taylor swift might awaken a “stan” in me

i really dig taylor swift.
don’t tell anyone.
i don’t want them to judge me.
*thinks back to all the times i’ve been judged*
you’ll deal.
“1989” and “reputation” got me through some shit.
i felt every word because of what i was dealing with.
now i don’t stan for her like i do rihanna,
but if she has new music,
i’ll take a listen.
to think,
i never really cared for her before.
i think cause of kanye’s “influence” at the time.
taylor seems to be changing her image as she matures tho.
she was never one to be political or “speak out”,
but she has opened up about who she’s voting for.
i was impressed by her latest ig post…

well she told ya’ll,

she has a ton of influence with her brand.
it’s crazy how kanye died on his mountain,
while she is speaking out on hers.
we didn’t see this outcome happening back in 2009,
did we?

i’m sure she needed to be humbled in her views too.
i’m sure that’s her own story.
all of us have been humbled or gonna be soon enough.
it’s funny how life has a way of doing that to us.
there are things i was totally ignorant about,
but because i experienced a lot out in the wild,
i’ve changed my views about certain things.
this entire “maga” era has been an eye opener as well.
it’s either bringing us together or showing true colors.
either way,
i like this for taylor.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: are you voting?
you should.
look at all the mess due to not voting.

head over to: vote.org

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “taylor swift might awaken a “stan” in me”

  1. Yes Taylor, put your star power to work, celebrities have so much influence!! I’ll be voting for Phil Bredesen too. I don’t see how any woman could vote for Marsha Blackburn, she’s crooked as hell and she supports Trump and his goons!!

  2. Even though I don’t need any celebrity to persuade me to vote, I do appreciate her using her platform wisely. Many criticized her for not speaking out, and now that she has, I’m sure she’ll receive even more criticism. I really hope her fan base who are undecided really take heed to her words. Voting correctly matters.

  3. I care nothing about this bitch, but I just wanted to say I love your new website! It’s everything!

  4. She saw Black Panther now she wants to be woke. She has been creeping her way into the Urban community. Cosigning Nicki with Super Bass, bringing T.I. on stage and her music has gotten less and less country. Don’t be surprised if her next man is Black. This is an act.

    In more important news, come through with the website revamp! Did the ads fix themselves?

    1. ^thank you!
      i feel like i am moving into a new season of my life!
      i want to reflect that change.

      they sent me an email and said they fixed the issue with one of the ads.
      we shall see…

      1. I won’t front. I knew of her before she was famous. Teardrops on My Guitar was my jam. But then she became this symbol of valley girl privilege I detest. I’m more of a Kehlani, Sza, Kianna Lede, KeKe Palmer at heart, anyway.
        Blank Space is what she should strive for.

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