So You Want To Go Protesting Trump, Eh?

trump-sign-dump-the-trumpso everyone has been protesting trump since he was elected.
this is like day 4.
i’m sure there is a crowd in union square right now.
so the only thing we know will get our voices heard is:


…and i was all for it,
until i spoke to a few animals i know.
i got an email about it from a f-bi about marching.
it isn’t until i sat and really thought about it.


this is why…

let “them” fight this battle.
even though this is our problem now,
we didn’t put him in the white house.
as soon as we get involved,
we will be the “face” of this whole movement.
when we have our issues,
you barely see any of the whites come out for us.
don’t get me wrong,
a majority do support us.
that would be wrong to say otherwise.
the rest suddenly act confused,
but their own voted his ass into the white house.
so suddenly we all need to come together with them?
don’t even get me started with gay issues.

i think not

he is in the white house.
he has already assembled a ton of racists within his cabinet.
what’s done is done.
this is happening unless otherwise.
we got four years to get it right.
this should be a wake up call for us.
the ones who didn’t vote needed this fire up under their ass.
this asshole won by a landslide.

i am for going out and marching,
but this won’t end well for “us”.
you know this.
i know this.
we will get blamed and thrown under the bus.
let them go out and fight this battle.

if my opinion is wrong,
please font to me.

i just feel like we are always available,
but when it comes to “us”,
we don’t get the same treatment.
it’s about time we started looking after ourselves.
we share our toys too much only to be dis-invited in the playground.

landscape-1457632277-giphynah homie

so again,
this is not our problem.
this is their problem.
we voted against his ass.
all the red states who were “for” him were the lovely rednecks and racists.
i’m sure some new blacks were in that equation,
but they can get this work too.

i won’t be marching or protesting.
if you do,
it’s on you,
but i had to wonder…

Will this hoo rah rah really get this jackal out the White House?

i’m sure you already know the answer.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “So You Want To Go Protesting Trump, Eh?”

  1. I don’t watch mainstrean news outlets and turn to youtube for content about whats going on. Phil from the Advise Show on Youtube said the same thing on his channel. I’m good on protesting. There’s gotta be a next step.

    1. ^we end up looking like the enemy in the end.
      he is waiting to prove himself and his gang of flunkies right.
      we need to handle this with brain power and wits.

  2. I definitely feel you on how it can appear it’s a “we vs them” type atmosphere this past week, but I think I’m gonna have to disagree. First of all (if the #s are still correct) nearly half of the electorate didn’t even show up to vote; not even down ballot where we (progressives) really need the vote…and I’m pretty sure the majority of those votes would NOT have gone to [him].

    Secondly, Hillary is still gaining in her popular vote, nearly 2 million and counting. Our antiquated elec college needs overhauling (I wouldn’t say abolishing it – not yet), b/c the way is set to now can give the passive assumption that nearly half the country are racist/mysogynist/etc, ad naseum hypocritical POS….but I don’t think that’s the case if you fumble thru the #s..

    Until we (liberals/progressives) get over the current finger pointing, we’re not gonna survive this shit, and I’d rather be on the offensive than sit back with the attitude of “well, I’ma jus see what he gonna do”…hunh?

    Also, until we can recruit more aggressive and talented people at the more local level and infiltrate the states’ dept so we can change these fuckin horrible and one type of voter suppression aka as gerrymandering…gettin rid of these ridiculous district boundaries should be paramount.

    WITH ALL THAT SAID………Hell yeah it’s time for us to get serious esp bout “our”finances and not expect them to do what we can do for ourselves…this could all be a blessing in disguise cause it can force us to face the realities, get more involved in a more civic nature, and damnt perhaps most of all teach our kids some since and less with all the foolishness and distractions that don’t amt to much when all’s said n done….read sumn. ..

    But that is all lol

  3. Oh wait, one last thing. ..pleeeeeease let us not think last week’s decision only affects us here in these United ‘Shakes’…oh no no no, this shit has caused a rumble throughout the world. They think we’re CRAZY. They think we’re UNSTABLE….I mean, many of you might say, the fuck what other countries think about how we handle our bidness, but um, I do…I don’t eva want them, esp our strategic allies, to think that w we’ve all jus given into this utter and complete nonsense, nuh uh…..I want them to see on CNN International, BBC, AL Jazeeea, state controlled media that Americans ain’t havin it, ain’t wit it, and we all aren’t insane….ok, sorry, I’m done lol

  4. This is a little off topic but I just read that according to NY Times our idiot elect, oops I mean president elect ,wants to live part time in NYC AFTER he takes office.This idiot wants to live in Washington D.C. during the week and NYC on the weekends so he can sleep at Trump Towers.😒He wants his 10 year son to stay in school in NYC.Another indication that he didn’t think he would win and didn’t want to be president.What the hell did he think he was running for if he didn’t want to move to DC full time for four years?

    1. Lol, such a joke…he ain’t the fuckin SOTH Ryan who goes home on the weekends, he’s the fuckin president lol. ..infreakincredible…he’s not gonna care about the ridiculous congestion it’s gonna cause every weekend, limited access to tourist haven, draining the city of funds to protect his sorry ass…and if the city does get some type of federal reimbursement, that means we the people are paying for his weekend get away that he’s more accustomed to? Fuck that, that Barron boy can go to Sidwell Friends like all the others have, are u kiddin me. ..he wants to sit at the top of a tower and look high over his kingdom, cause I guess the District’s bldg height limits bother him. ..hell prolly try and push legis to change that and build DCs first skyscraper. ..ugh, I can’t.

    2. I also read that article. I don’t think he was gonna win either. He winged his whole campaign, he gonna wing the presidency.

  5. He hasn’t assembled his cabinet yet. It’s amazing how people are clamoring for the pop vote to be the way to go, when Hillary had more votes than Obama in 2008. Also, if things were left to a pop vote, blacks would have zero rights. The system was set up this way for a reason. I’m like Dave Chappelle. I’m gong to give the man a chance.

  6. We really have two years. We will vote again for congress. You have both houses controlled by Republicans. That is dangerous. Democrats have to get control of the House or Senate or it will be four years of hell. Don’t sleep for four years. Two years and we can change the landscape again.

  7. Tell me how people are protesting over here in my city LMAO! Idk what they think they’re going to accomplish from way over here but uhm yeah…

    It’s funny how the sentiment is spreading, this girl at my job was telling me how she wasn’t sleeping well after the vote, and we’re in Canada. We feel it here too, obv not in the same magnitude, but we’re affected. Your “president-elect” has “policy ideas” that potentially affect our country so yeah *sigh*. idk. I’m already exhausted about this lol

  8. I’m old enough to have seen these cycles before — we will make it through this.

    Carter was the failed Obama of the 1970s. The GOP backlash was Reagan and the Bush years. We lived through 12 years of that. But we survived.

    Then came Clinton and the next Republican backlash under Bush II. And we survived that but barely — they drove us into the great recession.

    Now we are living through the Obama backlash years. We will survive this too. If Trump thinks he is going to take away folks health care and same sex marriage rights (which is ironic considering he lied and cheated his way through three marriages) he has another thing coming.

    Folks ain’t going to stand for it.

    This will be an interesting four years. But God is taking us through this because we need to root out racism, misogyny and homophobia if we are to progress as a species. Trump has brought the demon out into the open. Now we have to work together and exercise it.

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