why did marquis brown kill himself?

you’d look at this pic of this handsome pre baller wolf,
marquis brown,
and think he was living the good life.
he was the rb for duquesne university in pittsburgh.
he’s in hawaii,
has portrait mode showing his best side,
and looks like he’s about to go fuck some shit up.
his ( x instagram ) showed he seemed happy too.
as many others do on social media,
that’s all his highlight reel.
who knows what was really going on within.
marquis is dead and everyone is left with a ton of questions.
^that pic was his final post before his death.
he left the caption:

a foxholer sent me the news over the weekend.
this is more from what i gathered from “usa today”

Duquesne University sophomore running back Marquis Brown died on Thursday night after jumping out of a 16th-floor dormitory window on the Pittsburgh campus, according to the school’s president.

Brown “jumped out of a 16th-floor window of Brottier Hall after campus police arrived in response to a reported disturbance,” Duquesne president Ken Gormley wrote in a message sent to university students and staff members and posted to the school’s Facebook page. Brown was in critical condition when he was taken around 10:30 p.m. to nearby Mercy Hospital. He was soon pronounced dead.

“I just had saw him before I left to go to Brottier,” fellow Duquesne student Eric Williams Jr. told the Associated Press. “He was at my apartment. I just saw him 30 or 40 minutes before. So it is just shocking. … It’s crazy.”

Pittsburgh Police told Duquesne’s campus newspaper that university police were responding to an altercation on the 16th floor and questioning Brown when he jumped from the window.

…and he didn’t die instantly either?
i can only imagine the pain.
i wonder what the real story is?
will we even get it?
i hope whoever he was arguing with comes forth.
everyone in that situation needs closure.
this now starts a new story line for many,
some who probably didn’t know each other.
let’s hope they can call connect the right dots.
may marquis rest in peace.

article cc: yahoo sports

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