Step Aside Ladies (Trans-vixens Are Breast Feeding Now)

well there is no need for vixens anymore.
the trans-vixens are breast feeding now!
that’s right.
just pop the baby out and they’ll handle the rest.
this is what “jezebel” is saying…

A 30-year-old transgender woman was able to breastfeed her baby in what is “the first formal report in the medical literature of induced lactation in a transgender woman,” according to the case report in journal Transgender Health.

“There have been self-reported cases online of transgender woman trying DIY regiments to induce breastfeeding, but this is the first case of induced functional lactation in the academic literature,” report co-author Tamar Reisman, an endocrinologist at the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine, told the Guardian.

The woman’s pregnant partner did not want to breastfeed, according to the report, so she approached doctors hoping to take on that role. She had not undergone any gender affirming surgeries, but had taken hormone therapy for six years, the Guardian reports. Doctors applied a basic framework for induced lactation, including increasing estradiol and progesterone hormones to mimic pregnancy and using a breast pump. The patient also acquired domperidone, a nausea medication that increases milk production, from Canada (the medication is not approved by the FDA in the US due to “its association with cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, and sudden death when used intravenously”).

According to the report, the woman was able to breastfeed her baby “exclusively for 6 weeks” after birth. The baby’s development remained healthy. After six weeks, the baby was introduced to formula and continued to breastfeed as a supplement through at least six months of age (when the study was accepted for publication).

Goldstein and Reisman argue that there is still much to learn about inducing lactation. “It is not clear whether all of the aforementioned components of the patient’s medication regimen were necessary to achieve lactation,” they wrote, “or whether the patient’s hormone levels (as listed in Table 1) were optimized to achieve adequate breast milk volume.”

However, as the first documented report of induced lactation, the case is a significant breakthrough in the medical community and transgender medicine. “Transgender medicine is becoming part of mainstream medicine,” Reisman said. “We’re getting more evidence-based data, we’re getting more standardized care, we’re getting more reproductive options.”

i hope this doesn’t backfire in some way.
things are getting so advanced now,
i’m waiting to hear a trans vixen having a cub.
like legit 9 months of pregnancy,
with tummy and all.
it’s gonna happen.

article: jezebel

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Step Aside Ladies (Trans-vixens Are Breast Feeding Now)”

  1. Everyone here is looking at the article from the point of the trans person being able to breast feed. And it is their right to do so.

    I am looking at it from the perspective of the child’s health. I gasped at all the hormones the parent is taking to create breast milk. Fatty tissue, like breast tissues, hold onto hormones. These hormones are passed on to the child when it’s ingested.

    No one is talking about the long term effects of the hormones onto the child. Case in point; it’s suggested that a young boy should not drink soy milk because it’s high in estrogen. Which may not be good for the boy developmentally. These doctors are not thinking of the development of the child, they are experimenting at the hand of a desperate trans woman that wants to breast feed like a cis- gendered woman. The doctors are playing God.

    No one knows the life long repercussions of this science, but it’s at the expense of the child because of their parenting.

  2. Everyone has an opinion about a topic posted on this site. WHY do people get their panties in a bunch over silly shyt?! There was nothing phobic about the posting.
    you didn’t like the opening sentence? Ever take a journalism course. Your opening line has to grab the audience. It doesn’t mean anything else.

    Any topic about trans people and/or fem guys just takes it over the top.
    If you don’t like a person’s opinion/comment posted here…here’s an idea…don’t come to the site. This shyt gets annoying. Unnecessary drama.

    1. I’ve seen people cuss him out and go off over less. I was respectful and make it clear that we’re all learning. Also clarified that I didn’t think he was transphobic and was curious about his point of view. I’ve expressed that before when he’s posted about trans issues because I like this site and want him to grow as his audience grows.

      Ever stop to think that maybe trans/fem people make up part of this audience. Telling people to leave because they express an opinion has to be great for business. People commenting let’s you know that you have interesting content, whether it’s controverisal or not.

  3. Breastfeeding is a part of parenting. It’s a way of providing nutrition for a child. Some woman can’t or choose not to. I know the posts aren’t exactly the same, I just made a connection.

    The opening statement caught me off guard because it came across like it was perpetuating the narrative that transwoman are trying to or need to replace cis-gendered woman. An advancement for one group isn’t going to take anything away from the other. That type of rhetoric fuels transphobia. Black trans women are being murdered at an alarming rate. Anytime a minority group progresses, there’s always backlash. We saw this going from Obama to Trump.

    I’ve been a reader for years so I know the tone can be tongue-in-cheek at times but that opening line struck me as odd. I don’t think Jamari is transphobic, just misinformed. His experience is not of a trans person so there’s nothing wrong with him asking questions. We’re all learning.

    1. umm…lost of people parent without breastfeeding. does the baby get fed? yes breastfeeding is not part of parenting

  4. I wasn’t offended, I was confused between the tone of the two posts which were essentially about the same thing: parenting

    I’m curious to know what questions you had because I’m not transgender and they’re are things I can learn too.

    1. Those 2 post are totally different. One has to do how parenting or poor parenting impacted him. The other has to do with science and being able to breast feed. Breast feeding is not parenting

  5. Statements like that first sentence are why some people might think you’re transphobic, even though you say you’re not. The article never suggested that transwomen are a replacement for cis-gendered women. The topic was about expanding our understanding of medicine and science to help people that want to have families. It reminds me of those clickbait titles that blogs use, particularly when it comes to gays, to encourage negative reactions.

    Didn’t you just have a post about how your parents didn’t love you and how “there are levels to producing a quality human?” Isn’t one of those levels access to nutrition? The tone between the two posts is jarring, even though they address similar issues. LGBT people go through a lot just to be able to exist, let alone raise children.

    1. ^YOU took it as me being transphobic.
      if you,
      or anyone for that matter,
      took my post offensively then that’s on you.
      “phobic” in my world means scared.
      i’m not scared of the transgender community,
      but i have questions and i’m curious about things.

  6. Well technically speaking, even natural men can produce lactate depending on the hormones and what, so it’s not unheard of…

    This foxhole can have some STRONG opinions about things like this though, me especially. Sometimes I can have no filter…

    I don’t want to be with anyone that changes their gender. I don’t believe it makes me selfish or hateful either for saying so. I still believe that you are born the gender you were meant to be.

    Most of these folks are saying the newer generation is more open but I think they are being wilfully ignorant and adding definitions to compensate for doing whatever they want to do without limitations.

    Keep in mind that the design of the natural female is unique. Humans should be very careful when they decide to go about trying to “alter” things…

    It may seem good now but when…

    I’m not going to go into that much detail about that though.

    I will say that if my daughter or son came to me and told me they were changing their gender. I would ask them why? They would probably respond because they don’t feel like their in the right body.

    Afterwards I would ask them, When you went through puberty, did your body change to sync with a male or a female?

    I’d await their answer which would be silence followed by the obvious and then but I don’t feel…

    I would then stop them mid sentence and say you may not feel that you are in the right body but your body feels it’s right for you but if you want to change that. I’ll still accept and love you regardless.

    I’m the type that doesn’t ‘agree” with a lot of stuff people do these days but that doesn’t stop me from being accepting folks…. eventually.

    At the end of the day, we all need it is what it is.

    1. Actually I see your point and agree with the last sentiment. Just because I don’t agree with a choice doesn’t mean that I can’t accept someone who has made it. Might be a little awkward or uncomfortable for me to wrap my head around the idea, but with enough time I can adapt. I actually think a lot of people are, but they are either taught that they have to be for or against something, or people say that if you aren’t 100% in support and agreement for it then you are against it.

      1. I think the worst thing a human can do is make another human feel less than a human.

        If you were to ask me my opinion about transexuals years ago, I’d be freaked out, granted I have always had a shred of acceptance but as I’ve gotten older, I believe my understanding has gotten a bit better and in turn my heart is a bit more open to kinda just ignoring their gender and seeing them as a regular human.

        I’m not open to dating one but in my case, I’m also picky with men in general. I just prefer “natural men” if I can say that.

        I know everyone isn’t like me and some folks adore them as far as relationships go.

      2. You make a good point about your view changing. I feel as if folks don’t like to acknowledge that people can grow and their opinions can change. We’re so quick to bring up what someone says they felt about a particular thing years ago and let that negate what they say they feel now. As if you have to hold on tightly to any first opinions that you had once you popped out of the womb.

        I’m pretty much the same way. A few years ago I was very resistant to the idea of transexuals. Even now I’m like “Oh, ok” but then I move past it cause it’s your life and it ain’t hurting me or mine. You do you if that makes you happy.

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