a foxholer and i made a pact over the blues

that is what one of my foxholers told me he nicknamed some of these wolves.
these males,
no matter the role,
be out here giving folks the blues.


you think you got a good one and you’re in for a 6 month long depression.

losing weight
hair falling out
can’t sleep
thinking about him 24/7

i’m over playing blue’s clues with these pineapples.
so my foxholer and i made a pact that i encourage the foxhole to join on.
after today,

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Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed

418123_10150596756243160_594518159_9222484_265693235_npeople think i’m stuck up.
they say i look intimidating.
i can see that.
i went to bed last night with the last entry in my mind.
the comments got to me a little.
i didn’t feel offended,
but i had to look at myself and had to ask,

“is it me?”

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