MEAT (129)

Foxes, let me talk to you real quick…
Do you like bigger cars?
Don’t get me wrong, I like a Maserati and drop tops like the next…
but something about a Navi or even a Range makes my entire situation moist….

That is how I like my Wolves.
Big bodied and can allow me to move around comfortably….

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“I Keep My Past In My Handy Dandy Man Bag.”

I have been hurt.
I have been done wrong.
I have been a victim.
I have been an enemy.
I have been many things on the downside of life.
But, for whatever reason, I try not¬† hold onto my past…. anymore.
I try to brush my shoulders off and keep on moving.
Even if something hurts me so bad.

When it comes to dating, I have had my share of hurts.
Hell, I am single now due to partly “giving up to focus on my career“.
It is the Wolves you want that can make you feel so ugly if you are not chosen.
Your low self esteem can beat you senseless…
But I had to wonder even after all the bullshit…

Is it wrong to still see the good in people?

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How To Have Premium Pussy (Without The Pussy)

I want a 2012 SLK55 AMG Mercedes Roadster.

I also want a Lincoln Navigator.

What do both of those vehicles have in common?
Well they are the perfect car for Baller Wolves and Foxes.
But, they also need Premium gas to keep them on the road.
They also need the right up keep in order to have them working and looking good.

As a Fox, this is how you need to be.
There is regular and PREMIUM.
You should be a Wolf’s PREMIUM; never his regular.

In this dating world, you need to have a certain swagga to separate yourself from the rest.
Sure, everyone else is fucking like jack rabbits…
but are they fucking the right Wolves… or are they just fucking to let off a nut?
And, are they ultimately going to be fucked out in a couple years?

Foxes will always be different than Wolves.
We get stuck; they do the sticking.
So that leaves you with two options.
Be alone or be a ho.
It is two simple paths in which we have to take in order to meet Wolves.
Unfortunately for a lot of us, we get so fucked that we end up FUCKED.
Nothing worse than a Wolf sticking his pipe in human Jello.

So here are a few rules to have that Premium rather than regular….

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So Mister Baller, U Can Stay The Whole Week Then?

Well looks like the worst is happening…
I know these groupies must be having a moment of prayer.
Especially the pregnant ones.

Barefoot, pregnant, and about to be working at Wendys.

Foxes this may just be good times for us…

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