The Storm Is Passing (Cum Back In)


ya know,
its funny…
last week when all shit was hitting the fan,
i swore up and down,
i was going to come back and blog about the drama.
i was going talk explicitly about how depressed i was.
well now that the storm has passed,
lets talk about:

the foxhole
work wolf

  its gonna be pretty long so get comfy…

so as you know,
the foxhole was down the last few days.
i got messages on everything about it.
i was in all my feelz because i had no answers.
i currently have 140 messages in my mailbox.
i have never felt so depressed than when i looked at my site and saw:


it was like looking at my child,
drugged up in a crack house,
wearing a dirty mu mu,
and them being actually okay with it.
there was nothing i could do.
giphy-1the foxhole fate lay in my hosting company.
a company i pay a lot of money to keep my dream alive.
on thursday,
i called them and spoke to a semi-understanding animal.
i tried not to tear into his ass,
but as you know,
i have no filter.
i must say tho that i did it quite eloquently.
as you can see,
the foxhole is on,
but i had to wonder…

For how long?

i missed so much that i feel like this is a complete start over.
it is a good thing tho.
i had to speak on a lot,
and in that impromptu “break”,
it allowed me to get my thoughts together.

one of the newer wolves in my department up and quit wednesday.
he wasn’t happy at all.
it threw us all back with the deadlines we had.
aside from that,
they fucked up my paycheck and i didn’t get paid.
someone didn’t bring my time sheet to hr.
in return,
my boss told me i wouldn’t be getting paid until next week.giphy-2again: i had to eloquently tear into the tail of my boss.
i had to remind him in a professional way:

who i am
the hard work i do
 i don’t complain when they give me rabbit shit and not chocolate

lets just say they deposited half my money into my account that afternoon.
i never felt as confident as i did speaking to my boss.
i like that side of me.
more of him please.

work wolf came over my crib thursday.
he wanted to chill.
even though i was stressed,
i was down for it.
he bought food and i cooked it.
he loved my cooking.
he ate seconds and thirds.
he said something about “getting married” as joke.
or i should be married.
some shit.
we played video games for a while,
i told him that his hair was really dry.
he said he washes it every day.
black fo’ks ain’t suppose to wash their hair everyday.
he said he likes how shiny and jet black my hair is.
i told him put some coconut oil and other mixtures in his.

“can you do it for me now?”

when i got back from my room,
he was sitting on the floor.
he took his shirt off and only had his wife beater on.
his upper bawdy.
i asked him if he wanted to sit in a chair.


i sat directly behind him and put my legs to his sides.

i know.

i rubbed the oils in his head and gave him a head massage.
i didn’t have to do a head massage,
but i wanted to test my skills on his head.
you could tell he liked it.
he literally gave his head to me.
he damn near fell asleep.
this is where the problem happened tho.
after i was done,
he was still sitting between my legs.
i was showing him something from a magazine he was looking at.
so i put my arms on his shoulders and leaned down on him from behind.
i started pointing at something on one of the pages.
he says:

why are you hugging me?”


i’m not hugging you…”

i leaned back and went about as normal.
as he was leaving,
i apologized if i made him feel any kind of way.

“nah i don’t.”

“you sure?”

“why would you do something,
if you had to apologize,
if you thought it made me uncomfortable?”

…i thought it was the right thing to do?
i’m a little embarrassed by my actions.
i’m usually not that bold.
the whole time he was in my spot,
it was direct eye contact and adjusting himself.
he was even speaking to me in a sexier tone.
i was just going with the flow.
he gave me dap when he left,
but i don’t know how to even talk to him now.
maybe i’m overthinking?

either way,
its good to be back with you guys.
lets talk.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

38 thoughts on “The Storm Is Passing (Cum Back In)”

  1. Pertaining to this work wolf situation, it’s time to get answers. Act like you have a new boyfriend and see how he reacts.

  2. 😍😍Jamari is back! Had me scared there for a lil minute, damn. I spent about 10 minutes checking my internet and browser to see if it was just me lmao. Was thinking some clown got mad and attacked the server.

    You had extra time and you made a bigger post, so no complaints from me. These moments with work wolf are always adorable and funny to read. 😊

  3. Jamari,

    As the old saw goes, when it rains it pours. I am so sorry you’ve been seemingly going through it. As for the foxhole being down, I sent you an e-mail only because I wanted to make sure someone alerted you to it.

    I guess I, and others, didn’t realize that we could have potentially been contributing to the issue. But think of it this way, it’s better to have 140 unread messages about the foxhole being down, then to receive none and not know, right?

    As for work, that’s completely unacceptable. I would lodge a complaint with HR, seriously. Don’t play with my money or my family or my food.

    Where work wolf is concerned, y’all just need to bite the bullet at this point. I mean, you’re cooking for the dude, dressing him, and giving him “head” *wink wink* hahah? Must be nice…

    I think work wolf is wanting you to make the first move, so I say go for it.

    1. ^pierre I want to thank you,
      and everyone who reached out,
      for sending me messages on all platforms.
      i was very appreciative.
      at the time,
      i was so down to answer.
      please don’t take offense.
      it was not done purposely.

      the foxhole,
      im not gonna lie…
      im terrified this may happen again.
      they didn’t actually help me with a solution.

      work: smh.

      work wolf: i don’t feel comfortable yet.
      im not ready.
      maybe it’s fear?

      1. No, worries, Jamari. I knew you were busy. Not every e-mail warrants a reply lol.

        Remember in the comments section, you once posted that “God will bless the foxhole with so much more” in relation to the attentionistos escorting?

        Well, here is your blessing. Not every trial is a tribulation. I think this is God’s way of saying you may have to upgrade your server because 2016 is going to the year of the foxhole. You heard it from me first lol.

        I don’t know you or work wolf, but y’all are adorable to me. I just picture two handle blk dudes with tons of NY swag, waiting for the other to make the first move lol…

        There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

        1. ^i have this feeling 2016 is going to be that year.
          i really do.
          something inside is telling me to get prepared because it’s going to happen fast.

          even if that never happens,
          i love him as a friend.
          we go through it,
          we argue and fight,
          but he is always there for me.
          he told me last week I’m the only person who can say something to him and it will make him react.
          he said vixens never get to him.
          he doesn’t argue with them.
          he does it with me.

  4. WTF
    Cooking Dinner,head massages…What’s next you brading his hair 😀
    You are practically “Wifey”
    You do realize this is not typical behavior for platonic friends not even “opposite sex friends”.Well not typical where I’m from.I don’t know what y’all do on the East Coast,though.LOL

    1. ^yet he is messing with other vixens.
      i think that’s what confuses me.
      i could be stupid,
      or even naive,
      but he seems to be all about me and then a vixen.
      they never last tho.

  5. I missed you J! And Work Wolf definitely tried it ( Tamar Voice) lol he knows very well he could have gotten a damn chair smh . I feel like these straights do this on purpose especially if they know you’re into them.

  6. Yay!!!! Jamari is back and in full effect oh jamari you just don’t understand how much I love you a day without you is like particular hell and I can’t stand it lol! But I’m glad your back and btw yo future boyfriend makes me tired he just might as well whip it out dick ya down real good and call it a day lol! But I think his deathly afraid of getting sprung fa real.

  7. Don’t over think it. He wanted to be a up in and between your thighs…you shoulda jyst put your tongue in his mouth. Then you’d have a reason to apologize or have something to really write us about. …

    1. ^i would hate if he is really waiting for me to make the first move.
      its not like he is making it easy.
      he still messes with vixens and still talks about it.
      his actions tell me one thing,
      but it words tells me another.
      he isn’t making it easy as other wolves i have messed with.
      he pushes and pulls back.
      you can’t seduce someone who is so back and forth.
      he needs to give me solid footing for me to take it.
      right now,
      he is being passive and so am i.

      positive: he is a lot more comfortable than before.

  8. Glad you’re back, I know this site is your baby and not being able to update or give answers to why was frustrating. Maybe God saw you needed a little break from it and step in.

    Also the way you handed that situation with your boss was perfect, let Rhodes mofos know that your money is not something to play with.

    As for work wolf it’s nice to see your friendship with him back on track, I don’t see anything wrong with what you did and neither does he. At this point your relationship with him isn’t like a normal guy friendship and that’s a good thing. Nothing wrong with a little affection ☺️

  9. I’m sorry that you had a bad week with work and the 404 Error bullshit, but to be honest you should had slide your hand down between Work Wolf’s crotch and use the coconut oil to jerk him off for a bit to get him hard enough to fuck you already.

    You got to relieve that stress that is building up or else you will explode. I would prefer Work Wolf to explode in you rather than seeing you explode with anger #justsaying

  10. Glad your back buddy and glad you got those situations straighten out, I swear Jamari your a boss. When I first read the line ‘work wolf came over my crib Thursday’ boy I thought I was about to read a page out of a Zane novel. Work wolf is an interesting wolf by the way was Mi there and did he say that he would like to come over again? Last question are you going to get him a Christmas gift?

  11. I’m glad you’re back ja mari! I’ve missed your Post! I’m sorry to hear about your blog and the crazy week at work! You’re coworker came over to the crib that’s a big move! You guys definitely don’t have a typically make friendship. I wish you a blessed holiday season n happy New year! 2016 will be better

  12. It seems you’re not the only one who is pushing the limits! He’s playing those games! He is an interesting one. I would probably do what you’re doing and play it passive as well, just because you never know with this guy. (I’m not advising you, this is just what I would do, I’m not good in these situations tbh, so I just play it cool lol) I need things to be pretty clear, I don’t put myself out there on ambiguous whims, but this is not a typical male friendship. Even if you did come on to him, he can’t even get mad because of the way he’s leading you on, I mean, what are you supposed to think? Y’know?

    “can you do it for me?”

    I mean…wow! I would have to know what he wants from me because it’s getting confusing. I would test the waters and prod him with open-ended questions about sexuality just to know exactly what’s going on in his brain. Subliminal information can provide a lot of useful information.

    “he literally gave his head to me” << LOL I see what you did there.

    Good luck with your wolf! IMO You're already (as YC stated) "wifey".

    1. ^yeah im definitely held higher in his life d.
      the whole thing is whatever at this point.
      i appreciate his friendship,
      and these little games we play add some excitement.

  13. Straight friends will fuck you up. I had one who used to come up to me while I was dancing and grind his dick into my leg every time he got drunk. That shit was annoying.

  14. So where was your house guest when WW was visiting?… on 01/01/2016 the concrete jungle will tremble do you know why?… that is when WW and you will both climaxed!!!!! can’t wait for this Saga to Burst!!!!!!

  15. You are my “stuck in traffic on my way to teach these bad assed kids so let me get my L.I.F.E. fix” in the morning. The next time your hosting server acts up, I’m calling my mommy (she’s a federal prosecutor). Together we’ll put the fear of GAWT in them. No one- I mean NO ONE- messes with my entertainment on my way to work.

    Now, as far as work wolf is concerned, you are too available my friend. I’ve been meaning to chime in (I’ve been following you for a couple years now) and never made time. I only read in traffic at the lights; I don’t text or type. That’s how you kill people.

    My bad, back to work wolf. I went to that magnificently all male school in ATL, and my friends and I dealt with “work wolf like” situations all the time.

    These dudes LOVE the fact that they are so sexy that they’re even pulling dudes. Dudes, mind you, not effeminate “queens”. It is a huge ego boost for them. Think about it. You spend all this time with him when you could be boo’d up with a wolf who will actually give you some play. What man wouldn’t get a swole head from that kind of attention?!?!

    There were dudes in school that treated my friends and l like their “side chick” – spontaneius gifts, birthday dinner dates, hell I’ve had dudes lay their heads in my lap while we watched movies. Whenever things started getting too close for comfort, I had very up front adult convos, particularly if I started catching feelings. 99.9% of these dudes know what they are doing. Again, they get off on the attention. About 50-65% of them want to holla, but they are not comfortable making the first move.

    For the rest of my “work wolf like” situations, they fall into two categories. There are the ones who want a fuck buddy and they don’t care where they get a nutt. Dudes tend to be more willing to bust a quick one with NSA.

    Then, there are the ones who fall for YOU. They don’t, and won’t, identify as gay. Yet, there is something about YOU that they can’t resist. These are the dangerous ones. They will be everything you want them to be until friends and family start questioning why y’all spend so much time together. There is an extremely small percentage that will claim you as a soul mate of some sort. That’s how they dodge the “gay” bullet. The overwhelming majority of them will cut all ties when the questions begin. I’ve seen two rush into committed hetero relationships to prove their masculinity.

    So, I agree with Pattywat. Stop being so available when HE wants to kick it. Hell, “forget” that he is coming over and get “caught” with an even sexier wolf half-nekkid on your sofa. Watch for the initial reaction. That will be the truth. There will be 3 possible reactions:
    1) embarrassment followed by congratulations (cause he is definitely your friend) 2) anger and jealousy 3) a request to watch cause he “always wanted to know what dudes did when they get down” like he can’t find gay porn on the internet.

    Sorry so long winded. This “comment” has been itching to get out for a while now. Now that I’ve popped that “cherry”, I will contribute more. Keep up the good work sir. You are a needed voice in the community.

    1. ^hasani.

      can I just tell you how much this comment really spoke to me?
      first off,
      thank you for the compliment.
      it was very nice and definitely was appreciated.

      as for work wolf,
      ive been feeling the “back off” spirit in my foxy senses.
      i liked to switch it up on him.
      he always hits me up,
      and on some days,
      i don’t even answer.
      I find that pisses him off,
      but it helps me not be so attached.

      i will take your advice,
      as well as the many others.
      thank for being a loyal foxholer and please have a great holiday!

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