the way some of ya’ll kept your feets on castro and jacobi’s necks was inspiring…

I couldn’t help but wonder:
Are we finally waking up to the madness that’s been parading as entertainment?

a friend recently said to me:

“Have you noticed a majority of folks on OF are crazy or severely mentally ill?”

i paused,
but honestly,
i had to agree.
many of these folks are confidently nuts or selling their souls. let’s take it a step further

All the folks on these reality shows,
fighting and carrying on for social clicks,
are crazy.
They end up brawling for money only to wind up on OF.
Other crazies watch these shows and try to reenact the violence in real life.

You see all the fighting and bs that goes viral on social media.
I just saw a video of a group of gays fighting at a pride event.
The sad part is,
it’s always black hyenas and jackals.

but aside from all that,
i have to give props where props are due

A majority of Foxholers,
in and out of the forest,
did not like what went down between Castro and Jacobi.

gays have been stereotyped as hyper-sexual animals.
it’s not a lie that many of us love watching sex,
but i appreciated how so many drew the line at rape accusations.
even hakeem starting his career on OF made many pause.
people are beginning to see that something is off.
are the tides turning?
are we waking up?

from incels,
red pill podcasters,
to even who will be our next president,
many of us are fed up with the current state of things.

dating sucks because everyone is a bad bitch or abusive now.
it feels like we want to get back to when times were simpler.
that’s why many millennials are retreating to things that bring nostalgia
playing with toys and escaping with video games.
it’s not great when our everyday lives are full of violence,
and then we get on socials and see even more violence.

We’re starting to get bored with what is deemed “reality” and the over-dramatization of their lives.

i started to wonder…

Is there finally a shift in what we’ve been force-fed all these years?
Are we on the brink of craving something more real,
more meaningful?

in the end,
just maybe..

We’re ready for a change and that,
my Foxholers,
is something worth tuning in for.

3 thoughts on “the way some of ya’ll kept your feets on castro and jacobi’s necks was inspiring…

  1. The people going on Jacobi (who I’m not a fan of) are doing so because he’s dark skinned taking advantage of a “light skinned porn legend” bc let’s be real when it’s a light skinned person taking advantage of a dark skin it’s a different story. A content creator accused Theboyinthepic of drugging him last week and he was mocked and laughed at. Somehow people think this nearly 50 year old man was drugged and raped in a porn scene that still managed to come out. Castro was squealing, talking dirty and saying he wanted to marry them and everything else this was not a rape. Notice we don’t hear Castro speak often. He’s of the generation that the whole “thug turned bottom” was a fetish. I think he thought the idea of him saying “y’all raping me”’would he hot to viewers. Jacobi was just too stupid to edit that out.

    Castro looks like he was high off whatever he takes to get in his “zone” and bottom. But I don’t think he was given drugs unknowingly after watching the entire video.

  2. We live in a time where even during the heat of the moment whether you drugged out or not, if you say the wrong word and post it, people will rally up and get you arrested and defame you just off that word alone and words can ruin a person for life because they will always be “publicly guilty”. Its like a Public Civil Trial. Once the people find you guilty, that’s it.

    Some people have to understand and know the people in question. Not siding with anyone but I posted clearly that if you know Castro as a person, Castro is not the type of person to let somebody take advantage of him with him not knowing the consequences of what is to come. People said Tiger drugged him and double raped him with his brother. Castro is not the type of person to let a scene come out without him knowing about it so clearly if he was raped, the video would have never came out. The only people who should be diagnosing Castro mental state is a professional and only then after he talks to them. What we may think is a mental state may not be for that person. Its nothing wrong with thinking it but to publicly go on a video and damage somebody career because of your personal thoughts about other people, you doing that for likes and views. Some bloggers are the children of Wendy Williams and feel like they can say anything about anybody and but low key doing the same thing they are talking about people on their blog. Now before anybody claim shade, that was not towards Nico. That was for bloggers in general. Nico’s opinion was Nico’s opinion. Nico has receipts about Jacobi so I can’t speak on their drama and won’t.

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