That Season Finale To Empire Was…

Empire-Preview-Season-Finale-VIDEOgay relations during a gospel break
rebellious sons bangin’ their step mama
terminal diseases being mistreated
church vixens sellin’ their souls for a check
snow bunnies with a killer swing
lucious real name is actually “dwight”
= epicness.
the season finale for “empire” was worth my two hours.
i’m sure its gonna be the talk of every office email and classroom tomorrow.
i am ready for season 2,
but i guess we have to wait for next year-ish?
either way:


x watch it here

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23 thoughts on “That Season Finale To Empire Was…”

    1. ^i thought I read jussie said they were gonna start filming in 5 months.
      I also heard it was going to be a short season as well.
      i could be wrong,
      but I’ll research.

  1. Idk… it was ok. I didn’t enjoy the last two eps
    I felt it was all over the place
    Highlights for me was when how Cookie found out Bunky was murdered by Luscious, I thought the sleep thing was brillant
    I actually enjoyed Andre getting himself together but hes back to crazy bitch now
    Also the moments between Luscious and Jamal were sweet also when Anika fucked Hakeem

    However it didnt do it for me, it was all over the place, very muddled

    1. Love empire but I agree. Andre allowed his father to bring him down to his level and that disappointed me. I was just starting to like him. Whatever.

    2. ^Run…I agree with what you say. I wasn’t blown away with it. It didn’t have that real shock value to me like I get watching an episode of The Walking Dead. I had told my co-worker that I felt they would kill Vernon…and they did. The fight between Cookie and Anika was corny as hell to me. Anika and Hakeem gettin it on didn’t blow me away. Outside of Jamal gettin; thuggish threatening to throw dude off the roof, there was no OMG moment on the show for me. I did love the scene in the bedroom with Lucious talking to the ghost of Bunky and Cookie looking at him like WTF?!
      Maybe next season they won’t rush the plots, and we get to know the characters a bit better.

  2. I missed the first half because I thought it would start at it’s regular 9:00 time.

    I enjoyed it but there were so many twists & turns. I don’t know how the writers plan to keep it up for the next 5 or so years. I feel like they’re writing themselves into a corner.

    1. ^i can agree with that.
      It’s almost like they didn’t plan for it to go past a first season.
      lucious finding out his als was misdiagnosed would have been great for season 2 or even 3.
      I pray they don’t jump the shark with this show.

      1. Someone on another website said it would’ve been better had Luscious kept his misdiagnosis a secret. Seeing how this show loves plot twists, I agree. I feel like if they plan to stay on for 5 or more seasons, the show will jump the shark eventually. It’s only the first season yet every character has either lied, back-stabbed, cheated, stole, killed, gotten someone killed, & attempted to kill. I don’t know what else they could have up their sleeves.

        I am interested to see where they take Jamal relationship wise. Since Lee Daniels wants to call out every form of black prejudice there is, I’m sure Jamal will deal with a DL man at one point or another.

      2. ^Jamal…they tried to wrap as much up as possible because they didn’t think the show would become as popular as it did. Even Terence Howard himself said it.
        Now what they need to do is develop the characters a bit more, and slow down some of the plots…because right now it’s all over the place.

  3. This might sound sick but I sensed a little sexual tension between luscious and Jamal. Like I thought at one point they were kiss on the mouth. Some of the scenes were cringe worthy but I’ve grown to expect that with empire. Overall it was a decent finale.

    I also feel that it wouldn’t be wise if they decided to air empire next year. They should air a shorter season in September.

    I am excited about scream queens though. That wayward pines shut look dumb as hell.

    I wonder if empire will be as successful in its second season?

    1. I know right! That part where luscious and Jamal were singing together seemed a little weird! Lol I thought I was the only one! Lol

    2. Mmmmhmmm I thought the same thing too when they went to the project and sang, but the way they sang with each other was like something is going on. Or maybe they do have something going on in real life and sometime you can see it thru their work.

  4. It was awesome! In my opinion empire is better than the haves and the have nots show! I love Tyler perry and the haves and the have nots but he needs to get lee Daniels to co-write some of his new episodes for the haves and the have nots new season! It would help bring OWN’s ratings up for the show and network!

    1. ^the way how everyone is raving about “empire”,
      it’s like every show from here on out as to step it up.
      the show tackled every issue within its first season.

      1. You don’t think empire is the least bit overhyped though. I mean I don’t think people are sweating the show like that. Especially folks that ain’t on the fox (no pun intended) network.

        I am happy with the success that shows with black leads are having though.
        I give empire four seasons.

  5. I have to agree this finale was all over the place and Im feeling a little let down especially with the story line of Luscious being mis-diagnosed and the part of Hakeem being with Annika. This reminded me of a corny soap opera and the scene with the gifts seem like some type of dream sequence as well. Now that Jamal has the Throne, everybody wants to knock him off of it, even his mamma? This episode tonight, turned silly to me and seemed to be to over the top. Now the line with Becky (Gabby) saying her mamma was white, nearly made me fall over laughing, the nights best line besides crazy ass Porsha saying Y2K. This show has way too many unanswered story lines and it irks me that nobody is loyal in the family too each other. I have more questions than answers, is Annika back at Empire? Why would you want a hostile takeover of your family business, and why are the feds interested in bringing Luscious down? Just so many questions I tell you. I hope that these plot lines are better next season.

    1. That definitely pissed me off, when Hakeem and Andre still wanted to take empire from Jamal. Which shows exactly why Luscious choose him. Family don’t mean nothing these days. Smh! The only characters I like now are Jamal and Cookie, but she acting up now. Everyone else reaching deeper and deeper levels of “Ain’t shit”.

  6. The overall was good for the season, but last night was so crazy. I think the father should have given them all the company and let them decide if they wanted to stay a part of it or not.

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