tumblr_ktjytbxfze1qzl7pko1_500THANK YOU…

for everyone who has read this site.
the one s who left comments,
sent emails,
and just been there for me.
you don’t know me at all,
but i feel so close to everyone.
you have been through my ups and downs.
all my documents of everything ive been through.
i wake up thinking of you all and go to bed the same.
its been five years since ive launched this site,
and through the good and the bad,
it has been a ride.
one that has kept me sane and helped me grow up tremendously.
i’m definitely not the person i was when i first started.
thank you for being my seat belt on many occasions.

to mr. green who interviewed me.
i’m grateful he still did after i called him about the flood.
he was patient and an all around nice man.
i hope i left something with him to hire me for the position.
i was honest with me and explained the situation i was in.
i pray he takes that into consideration.

for left,
who boxed up a ton of food to send to me today.
he didn’t have to do that,
but he did.
he has been trying to make me feel better.
even tho i’m not in the mood to read the texts,
he hasn’t left my side.

star fox’s mother who prays for me.
her family is struggling,
but she was kind enough to give me money.
i’m grateful she birthed such a good person into my life.
someone who saw the good within me.
someone who loved me and wasn’t scared to tell anyone i was his best friend.

to all my friends irl who stuck by me.
i’m not perfect by far,
but they know i have never been disloyal to them.
they put up with my craziness and protected my secrets.
i’m grateful for them being lead into my life.
even the ones who recently left my life.
their seasons provided things i learned something from.

i’m grateful god continues to have mercy on me.
he keeps a roof over my head,
food in my fridge,
and things that keep me happy during the hard times.
by his grace,
i’m still here and for that i give him all of my praise.

my guardian angels whose spirits are still with me.
the people who have died that still protect me from harm.
even tho they aren’t “here”,
i feel them.
i pray they can assist god in calming down my spirit and drying my tears,
as well as assist god in showing me what needs to be done next.

nite everyone.

“For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”Psalm 30:5

Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “THANK YOU.”

  1. It’s been over 24 hrs.It is very unusual for him to not reply to any comment.For anyone who is on Twitter when/what his most recent tweet? Now I am starting to worry a little.

  2. Guys I think he did because remember he wrote about “half i’m sure have started looking to commit suicide” what if he was talking himself included? Oh man I hope the Republicans goes to hell for all eternity. Shit he should had just stay in FL and start fresh there. I do hope I am really wrong and maybe he’s just having some problems with internet connection or something.

  3. I’m worried now. Has anyone heard anything. Is there anyone on here who has his number or something

  4. I don’t believe Jamari would take that route because he knows how much pain he experienced when his loved ones died.He would never want to subject his loved ones to that Same pain and grief.I am dealing with a family member who is dying from congestive heart failure.When I feel sorry for myself I think about how blessed I am.I am in Good Health,I am able to walk,breathe,see,hear without assistance .I eat everyday .I am not sleeping under a bridge or on a park bench.I am blessed.Jamari if you have your health You are blessed .
    This too shall pass.

  5. We love you Jamari!! I have been a fan since the beginning and I’ve watched both you and this site grow and evolve. You have helped me so much and I know you will get through this tough time. Stay strong

  6. Not to be rude to you guys, but this CLEARLY was not a sucide letter. The same thing happened on that other post were people were thinking he was in an abusive relationship and all he was taking about was deciding between two cities. Y’all have to read carefully. I care as much as you all do, but this letter clearly was him being thankful and grateful for the people who are in his corner, and the hopes of a better future.

  7. Yes I am very scared about this post. Jamari we love you. You have a bright future and a lot to live for. Please don’t do anything drastic

  8. I hope this post isn’t what everyone above has stated, if so please hold on hope and change is coming you have come too far now to give up.We are rooting for you.

  9. Stay strong J, and know that even though you may not feel it at times, God has you. Not to speak for everyone who comments on your site, but if I may, we greatly appreciate what you do. Please know that you have friends that believe in you, cherish you, and know the best will come to fruition in your life soon. Keep looking forward.

  10. This post scares me man. I know you’re in a tough spot, but you have so many readers that care about you. Stick through it Jamari!

  11. Jamari, I have been reading your site almost everyday for over a year. When reading your posts about looking for a job, I know what you have been going through. I was unemployed for almost two years looking for work and took anything I could get even putting flyers for a sandwich shop for three days. Those two years had been rough for me and almost didn’t anyone to turn to. I questioned my self-worth and felt like an absolute failure. One time I turned a bed sheet into a noose to hang myself with, but I know I couldn’t go through it. I know the situation I was in was only temporary and it will better. Right now, I have two part-time jobs, went back to school, and looking for a full-time position. I don’t like both jobs, but it something to get by til something better comes along. You are witty, funny, and great commentator on life and pop culture. I know you wouldn’t let your current situation break you down. You’re a person of faith. Luckily you have your readers, friends, and star fox’s mother by your side who won’t hesitate to help you. Please Jamari don’t do anything drastic. Please don’t. Even if you have to get a job that isn’t in your field of expertise just to get by; or move to FL, do it. Please don’t do anything crazy. We are all are praying for you.

  12. Yea, this post makes me a little uncomfortable. Hang in there J. I know we say it over and over again, and it SEEMS like nothing is happening…but have faith. You will get through this. Don’t let the decisions of old white men force you into a corner where it SEEMS like there is no way out. You’re strong. You’ve been though a lot……but you also have a reason to go on. A purpose. It may be this blog, it may be your career goals….or simply the desire and WILL to live. Life isn’t always what we want it to be, and what social media makes it out to be. EVERYONE has dark days. You’re not alone. Remember that.

    While we can’t identify exactly with what you’re going through.. know that we all have troubles and challenges that make us want to give up sometimes. There are brighter days ahead….and as long as you keep PUSHING you’ll get there. I always look at my dark moments (like what I’m going through now) as a humbling experience….God…or the universe preparing me for something great. But in order to fully appreciate those blessings, and appreciate those around me… I need to learn that lesson the hard way.

    I could go on and on…but I’ll leave you alone. You got this man. Don’t give up. We’re rooting for you.


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