don’t know what is.

  7. Yeah definitely not buying it. He’s was probably just trying to make a statement and probably didn’t know the baker was gay. #Stuntqueen

    1. Yea, I agree with you, this definitely appears to be a stunt that backfired and it could end up costing him at the end. SMH. I just do not know anymore.

  8. Don’t believe him. Austin is probably the most liberal place in Texas, and Whole Foods has a very inclusive policy in it’s hiring with one of the most diverse staff anywhere.

  9. how goes in a store to buy a cake and don’t read what’s on the cake. this man must be blind as a bat.

  10. I just read he is being sued by Travis County for unpaid student loans for $27,000 so maybe he thought Whole Foods would just pay him to make him go away.Easy money.Now he will end up more in debt.

  11. If the baker is actually gay and has receipts to prove it (ie not being paid to lie), that pastor will never live down the lie he concocted. Smart scheme if the baker was a straight homophobe.

  12. In the words of Fred Sanford you big dummy, this reminds me of the lady who tried to sue Wendy’s claiming it was a finger in her chili, she made it to Good Morning America and probably cost Wendy’s millions in lost revenue and bad publicity. People were going around ordering the Chili and saying hold the finger, well Wendy’s being a multi-billion dollar corporation did not take it lightly and hired investigators and tracked everything to discover she was lying. She ended up losing everything and had to go to Prison for fraud. When you try to pull a stunt with a million dollar corporation, you better make sure you know what you are doing. This stunt queen is going to end up like the Wendy’s lady if he is lying. Now he could very well be telling the truth because just because a person who made the cake is gay, does not mean he will not pull a stunt like this, we all know that gay on gay crime happens everyday with gay people sometimes treating you alot worse than your Str8 counterparts, but I highly doubt this is true. Wholefoods has all types of people who work there, and I have seen too many gay staff to believe they are any types of homophobic. I think it is requirement that you be eccentric to work there. This dude has cooked his own goose and will be ran out town on a rail when Whole Foods and their high price lawyers finish with his ass.

  13. Yeah, he’s screwed. They have the whole transaction on video. If he was trying to get some easy money….he would’ve been better off just falling!

    1. LMAO I have a trifling aunt who is always looking for a wet spot on the floor so she can slip and sue.

  14. Clearly that “F” is photoshopped on the cake. The “Love Wins” is of a different color and it’s raised off the cake. Some people are so damn dumb!

  15. It’s not photoshopped.He made a video where you can see the actual cake.He wrote FAG on the cake.The handwriting is different.A professional baker said the Whole Foods baker used a #3 tip to write Love Wins.While a tube of icing was used to write the gay slur.The baker said the icing color is close but the professional icing is more shiny.

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