Brandy Needs Some TLC

I love Brandy.

I have all her albums, probably watched all her movies, and a huge fan of Moesha.
She is a beast on the vocals.
But, somehow I feel she doesn’t realize that.
I can relate because I, too, suffer from “Oh I Iz The Shit?” sometimes.
Usually that happens when I am not getting my way and acting like a brat.
Sometimes we all need to wake up, put ya foot down, and say:

“Dammit you know, I’m fucking amazing.”

I feel like Brandy doesn’t do that.
She strikes me as too humble, while mixed with insecurity.
I loved-ed you B Rocka!
Brandy has a Behind The Music coming up…
But she shared some info in a recent interview that was sort of a “well, duh” for me…

As Ray J puts it, his sister Brandy was at one time, “America’s sweetheart.” The singer was just a teenager when she released her first album, Brandy, later starring as the girl-next-door on her own television sitcom, Moesha.

In a clip from VH1’s upcoming Behind the Music special, Brandy says that in public, “It was all about setting this perfect image.”

That perfect image was one that Brandy never felt she quite lived up to, a friend reveals in the Behind the Music sneak peek. Brandy’s squeaky-clean persona was threatened when the 23-year-old revealed that she was pregnant.

Along with the announcement that Brandy was having her first baby, she also introduced fans to the child’s father, Robert Smith, whom she identified as her husband. The relationship didn’t work out however, and a year after Bran gave birth to her daughter, Sy’rai, she and Robert officially announced their separation.

What fans didn’t know, and what Robert later revealed, was that he and Brandy had never been legally married. In her Behind the Music documentary, Brandy, admits, “The lie about being married was the fall of my career. Everything changed.”

Brandy, who’s been working on her upcoming album Two Eleven, also discusses the fatal car crash that brought her serious legal trouble in 2006.

Her Behind the Music episode airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. E.S.T.

I think a mixture of things caused her career to decline.

I wanted to ask you guys if you think Brandy has a chance of reclaiming her crown?

she needs to strike now while “the great one” is dealing with her young.
do not mention her name.
you know she has spies and I just added new paint to the foxhole castle.

15 thoughts on “Brandy Needs Some TLC

  1. Nah, I don’t think she has a chance to regain her crown, too much time has past, and now she’s 33, so it’s going to be hard for her to make a comeback. She makes good music though.

  2. Brandy will forever be my favorite vocalist. the things this woman can do with her voice is just out of this world. I understand what you mean Jamari, like girl you are “The Vocal Bible”. Its seems like she started to loose the confidence she started with once America turned against her for the marriage.

  3. Lets be real in todays music industry if your not Beyonce or Rihanna your not gonna really be wearing a crown you mite have a smash hit but can you keep bringing out smash hits like Beyonce and Rihanna. Brandy is a very very good singer her voice can do amazing things but she went wrong when she took a long break and had a baby and its the same story with Monica they both took long breaks and had kids. In the music industry you can’t take long breaks like that or have a baby to young cause that will destroy your career. They both should have took a page out Beyonce’s book because she waited until she was really on top of her game before she had a baby and she released new material and dropped a album and shot all the videos for that album and released a performance dvd so while she was laying in bed pregnant she was still bringing in that money. Brandy ruled the 90’s she had everything movies tv shows and a hot music career but sadly she went wrong taking a break no matter how much you have never stop working if your in the entertainment industry cause if not you will be yesterdays news

  4. I think Brandy fell into the same trap Whitney did: they both had these manufactured pop/wholesome images that they could never live up to – and it was stifling. Whitney ‘rebelled’ with Bobby Brown; Brandy got pregnant w/Syrai.

    For her to be successful now, she has to embrace her womanhood – flaws and all – like Monica. You always knew Monica (and Mary J) were the down chicks – just not hood (well, the jury is still out on Mary lol). She also has to stop worrying so much about her image & be her. She’s not that little girl in the braids sitting up in her room anymore. Re-invent herself for the (grown) woman she is now, not the little girl.

    That said, I hope she has some good producers on her album, cuz while I love Brandy & Monica, sometimes their songs choices leave me limp…like this last one.

  5. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^i was so disappointed with that song with Monica.
    The Boy Is Mine is was NOT.

    A lot of people didn’t like it. Personally, I wanted a more soulful track from them. But I understood why they didn’t and couldn’t do that. At the end of the day, while they are grown women, they have to appeal to a younger audience in order to sell. That means dumbing down the lyrics a bit and making it catchy.

  6. I love Brandy.
    I think she’s an amazing vocalist and more than that, has a great personality. That’s rare.
    I think she’s peaked as far as her career is concerned, but that’s not saying much when you realize how HIGH her peak actually was. She broke down so many barriers for musicians and black women. The only black Cinderella, millions of albums sold, hit television show. I mean, when you think about it, who (even to this day) is doing what she’s already done?

    No one.

    Brandy’s problem is really what’s made her career: the fact she’s so humble. She doesn’t buy into her own hype. She comes from a different class of RnB acts. You have to remember when she came out, Whitney was still the standard. Being able to just stand there and sing was important. These days, artists rely heavily on backtracks, choreography, and pyrotechnics.

    That said, I think she still has the ability to have a solid career. It’s just going to take time. And she has to come back hard.

  7. I never was a big Brandy fan, but one of my hard homeboys is a big ass Brandy fan and sort got me to take a second look at her. I must say that I did not realize that Brandy is a vocal beast. Im sorry Monica fans and all these others, but Brandy shits on the competition in her age group. She has a distinctive tone that sets her apart. She does not do vocal acrobatics, but she can. I hope she will showcase more of her soulful side with this new project. I wish her well, she just seems like she is a real person to me and really cares what people says and thinks of her. which may be her only shortcoming, because you just got to ignore the negativity when you are in the spotlight, because you will never be able to please everyone, I hope her new album blows up and puts her back into the superstar spotlight and I also hopes she tours. #teambrandy

  8. Omg ‘Who is she to you’ is the ANTHEM!! My all time favorite brandy song. Can she reclaim her crown? I say not yet. Why? Because R&B is still struggling to make a come back. Its getting there but Pop music is still what everyone is listening to. Ashanti recently put a song out there (which im really enjoying btw) which im sure is to test the waters but its still too early. When she does come back she’ll need a smash single on par with Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’ or Amerie’s.’ 1 Thing’ and then, unlike what Kelly did, put out another smash hit Immediately to keep her on top. It can be done but its gunna take some great producing and promotion.

      1. Nope. I have it on heavy rotation. She is talkin some REAL SHYT. Im 90% sure shes singing about Nelly and his non-committal self lol. I sing it and think about all the guys ive dated who sort of waited around for. The feelings between us may not have been that deep but the idea of me being included in an ‘us’ sure was. Her singing sounds a lot better and doesnt give ‘Auto tune.’

  9. She has definitely peaked as far as the height of her success, but theres still people who love her music so at least there’s still a market for her.

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