nothing burns like the cold

one of the coldest places on earth.
the lowest temperature recorded was -133.6 degrees.
you couldn’t survive in that weather with 1,000 northface coats.
one of the coldest temperatures you could feel is being on the outside.
that place where you want to feel included with your peers,
but you feel like you don’t receive the same love that others get.
that place can feel colder than ice.

i was watching i was watching issa rae’s stories today…

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I Don’t Fit In (Never Have and Probably Never Will)

so yesterday when i was going home,
one of the only mailroom wolves i’m actually cool with was on the elevator.
he was headed to the train as well so we decided to walk and talk.
i was telling him about everything that has been happening lately.
i was hoping he would let me know what the deal was.
so he said…
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