“Sex with an ex can be depressing. If it’s good you can’t get it anymore. If it’s bad you just had sex with an ex.” – Samantha Jones

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Meatless In Jamari

So I’m sitting in this row boat in the middle of Lake Penis and I am not getting any bites.
Maybe I need to move to another side of the river?
Or maybe I need to stay put and wait for that Great Dark Meat swim over and take this… bait.

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Crazy Ex Boyfriend

the man of your dreams…

(I mean he is fine, loves you, and spoiled the HELL out of you +
the dick had you seeing black because your eyes were always
rolling inside your head)

that you have been dating for a while
dumps you….

You decided to become the crazy ex boyfriend from hell.

Calling and hanging up.
Spray painting cars and busting windows.
Outing his ass (I couldn’t resist…)
Rounding up your squad to go beat down any new love interests in his life.

Ima need you to SIT DOWN.
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