The Greatest and Bestest Thing To Happen To Your Life!

so i was talking to a wolf through texts earlier.nothing too heavy.
light fun conversation i haven’t had in a while.
he asked me a question that i had to ask all of you guys…

the jackpot for tonight is 500 million dollars.
can you believe that shit?
let’s say you win tomorrow.
which means they take half,
so you receive a good 250 million.

What would you do with that money?

but, the wolf asked me the most important question…

How will you handle all the
new best friends,
sudden family,
and all the hands asking for money?

can you say no?

oh! please don’t forget

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “The Greatest and Bestest Thing To Happen To Your Life!”

  1. i think i could. first i would pay that bitch salie. then i would put it in a nest egg that i couldn’t touch for a year. And to all the ninjas that looked the other way that all of a sudden wana holler i would load the shotgun and pump the duces at they ass. Most importantly i would go go for me dream wolf Ace Rockwood and get on 1 knee and ask (would you marrie me)….. im sorry that the strawberry rum job buzzed ball talking lol

    1. ^you said the first important thing omg.
      shit pay ace to bang you out on the money would be nice too lol

      i would move.
      i would higher someone to answer my phone and say no lol
      i would start a business.
      … and I would do a lot of traveling in different countries and learn some new cultures (all with my laptop to document everything for you guys).

  2. Like OMG said, I’d pay Sallie Mae first. Make sure my sibling’s education is paid for, as well as set some money aside so we can both take our education as far as we want.

    I’d buy some prime real estate all over the U.S. and a few abroad.

    II’d pay for 100 people to go to college anywhere they wanted for 5 years.

    I’d start a nonprofit organization that runs group homes for kids and teenagers in every major city complete with therapists, counselors, and individuals who can give them the structure and support they need.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more…

  3. 1. Tithe
    1. Put remaning half up in various accounts
    2. Pay off ALL my loans/debt
    3. Make sure my parents are taken care of (pay off their loans/debt, buy nice condos if they want it, buy car, give them each million)
    4. Make sure my brother and sister are taken care of (pay off their loans/debt, buy nice condos if they want it, buy car, give them seed money to start their own businesses)
    5. Pay for my nieces’ education. Get them cars as graduation gifts. Put up money for them for when they turn 30.
    6. Buy myself a nice condo or foreclosed home that’s low maintenance.
    7. Travel the world
    8. Focus on writing music and inventing stuff
    9. Invest of course
    10. Make sure sick family members are taken care of
    11. Develop several businesses
    12. Of course get myself a few nice cars (3 max)
    13. Start a non-profit that helps people infected with hiv/aids
    14. Give to a non-profit that helps seniors
    15. Maybe create a school of arts and science that goes from kindergarden to HS
    16. Will my estate and leftovers to my nieces
    17. Die and go to heaven

    “New” friends can kiss my ass; old ones can really kiss it too (i don’t OWE you nothin’). Sudden family can kiss it. And all the hands can go have a seat, or as Tamar would say “several seats”.

  4. Become debt free
    Make sure immediate family is debt free
    Invest 80% percent of after-tax winnings in TIPs, bonds, and CDARS (no individual stocks, maybe some ETFs)
    Donate to my local foodbank, undergrad university, and favorite charities
    Travel abroad for one year (must experience Carnaval in Bahia, Bora Bora, Monaco, Macau, China, the Lesser Antilles, France, and West Africa)
    Open a local grocery store or farmer’s market in underserved area
    Build a community center in former neighborhood
    Attend grad school
    Maintain a net worth of at least $32 million (no particular reason)
    Join the Illuminati ( or start my own secret society that everyone knows about)
    Live off interest and pay higher taxes since I’m in the 1%

  5. If I won, I won’t tell anyone. I will pay my debt off. Give my parents and certain amount each and make them sign a contract to tell no one.

    I would probably do the same with my siblings.

    I would probably move out of the country to someplace peaceful and nonviolent.

    I would donate a portion to my favorite charities but I wouldn’t GIVE them the money though.

    A portion is for me to live on. Another portion for me to invest into my businesses.

    The rest would go into all types of savings including that I am not allowed to touch.

  6. To do list for 250 mil
    1. meet financial advisor
    2. stock market
    3. real estate
    4. bonds
    5. venture capital and start ups
    6. Foreign trade
    7. pay off my sister’s education for college
    8. privatize my coming grad school education
    9. move to an island
    10. change numbers
    11. invest in owning a basketball team/foorball team/music-entertainment group (so nicki minaj, big sean, trey, nelly could all be my bottom bitches)
    List continues

  7. 1. Pay off that whore sallie mae.
    2. Buy my immediate family houses and cars.
    3. Pay off their debts.
    4. Pay off debts for extended families.
    5. Donate to my undergraduate institution.
    6. Purchase franchises that generate steady income.
    7. Pay off debts of my closest friends.
    8. Buy myself a condo and a Bimmer.
    9. Make sure future generations in the family don’t have to worry about finances.
    10. Invest.
    11. Go see the world.
    12. Find a man.

  8. If I had 250Mill, I would…
    pay my debt
    take care of my family and deserving friends
    invest and put atleast 10mill in a swiss bank account
    start my own businesses
    go to school to learn what interests me
    open homeless shelters that help you find jobs provide assistance for students and families
    get with Jamari so we can plan a 2 week, all expense paid, island retreat for all the foxes, hybrids and wolves and everyone will have $1,000 allowance!!!

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