“If Men Were Gay, There Would Be No War.” End Quote.

this is my quote for that quote:

the following quote comes from morrissey,
former snow something from the rock group smiths…

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Monstrous Balls

i had an interesting conversation with my cousin hybrid today.
i’m telling you,
when we get together: epic.
we go IN and i wanted to share a little what we were talking about.
i have been talking in emails with a young cub who ONLY likes down low wolves.
he says that people make him feel bad for his choice….


 i will say it before and i will say it again.
people in this lifestyle can be bullies to one another.
we like abuse.

not the abuse of a plump pipe beating up butt cheeks or the back of our throats.
but the abuse of our opinions and choices in dating, even fucking.
it can be a wear and tear on the self esteem, to be honest.
one that leaves you feeling like you went 20 rounds in the ring and ending in a “tie“.
bad enough straights do it to us every chance they get.
are we too hard on each other?
or, is this just the way “love” goes?
i had to ask…

Can we all just get along?

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