The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life (2)

as we walked up the stairs,
i took my cardigan off and let it drop on the stairs.
i didn’t bother to pick it up.
i had to come back down the stairs anyway.
wolf looked down at me and he had a huge grin on his face.
he pulled off his hoody and dropped it on the stairs.
copy cat.
whatever cologne he had on tickled my senses.
i was more turned on than I have ever been to be honest.
i never did no shit like this before.
we could have started on the stairs for all i cared.
i was ready….

he led us into his bedroom.
it was pretty basic.
white walls with metal accents.
flat screen on the wall.
he had a metal head-board.
bed made.
chair in the middle of the room.
wett platinum lube and condoms waiting on the bed.
everything was tidy and perfect.
i looked for hidden cameras.
this was not going to be on xtube.
i gave his room a thoro csi type of investigation.
i pulled my pants down, revealing my striped boxer briefs and dinner for the night.
wolf looked at me and pulled down his sweats.
i saw the bugle in his black boxer briefs from abercrombie & fitch.
in there was my dinner for the night.
i could not wait to put what was waiting for me inside in my mouth.

“sit.” i said, looking at the dude and pointing to the chair.

his energy was contagious.
i could taste how horny he was for someone who wasn’t getting pipe tonight.

“c’mere baby.” wolf asked me.

i walked over to him slowly.
we looked at each other in the eyes.
he has beautiful eye lashes.
i never noticed.
his lips met my neck.
i felt a slight shiver go down my spine.
his wet tongue made a trail towards my shoulder-blade.
he sucked on my body hard and left a purple kiss.
i moaned.
i pulled wolf’s t-shirt and wife beater off.
his body looked so delicious.
returning the favor,
my tongue traveled around his nipple.
i bit on it gently.
i love sucking on nice pecs.
dude was rubbing on his hard dick.
it wasn’t that big.
it also wasn’t about him and that anyway.

wolf turned me over on the bed and pulled my boxer briefs off.
taking one finger,
he entered me.
i moved forward a little.
he smacked me on my ass which was code for “do what i say”.
i felt his tongue flicking up and down on my booty hole.
that’s it.
keep up with this tempo.
my dick started to rise.
wolf was jacking on his dick as he ate me out.
one thing i like about wolf is he can eat ass like no other lover i ever had.
he is so passionate.
there was one night that he only ate my booty.
he called it “giving back”.

wolf stood up and he rested his dick between my ass cheeks.
he slid it up and down like he was already inside me.
he did that weird porn star shit of slapping his dick on my crack.
i guess it means, “this shit is mine”.
i prefer to think it means,

“ima go war zone in these butt cheeks just you wait.”

i turned around and got on my knees.
i took my tongue and ran it down his shaft.
he was fully erect.
pre cum.
i let his warm dick enter my mouth.
dove soap.
he is a clean freak.
i did my usual thing on his pipe.
sucked on his balls.
i put a little more “oomph” in it because we had company.
i fucked him hard with my mouth.
8 inch hard with a nice mushroom head.
sleek and smooth.
his dick is so beautiful.
i stood up and pushed him on the bed.

“assume the position.”

he looked at me like i was crazy.
i did the same.
i lost all my inhibitions tonight.
you will do the same.
he lifted both legs in the air.
i proceeded to eat him out and suck his dick at the same time.
he loves this.
his toes curled in his socks.
he was moaning just the way he should.
he use to think he was a “bitch” with his legs up in the air.
i assured him he was still a man.
he started feeling spots he never knew he had being licked.
let’s say i turned him out.
he begs for me to eat him out.
that shaft under his balls gets him every time.
i like to introduce him to new shit that doesn’t involve him being penetrated.
he is a strict wolf,
so i try to keep his sex life exciting.

“come here.”

he waddled over to me.
he forgot to pull his pants off.
i didn’t want ol’ boy sitting there all by himself tho.
he would only take part of the programming.
this was an interactive round.
i told wolf to scoot up more on the bed.
i laid on his muscular legs with my ass in the air.

“eat me.”

i love being in charge.
i need to do this more often.
i put wolf’s dick in my mouth while dude started to lick my walls from behind.
by this point,
wolf is literally standing at attention.
he puts his hand on my head and started controlling the tempo.
i deep-throated the hell out wolf’s dick.
i almost felt it touch my esophagus.
dude was behind me going to work and smacking me on my ass.
he pushed his tongue deep inside.
he started to hum slowly.
i nearly bit down on wolf’s peen.
got caught up enjoying my moment.
this dude was beatin my insides down with that tongue of his.
i nearly gave him dap after i told him stop.

“go sit back down.” i ordered.

i handed wolf the condom and lube.
i was more than ready…


Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 1.2.13 10:20pm

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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