Hi I Love Men Who Have HIV (YOLO)

infect me baby.
come on daddy.
you know you want to.

just squirt off your infected love juice all on my hot pulsating walls.
now if i said that,
i know you would look at me like i’m nuts.
…and not in the good way.
funny i’m looking at this new movement the same way…
there are people in this world who want hiv.
like they literally seek out people with hiv just to get infected.
well you can best believe jamari fox on this date of 2014:

2rnyijnone of my foxhole favs,
old head,
filled us in during that discussion we were having about paul george.
check his comment:

This situation is sad and a reminder that being rich and good looking does not mean brains and decent morals are included in the mix. Dudes can be trifling whether straight or gay, rich or broke.

As for people having unprotected sex with people who are HIV positive, that’s real, too. They’re called bug chasers. It’s partly the sad result of years of being told one is an abomination and is going to hell — the message that gets preached to so many gay brothers their whole lives every Sunday, from the cradle to the grave. It causes mental illness. It’s internalized over the years and manifests itself in all these self-destructive habits. They believe they’re not worthy so they engage in all these reckless actions.

Others see these advertisements for the new class of HIV drugs and assume all they have to do is pop a pill, without knowing there are side effects and that the drugs don’t work for everyone, the ones who die.

so while my boring fetish is muscles,
all the cool kids are enjoying their fetish of contracting hiv.
i’m such a square!
well i’ll be a square,
a trapezoid,
and a fuckin pentagon.
keep that crazy shit away from me.
the only “cocktails” i want are properly sterilized.
i see this is why everyone engages in raw sex like it’s nothing.
do we judge these people?
or feel sorry for them?
how can we feel sorry when they are killing off potential good men?
its no surprise many men in the life have very low self esteem and worth.
everything is all about how to get and give a good nut.
like do gays even read books?
its really sad how things are becoming in society nowadays.
its like we can’t even meet a quality man anymore.
so do we say YOLO,
join everyone,

chase hiv,
and wait to die?
all while getting great sex in the process.
like what do they say at your funeral:

“_______ lived a really boring life,
kinda funny,
and constantly kept his online profiles updated.

he didn’t really do much as a man.
well at least he got a  good pounding.”

i couldn’t help but wonder…

Are we doomed?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Hi I Love Men Who Have HIV (YOLO)”

  1. Yea I’m judging them. Why in the fuck would a person want to catch the virus? Are they out of their fucking minds? I cant.

  2. Yeah, we’re doomed.For some reason, gays can’t settle for having normal bedroom sex.They have to do it in public or do it with someone infected.I just… shake my head.What’s next?Stabbing you’re butt-buddy to death while he’s cumming.I don’t understand people sometimes… most of the time.

  3. I’ve heard about bug chasing here in DC… I’ve actually had guys ask me if I’m willing to take a “charged up load” , of which is raw breeding with a guy who’s positive. I think it crazy, but they have wild amazing sex with no abandon and they literally don’t care if they get the bug or not, and they will pass it on unknowingly so its a must that you’re very careful out here

  4. As I stated in another thread, this shit right here got me perplex and confused as hell. Why is my only question. One of the things that I am grateful for is being HIV negative in a world of reckless sex and lack of common sense. I would not wish HIV on my worst enemy. The fear, isolation, depression and up and down emotions is enough to scare me in making good choices much less the feeling on losing control being sick all the time. These magic pills that are upwards of $20,000 or more a year with all the side effects just aint worth it. If we are sexually active we can all fall victim to this disease but to knowingly infect oneself with a deadly disease speaks to something that borders on the psychotic.Its nothing more heartbreaking than hearing about 18-24 being already infected with HIV. When you know better you do better. If nothing more than anyone reading this blog and think you are not worthy enough to live, please reach out to us so we can let you know, you are better than this. As someone who has lost really close friends to this disease this is close to my heart and it really concerns me that people would be this foolish about the precious gift that we all get called life.

  5. I try not to judge, like Jamari said, “bug chasing” as they like to call it, as well as many other risky behaviors are the result of deeper mental/spiritual/emotional damage. Those people need prayer, love, and some serious therapy. It also goes to show you that one night stands and occasional raw sex is not the thing to do in this day and age. WRAP THAT SHIT UP! Furthermore, there is absolutely nothing wrong with demanding to see up-to-date “papers”. This is not about ducking and dodging awkward situations. This is about protecting your health.

    1. Lovefox, I agree with you “there is absolutely nothing wrong with demanding to see up-to-date “papers”.This is not about ducking and dodging awkward situations. This is about protecting your health”. Although you should still have safer sex and be mindful that some mo-fos will fabricate papers to say that they are HIV-negative and some mo-fos don’t know their HIV status because they haven’t been tested in years.

  6. I think some of these bug chasers have heard the sobering stats about the % of Black MSM who are HIV+ and have concluded getting HIV is inevitable so might as well get it over with.Just do It. Also because we dont see people in
    the news,in the media dying from AIDS ,wasting away..People no longer think AIDS is this horrible,painful,debilating disease.

    .I read only 1-2% (in Gay men)of new infections are because of bug chasing so its rare but very sad. I DK if % is higher for Blacks. Most barebackers are not trying to get HIV.

  7. There is a short film about this I saw a few months ago. Some of you may have seen it. Its called “The Young and Evil” and is on youtube. It speaks to this sad reality. Like lovefox said above, these people are emotionally broken and need help.

  8. I forgot the name of the article where this guy who was homeless and decided to become hiv+ to have a place to stay and get warfare or w/e. People get hiv for lots of reasons and that is scary. But one thing I hate is people act like as if catching hiv and aids is a black thing, and just today I was watching the news where the woman said this African guy probably died from aids and when you used the word “probably” it means you’re guessing.

  9. Sometimes the HIV-positive engage in profligate sex with those who are HIV-positive and otherwise. Sometimes they can’t find a sex partner. Here is what one poz guy wrote to me a few days ago on a popular gay dating/hook-up site:

    Dean to him (01/27 18:33) I’m open to a friend, a friend with benefits or a relationship. What are you open to?

    Him to Dean (01/27 18:43) The same it’s just hard being poz nobody wants to be my bf or fuck me

    So, being HIV-positive sometimes means that you have a hard time finding a relationship or a sex partner.

    Think about it. If you’re HIV positive and under treatment, if you get infected with a different strain of HIV virus, that (being infected with more than one strain) may complicate your treatment. A complicated treatment plan means that you’re one step closer to bad treatment results (illness, serious illness, disability, hospitalization, death, etc.)

  10. I think ‘bug chasing’ is an urban legend, I have only heard of it through the mainstream media and have never personally met or heard of anyone doing this. If anyone has any evidence I’d like to see it.

    Jamari, you’re making it seem like ‘bug chasing’, regardless of it’s actual existence, is the majority of gay culture. That is not true and is harmful to our image as a people. You should be more thoughtful of the things you say and how they can be construed.

    1. James, Jamari wasn’t painting all of gay culture that way; he was pointing out the sad reality that such reckless behavior does indeed occur. I have been working with HIV+ and AIDS patients and clients since day one of this epidemic, before we gave it the name. As a black gay man, I have dealt with people like this on a professional and personal basis. I had a f-buddy, with whom I practiced safer-sex, while unbeknownst to me was having unprotected sex with people he knew to be positive. The sad part is his late lover who died of AIDS complications had done everything he could to not infect him and had succeeded. In fact, the guy begged him on his dying bed to always protect himself; yet, it was to no avail. Thank goodness, I always used precautions in my dealings. But, since my counseling didn’t work, I referred him to someone else for counseling. By the way, I wasn’t breaking professional protocol; my relationship with him was personal.

      I still encounter people who don’t desire to use protection, when a third of young black gay men are already positive. Many have still not been tested and don’t know their status. With black gay men impacted more than any other demographic, such reckless behavior is very dangerous to all of us. Data show that we, more than other group, prefer having sex among out own.

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