Steven Beck Wants To Watch You From Your Bedroom

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.15.53 PMwell one of my fav f-bi alerted me to some good stuff today.
the supreme attentionisto,
steven beck,
is coming out with a calendar for 2015 and well…

take it off!
take it off!kanye-clapping
this the SMARTEST thing he could have ever done.
i feel like every attentionisto should think beyond likes.
the vixens do it with no issues at all.
lets get those calendar dollars!
congrats steven…
you can arrange to have my copy signed,
and deliverT.

lowkey: now which attentionistos will get tite only their male fans buy it?

to see more: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Steven Beck Wants To Watch You From Your Bedroom”

      1. Derek is the other attentionisto you are talking about. They still posting pics for likes instead turning all this attention into a brand. If a transgendered woman (Amiyah Scott) can do it…why can’t a fine man

  1. Jamari , you should check out this guy named Marcus Randall as well , he doesn’t have a calender per say but it’s close and he’s easy on the eye as well his ig is m_iam

  2. he’s nice looking but i feel like i can see fine men all day long on IG, xtube, pornhub and everything for FREE.99 everyday lol i just don’t see me buying a calendar to see him half naked lol idk i guess i’m different he is fine though!!!! but he’s just another of the countless thirst traps that’s out there lol…#justsaying

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