I like to think I am a true Fox.

I mean, you sort of “learn” the specific traits growing up alone in this world.
Your senses are open more so you sniff out danger faster.
You can figure out certain loopholes to get into certain areas.
And when it comes to seducing Wolves, you start to figure out how they “tick”.
(Also helps when other Foxes school you to GAME.)

We are a movement out here people!

a lot of my Foxes out there need guidance because they fall for anything.
So I have to ask…

Are you cunning like a Fox?

Now do not get me wrong,
being cunning does not mean that you are evil.
That would actually put you in Jackal category.
But, if need to know when you are being taken advantage of.
You need to be able to see through bullshit.
You also need to be able to put someone in check if they try to play you.
And always remember, DON’T BE AFRAID TO LEAVE.
Just because your role is “bottom” doesn’t mean you have to be “at the bottom”.

So I put together a few rules for your Fox-dom.

1. Mystery.
You should be as mysterious as possible.
If every knows your business by just the mention of your name,
you can never be a true Fox.

2. Difference.
You stand out because you aren’t like the masses.
You walk to your own beat and even if you do it alone, you still command attention.

3. Common Sense.
You know how to use the brains you were born with.
You can mentally dissect a situation, figure it out, and know how to go from there.

4. Style.
You could be rich or pinching pennies, but you know how to look good.
You know what to wear and when to wear it.

5. Hustler.
You are all about that money.
If money isn’t the motivation, then you aren’t motivated.
You should always have a hustle.

6. Aggressive/Submissive.
Even if you are dominant, you still know when to tone it down.
A true Fox knows who his audience is and what role he needs to play.
You should also be very keen on reading various personality traits.

7. Freak.
You should be in love with a penis.
You should also know how to successfully turn a Wolf or Hybrid out.
And all your freakishness should be VIP only.
You already know giving it to everyone brings the value down.

8. Strength.
You should always, and this is the most important rule, be strong.
You should never let your emotions get the best of you.
Always know that in “society”, a Fox maybe the lowest on the totem pole.
But if you are smart, you will learn to use that to your advantage.

So let’s go ahead and whip this whole world into shape.
But most importantly, let’s do it for ourselves.

Once you start making that change,
seeing your strengths,
recognizing and using your weaknesses,
and just putting GOOD energy into the world…

I promise that will reap every reward.
It all just starts with YOU.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “#teamFOX”

  1. I can digg the inspiration. I believe I’m a true fox in training, I need to call more shots before I can metriculate further.


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