Baller Wolf, Robert Smith, Has A Strong Back(Side)

don’t even get me started on baller wolf free agent,
robert smith,
arms in that picture.
those viens>>>
look at the whole package from the back
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Brandy Needs Some TLC

I love Brandy.

I have all her albums, probably watched all her movies, and a huge fan of Moesha.
She is a beast on the vocals.
But, somehow I feel she doesn’t realize that.
I can relate because I, too, suffer from “Oh I Iz The Shit?” sometimes.
Usually that happens when I am not getting my way and acting like a brat.
Sometimes we all need to wake up, put ya foot down, and say:

“Dammit you know, I’m fucking amazing.”

I feel like Brandy doesn’t do that.
She strikes me as too humble, while mixed with insecurity.
I loved-ed you B Rocka!
Brandy has a Behind The Music coming up…
But she shared some info in a recent interview that was sort of a “well, duh” for me…

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