The Storm Is Passing (Cum Back In)


ya know,
its funny…
last week when all shit was hitting the fan,
i swore up and down,
i was going to come back and blog about the drama.
i was going talk explicitly about how depressed i was.
well now that the storm has passed,
lets talk about:

the foxhole
work wolf

  its gonna be pretty long so get comfy…
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Beyonce Is One of the Vixens

CSLTWspUkAAxzlo“what if god was one of us?
just a slob like one of us?
just a stranger on the bus
trying to make his way home?…”

who would have thunk…
beyonce would have shown up for a random birthday party.
one that was for ciara,
of all people.
well russell wilson,
ciara’s baller wolf,
threw a marvel themed b-day party of ciara over the weekend.
beyonce showed up as storm and well…
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Meet Your New Storm from X-Men!

tumblr_mcxc9bj13H1qj2g8ko1_500…because lord knows i feel a storm coming.
this is who they casted to play “young storm” in the new x-men apocalypse..

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Look Who They Out Here Trying To Cast As Storm

3879590-storm-1-how-80s-can-the-x-men-go-michael-jackson-a-mutantwhen i think of x men’s “storm”,
i think of a strong black vixen.
a natural black vixen.

Storm (real name Ororo Munroe[4]) is a fictional superhero who appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, as well as in a number of movie, television, and video game adaptations; typically in fiction related to the X-Men. The character first appeared in the comic book Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975),[5] and was created by writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum.

Storm is a member of a fictional subspecies of humanity known as “mutants”, who are born with superhuman abilities. Storm can control the weather. Storm is a member of the X-Men, a group of mutant heroes who fight for peace and equality between mutants and humans.

In Uncanny X-Men #102 (December 1976), Claremont established Storm’s backstory. Ororo’s mother, N’Dare, was the princess of a tribe in Kenya and descended from a long line of African witch-priestesses with white hair, blue eyes, and a natural gift for sorcery. N’Dare falls in love with and marries American photojournalist David Munroe. They move to Harlem in uptown New York City, where Ororo is born. They later moved to Egypt and lived there until they die during the Suez Crisis in a botched aircraft attack, leaving six-year-old Ororo as an orphan. Her violent claustrophobia is established as a result of being buried under tons of rubble after that attack. She becomes a skilled thief in Cairo under the benign Achmed el-Gibar and wanders into the Serengeti as a young woman. She is worshiped as a goddess when her powers appear before being recruited by Professor X for the X-Men.[8]

so angela bassett was one of my first “in my mind” choices.
well when she turned down the role in the movie,
we got stuck with halle berry.
i love halle but she didn’t do the role justice at all.
well now they are casting for young storm for “x men apocalypse”.
according to the latino review,
look at the two choices…
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The Perfect Storm

W7HyaVf“that lupita reign just don’t let up”.
that is actually a dope picture tho.
so everyone realizes lupita nyong’o is “it”.
told ya’ll.
well they trying to get halle berry out and lupita in as “storm” from x-men.
it’s so bad they even got a petition ready…

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Time Ran Out The Day After Tomorrow So It Created The Perfect Storm

it’s funny.
when faced with a potential national disaster coming to wipe out the east,
you start to think about life and survival.
you stop thinking about the trivial things that could pass within a few hours.
even a day.
those little issues that really mean shit.
you really start thinking about what will happen if shit really goes wrong.
the “category 7” in your life that could wipe you out.
like those suspense thrillers starring some snow bunny who saves the world.
she pressed some button on a tower and it was day light.

it all becomes a reality.

we spend a lot of time chasing love, pipe, and other things.
our biggest purchase to our name is 1,000 loafers,
but when some big shit happens we are totally un-prepared.
we have nothing to fall back on.
those same wolves we chase/fucked are not there.
they don’t even have their shit together either.
we burned so many bridges that we have no one to call.
it’s just “us“.
you against the world… and a big ass storm.

i started to wonder…

Who will really rescue us when we fall?

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