So The Flu Is Out Here Claiming Fingers and Toes Now

this flu is out of control foxhole.
it’s having folks fingers and toes getting cut off.
you read right.
a foxholer sent me an article today that has me shooketh.
i’m two seconds from taking a bath in orange juice.
this is what “the daily mail” had to say…
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“What Is You Doing? You Gotta Go To Work On James Harden Feet!”

james-harden-portraitballer wolf for the houston rockets,
james harden,
has an issue.
maybe 10 issues.
it seems all his lil’ piggies have died.
an f-bi sent me the crime scene…
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Thank God You and I Don’t Have This Problem

Screen_Shot_2013_10_31_at_8_42_08_PMwhy did she think this was a brilliant idea?
are her little piggies trying to escape?
like, w -in every- f?
an f-bi sent this to me and i damn near hollered.
i’m so glad i don’t have to deal with that problem.
aren’tyou glad you don’t have to deal with toes hanging over heels?

lowkey: perfect segue to my fox swagg board.
my pinterest board has helped me rework some of my own threads.
im glad i started it because i found some stuff in my sad closet i made work.
thank you for all the repins, likes, follows, and of course support!

go see some fox swagg: here

How Does King James Get In His Pants?

lebrondonkeven tho his toes are throwing up gang signs,
king james has one of the best all wolf bodies in the nba.
imagine all that laying on top of you?
im leakin’ just thinkin about it.
his thighs and donk>>>>>
yeah i can def look past the toe situation.

Dear G-Spot, My Bomb Pussy Needs A Permanent Dick.

I use to be scared of the dick.
Now I throws lips to the shit.
Handles it like a real bitch….

Yet, Lil Kim is alone… and a face full of crazy.
She has a wall so high up that a nigga needs a hurdle to get over it.
Trina has boasted that she is the baddest bitch,
but there is yet to be a ring on that finger.
She was sending crying pictures to Kenyon Martin after he dropped her ass.
That doesn’t sound like the “baddest bitch” to me.
Evelyn Lozada probably has some great Spanish twat,
but it left her engaged for 9 years to Antoine Walker and putting up with bullshit from Ochocino.
She politely told him on national TV that if he wants to fuck some other bitch,
she will buy the condoms.
She also told him that she needs to “like the girl” if they decide to menage.
Excuse me, say what now??!?
… and these are just Vixens!
Don’t even get me started on the gay side of the fence.
Because realistically, we are all a hot ass mess on this side of town.

Every muthafucka thinks their shit is official.
I sometimes have to roll my eyes when I see/hear/smell that bullshit.
We listen to these rap divas and real life bitches and take on their sexual persona.
On social media and even real life,
everyone is bragging they have the tightest walls or the official throat.
But, if all it took was some bomb dome or good Foxtail to “keep a Wolf in the house“…
why is you alone in the crib doing Kegals?
Or, you sitting on a chat site all damn day  going through men like jock straps in the NFL?
Just stop it….

You could have some nice plump lips from “Casa De La SupaHead“,
or even the fattest ripest ass that would put Buffy the Body to shame,
but my question is…

Why are you still single?

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