Hope Has Flown The Coop?

large59 – 39.
one republican suddenly just changed his vote at the end.
1.7 million people out here are doomed.
half i’m sure have started looking to commit suicide.
i don’t know what to do anymore.
i’m stressed.
they basically shut any hope of unemployment reinstatement down.
i am completely broke.
surviving on koolaid and tv dinners.
warming my apartment with the oven.
can’t get on welfare.
the temp agencies i applied for are “in a slow period”.
sent resumes everywhere.
hell i even put it on here.
that job interview i went on went well,
but it’s up in the air.
feb 24th is when they will hire someone.
its the 6th.
what if he doesn’t hire me?
what do i do then?
i feel like i’m in 12 years a slave.
waiting for my “white man” to come and get me out this hell hole.
i’m kinda scared ya’ll.
this news left me completely devastated.
so do i become a prostitute?
sell drugs?
rob people?
do credit card scams and identity theft?
its easy to start my career now,
but i still have to survive.
i’m just sitting here in my dark apartment and my thoughts are so loud.
can someone give me a kind word?
something of hope i can hold on to?

lowkey: if that would have passed for 3 months,
i would be okay if that job did or didn’t come through.
if not,

i would have packed all my shit up and left to florida.
now i’m about to go crazy with the waiting game.

17 thoughts on “Hope Has Flown The Coop?

  1. Hi Jamari,
    Enjoy your blog. This is only my opinion, unemployment is not your source; God is. From reading many entries from you I know that you are bigger than these obstacles. You were created a conqueror and sometimes life will have us believing otherwise. There is greatness in you that others can clearly see, including myself. However, you MUST see it. Remembering who you are Jamari, and acting accordingly will change your surroundings in the direction of your dreams and aspirations. Remember, God put them there in you. So when things get hard, examine and remember who God says you are and go harder. Sorry for the long post and certainly do not intend to offend, only telling what has worked for me. Please feel free to email me, Peace

  2. I know it’s hard bruh, but everything will work out! I know you get tired of hearing that, but trust me I was there once. During this time I did some things for money, i’m not proud of however I had exhausted all other options and my ego is too big to ask my family and friends for hand outs. So, just keep your head up and consider taking gigs you would never think about taking until something better comes along. Nobody has to know your business, just go to get a check and make ends meet. I wish you the best of luck! Just know that where there is no struggle there is no strength.

  3. I believe you shall be fine my love, don’t give up your hard times mean a lovely blessing is on the way.

  4. I’m praying for you. You have so many people in your corner. Trouble doesn’t last always. God bless…

  5. Jamari please hang in there. I know that it’s easier said than done. Try to fill yourself up on personal affirmations, and as much positive thinking as possible. The negative thoughts and energy will only block you further. A couple thoughts have come to mind like inquiring if there are programs that will allow you to learn another trade that leads to a job. Another thought was looking into hospitals, substitute teaching, industries that that you might not have considered, and work at home companies like arise.

    Your breakthrough is right in front of you. You may not be able to see it now but you have to believe it and stand firm in it. I’m pulling for you.

  6. I feel you man…I’m going through the same ish as well, you are not alone. Have you thought about working in retail? like clothing stores such as Zara, H&M etc?

    Have you thought about moving down South, maybe TX, ATL, North and South Carolina. I know in TX especially in Houston and Austin the job market is not as bad as it is up North. Austin is the Silicon Valley of the South.

  7. Jamari, do you have a “sugar-daddy” or someone that you date that would take you in and provide food and shelter for you for a while? Do you have a friend or relative that will take you in at least temporarily?

  8. How old are you, where are you at in the country and what’s your field? You seem young and smart so not seeing why you are unemployed for 2 years and please call someone if thoughts of suicide are creeping in. This is but temporary problem.

  9. Shit this is scary. Well I curse the Republicans for being greedy and selfish, and I hope karma will bite them in the ass so they know what it like. Maybe you should work in McDonald to get some food in you and little bit of money to survive on.

    1. Lindo, working for McDonald’s? Such jobs are not easy to come by and they typically have many more applicants than jobs. Jamari is probably overqualified for such jobs. Such employers often prefer to hire those that just make the qualifications; otherwise, they fear that the new hire will work there a while until his/her dream job comes along and then quit and so they’ll have to retraining expenses, re-posting of the job expenses and re-interview expenses.

  10. You know I’m praying for you J. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it but you just got to hang in there. Know that you aren’t alone and that we’re all thinking of you.

  11. I’m sorry man. I’m pulling for you and I’m definitely hoping something comes through. I want you can get out of this funk bro.

    1. Your not the only going thru. maybe you should stop being a blessing to so many people and your nemesis would leave you alone…….take one day at a time! God takes care of all his children. youre in my prayers.

  12. I know what you mean. I’ve been unemployed for over a year. Thankfully, I have family supporting me still, but it would be great to support myself again and feel independent. Stay strong sir; I definitely believe someone will see your talents and reward them!

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