Quantasia Sharpton Might Be Moving To A Cave (Thanks To Usher)

does usher have a stan base?
you know,
like the hive?
the navy?
whatever britney calls hers?
well “the burners”
“confessional cartel”?
…has got quantasia sharpton scared af.
this is what she put on her facebook via baller alert
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Fear Had Me Thinking I Had HIV

tumblr_lqe2ofmXMH1qc0cxpfear can have you about to lose your mind.
so last night after scandal,
i was talking to my cousin hybrid and he asked:

“so when last you had some dick in you jf?
you still paranoid from the last time…?”

i played it off,
but im still haunted by the last time i had sex.
I’ve been wanting to blog about it for a while,
but i was so embarrassed that i just kept silent.
maybe i felt id be judged,
but i’ve shared every aspect of my life thus far.
the good,
the bad,
and the wtf so…

Why not talk about this?…

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