It Was All But A Dream (Wake Up)


i just had an interesting dream a little while ago.
wanted to share it with the foxhole…

so i was sitting in an airplane.
it seemed like a small private one.
there were two people in the back.
i didn’t know who they are.
anyway i had to fly the plane,
but since i know nothing about flying,
i was absolutely terrified.
in the foreground,
the sky was pretty black.
there was a storm coming.


so i started to drive the plane slowly across this runway.
i knew that in order for a plane to take off,
it needs to accelerate.
again: i was fuckin’ terrified.
as i drove this plane across the runway for the perfect spot,
i saw one that had a ramp on the end of it.
there was an arrow pointing “up” on the ramp.
i saw big black storm clouds with thunder and lighting.

this man,
don’t know who,
came up to the front with me and sat in the passenger seat.
from what i can remember,
he made me feel safe to take off.
even with the storms in the sky,
i felt confident enough to fly.
so i put my foot on the gas,
like it was a car (lol),
and the plane started to move.

when we approached the ramp,
the plane automatically took off into the sky and right into the storm clouds.
as we flew through the clouds,
the plane started to move back and forth.
it was shaking,
but i was determined to fly through these storms.
when we came out the other side,
there was a lot of rain and thunder.
we were in the middle of this storm.
sort of like being inside a hurricane.
i decided i wanted to go higher so we could be on top of the storm.
the clouds this time looked like explosions of fire and thunder.
i pulled the steering wheel up and we ascended.
when we reached the top of it all,
everything it was clear and beautiful.
i couldn’t explain how calm i felt at that moment…

…until i was woken up by mi.
she was banging on my damn bedroom door.
she wanted to tell me her gay friend was coming thru.
i felt that dream was pretty on point with all i’m going through.
maybe i have reached that higher level now and things will get better?
i don’t know,
but i’m open to more signs and dreams like this.


lowkey: how funny all the ads on my site are about united airlines.

8 thoughts on “It Was All But A Dream (Wake Up)

  1. I love dreams like this. In my opinion, dreams don’t have meaning in and of themselves, but it’s the meaning you give them from pensive thinking that lead you to the gems of your subconscious, and this is what make dreams like this so important. At the very least, your mind is telling you that either a change is needed, or already happening. It’s decision making time!

  2. It’s gods way of telling you if you stay with him, he’ll guide you in the right direction. I’ve been getting sign’s like this for the past couple of months. Whenever I fall off track, things get hectic for me.

  3. Sounds like the journey of your life and a sign of what the future may hold when it is all said and done.

  4. The dream is definitely representing your current life situation. Let see how next year goes *finger-cross* it will be a good year

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