So They Smashin’ Bunnies In Parking Lots Now…?

With all that black dick in her while everyone was walking past.
Then they were still getting their fuck on even with the camera in their face.
Really tho?
Is this how we do it?


And could she have fucked a better looking Wolf?
He looks like he works at the Mickey Ds on i-95 South.
Every broke nigga wears those shirts.
And how long was that nigga’s boxers?????
I can’t…

Let’s hope she was drunk or high on meth because I might excuse this.

*looks again*



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “So They Smashin’ Bunnies In Parking Lots Now…?”

  1. Lol I was thinking the same thing. He looks like someone’s broke ass uncle. Not to mention they’re fucking raw.

    Leave it to a sista to call that ass out though. LMAO!

  2. Was that her friend who just walked away on her like that? There is no way i would let my drunk/high friend be taken advantage of like that. Well, i wouldn’t hang with someone who would do that anyway. That’s insanity. But sweet heart, don’t even bother getting all embarrassed with your skirt up when the crowd gathers though. Might as well have gotten it over with.

    The guy had a big penis though. We can act like he didn’t. But he did.

    1. I don’t really see her as the victim here. She could pulled her skirt down and walked away anytime. Even being drunk or high is no excuse and that’s if she was.

      Yea dude had a big dick, but if I’m fucking someone in a crowded parking for everyone to see they are going to be fine as shit. I guess we all can’t have standards. lol

      1. It’s not that she’s a victim but more so, if she’s my friend and we came together, i wouldn’t allow my friend to put herself in that sort of situation. Maybe i care too much but thats embarrassing and i can’t stand around and watch it and not do anything. But at the same time she may just be the type to do something like that and i probably wouldn’t go to public places with her anyway.

        I find this interesting when it comes to guy. If he was cuter (cuz he isn’t that bad looking honestly), would everyone’s impression or perspective of the video change?

  3. NO, not mine at all. It’s embarrassing and reinforces the stereotype that black men are hyper-sexual animals that take advantage of white women. I might not see her as a victim, but others could. I would feel the same if the dude was fine, if it were two dudes, if it were two white women and one blk dude, or if it was a black woman.

    Hoodrat behavior gets no respect where I come from.

  4. You know what’s sad about this?
    They’re probably proud about it. Both of them. They’re probably the ones getting it recorded and sending it around. You can tell a lot about someone based on their priorities, goals, and stuff on their to-do list 😉

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