When We Role Play… (1)


You and your boyfriend had a bad argument.
He basically admitted to you that he kissed your best friend at the club (but he was drunk).
You up and leave his ass to go take a walk.
You needed to blow off some steam.
So you called me, asking to come over to my crib for a while to talk about it.

You know what nearly happened last time you tried to come over to my spot…
So I convince you to go back home and try to work it out with your boyfriend.
When you come back in the house and as soon as you opened the door, you saw your boyfriend doing this…

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Batman and The Flash: Super Fuck Heroes

Have you ever wish you were a super hero?

Going out there and saving the world, but still remaining anonymous.
Well I like to think of myself as some kind of a super hero.
One who is saving minds and Wolves one day and night at a time.

I got something that will be Wolf ONLY below…

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Role Play (alternate version)

“I hope Daddy likes all of this that I prepared for him…”

I shuffle around the kitchen because he is coming to the crib.
He has been on a lot of away game as of late and I barely get to see him.
Finally, I get to see my baby…. and his adult dick.
Ooooh how I missed that pipe.
I plan on putting it on him tonight.


I look myself over in the mirror real quick.
Shit I’m fly as hell.
He knows wassup.

I unlock the door and my eyes open wide…

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You open the door, wondering what is going on.
I’m standing there in an police officer’s uniform with badge in hand.

“Is this Wolf’s residence?” I ask.
“Yes it is,” you reply.
“Are you Mister Wolf?”
“Yes I am…”

I proceed to slam you up against the wall and pull your hands behind you back, handcuffing you.

“Well you are under arrest. Anything you say or do
will be used against you in a court of law.”


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