Batman and The Flash: Super Fuck Heroes

Have you ever wish you were a super hero?

Going out there and saving the world, but still remaining anonymous.
Well I like to think of myself as some kind of a super hero.
One who is saving minds and Wolves one day and night at a time.

I got something that will be Wolf ONLY below…

I got a unexpected gift basket from a client I worked with at my job.
It was pretty interesting what he gave to me.
Super hero EVERYTHING as a thanks for the good job I did.

I grew up on super heroes.
I love Batman, X-Men, and Spider Man especially.
I use to collect the action figures ODeeeee.
I always had a minor soft spot for the bad guys though.
I understood their pain for whatever reason.

Bad Boys always turn me on.

But the 2 goodies I got in my gift basket…
I cannot wait to use these….

As long as he isn’t THE FLASH when he is deep inside my guts…

When I saw pulled these out,
I had a fantasy of putting Daddy in em.
(then ripping them off soon after.)

I loved these personally…


Aren’t they hot?

I promise to snap a body picture of said Wolf in said drawz.
Only sexy bodies need apply.

^this would do those drawz REAL NICE.

Maybe I may switch and be THE FLASH and throw Daddy in all black.
Either way, what follows will be EPIC.
If he happens to have tattoos all over his body,
I may have work on that….

*evil grin*

8 thoughts on “Batman and The Flash: Super Fuck Heroes

  1. I like the batman breifs! At first glance on the first pic I taught that was a dick head resting on some flash towel or something, then I saw the finger on the batman briefs, fantasy over! lol

    1. you’re so right. I agree with Jamari with the Batman. But I tell you what I dont like…I was watching a porno the other day and the top had the longest fingernails of mankind. WTF! Shit was gross.

      1. Short and tighter.. the better! I think everyone has the Armani Exchange black trunks or at least the Calvin Klein ones. They’re the Victoria Secret lace thong equivalent.

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