so i watched the 2021 bet award and i have some thoughts…

i haven’t live tweeted about an award show in such a long time.
i got rid of cable a long time ago since they introduced packages for everything now.
i’m not paying for packages and cable.
my home wolf let borrow his cable password so i could watch the bet awards last night.
what an experience that was so i had to share some thoughts i had…

taraji p henson,
hosted but i felt she was kinda dry.
some of the jokes didn’t hit the way she thought.
she looked beautiful tho.

kirk franklin was acting off and weirdly nervous.

lil baby was such a boring opener.
kirk franklin couldn’t even save it either.


zendaya was there one minute and left.
she was me at an event with a mask on.
i love how she recreated beyonce’s bet 2003 performance outfit.


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migos gets the party turnt,
their records are always dope,
but they are soooooo un-motivated on stage.
cardi b in all her pregnant glory gets on a stage and performs her ass off.
regardless of what you think,
she is an good performer.

i thought it was public knowledge that cardi b was pregnant tho?
i was already told about it,
but i have to remember i get drops first in my line of business.

no cap,
but the public is fake af.
we was just dragging her for taking back offset,
but now we’re celebrating them bringing another human into their toxic relationship.
this is why i’m staying out of folks relationship issues.
it never ends the way we think it will.

chloe bailey,
aside from the raging hormones,
seems like a really sweet vixen.
she is a cancer so you know how we do.
we get dragged but we got good hearts.

her is amazing.

remember when she use to hide her face?
i guess we both decided to be more visible.

why was that da baby performance so damn short?
it was as short as he is.

megan always does good but she came off bored in her performance.
i still fucked with it,
but it was pretty neutral.


tyler the creator has the best rap album of the year.
i am a full fledged stan.

i said what i said.

jazmine sullivan and ari lennox are magic.

roddy rich was so fuckin’ boring.
no amount of lights or angelic stage theme could save it.

lil nas x….

i feel like he needs his own entry.
it’s coming after this.

i need the city girls to just perform about stealing people menz and being rich.


that performance looked like a high school performance.
they are not dancers or twerkers,
at all.
they need to serve into their performing lane and stay there.

am i the only who likes this song from silk sonic?
i thought their performance was really good too.
bruno and anderson paak are a great mix.

but the talk of the night was…

da fucccccccckkkkkkkk.
who dat?

can we talk about method man and the fineness that is he?

those fuckin’ biceps of his.
he is aging so good.
i think the key is to age gracefully and not try to look young.

he is definitely a zaddy.

i loved the tribute to queen latifah.
she deserves the whole flower shop and more.


damn near cried and i loved she shouted out her partner and kid.
happy pride“.
she is the perfect example of living discreetly.
i was happy to see rapsody get the shine she deserves.
mc lyte looked fuckin amazing,
but lil kim’s face tho…


dj khaled and friends was a snoozer.
i feel like a majority of rappers don’t know how to perform these days.
they are legit studio artists.

rip in power to dmx and all those we lost in black entertainment last year.

after watching the bet awards,
im so glad i was able to witness when beyonce used to dominate that shit.

these artists today are so lazy and no one drags them for it.
they put out these great songs,
but who is paying for these tours?
creativity died and no one is inspiring it back to life.

it was an average show.
catch the clips on youtube and say you were there.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “so i watched the 2021 bet award and i have some thoughts…”

  1. I watched Lil Nas X’s performance and it was good with the MJ nod. What I did not like was him kissing his backup dancer. Adam Lambert tried this crap and almost got cancelled. His SNL performance was much better. Someone from his team needs to have a talk with him about professionalism. It seemed like the performers and dancers were phoning it in. The COVID protocols may have gotten in the way of how the show was produced. But, this is my opinion.

    1. So should the female rappers getting up there spreading their legs all across the floor and twerking, and rapping about their pussy, get a talking to about professionalism?
      What about when Jamie kissed Fantasia? Was that unprofessional?
      How about when the male rappers get up there and rap about drugs, killing, and fucking random women? They should get a talking to too huh?
      The internalized homophobia is SAD

        1. So the same thing straight performers have been doing for years is unprofessional?

          You need to learn to love yourself my guy!

  2. I guess I’m the only person who thought NasX was awkward and stiff as hell. He is NOT a good performer. Latifah and MJ gave me the LGBTQ+ representation I needed last night…loved the girls except Megan (staleAF).

    1. I don’t like Lil Nas and the way he carries himself. He’s not graceful at all. I really wanted a black gay male artist in the music industry people could look at and take them seriously.

      Lil Nas X is not giving. I can’t support him.

      1. I agree with both comments but tread lightly with Megan, that’s my bitch! Lil Nas X is the luckiest Faggot in America because he simply sucks yet he is riding high on a shooting star smh.

        I wish we had better representation as black gay males so we didn’t have to settle for the Tyler Perry of music.

        1. Megan has cute bops, I actually buy her cuts. But her stage performance is like day old bread. If Doja can have shitty songs but run performance circles around her contemporaries, I’m just disappointed that Megan can’t get a more creative team behind her (and with Roc Nation muscle, too).

      2. The internalized homophobia is REAL! Y’all hate the fact you’re not winning and he is!!
        Grammy winner, multiple #1’s someone is taking him seriously

  3. Method Man…has always been Daddy imho. At least to me. Always had love for him. I won’t lie, but Da Baby does things to me too I’m sorry 😂😂😂😂 I think it’s mostly the energy, but he can most definitely get it. I honestly feel bad for Lil Kim. She legit ruined tf out of her face smfh hate to see it.

  4. In 2 years we’ll be hearing Lil Nas X talk about how the industry ‘machine’ forced him into being a gay caricature and how he’s actually a ‘true artist’ who just wants to create. Billy Porter Jr. Are gays only capable of wearing costumes, instead of actually looking nice, on red carpets??

    1. I find myself at times forcing myself to defend Lil Nas mostly because I feel that the pick-me-ism comes out everytime a black gay man gets backlash.

      But you worded how I feel about him perfectly. I’m all about making a statement, but be careful not to dehumanizing yourself.

    2. I agree
      He not the first flamboyant artist lol people forget makeup and hair and garments have been around since little Richard and before

      It’s not necessary to politicize everything just do the art let it resonate and keep going.

      His entire being is gimmicky

    3. Exactly. It’s just ALL gimmick everytime we see him. No one will take him seriously in 3, 2…

  5. I enjoyed Lil Nas X performance not only for the homage to “Remember the Time” but also the Kiss.To my knowledge that was the first kiss between 2 black men on the BET Awards and I hope it’s not the last.We have seen hundreds of images of black straight couples bumping and grinding,kissing on stage and in the audience,etc.

    I want to see more images of black gay men showing PDA, to the point it no longers makes the news.I hope he keeps pushing the envelope.
    Do I think he is a great performer ? No
    Nor I don’t think most of these young rappers are great performers.
    I love that his performances give people something to talk about.BTW Billboard Magazine rated his performance #1😃.

  6. Last night the biggest takeaway was Queen Latifah finally coming out publicly. I loved her entire aura, speech and outfit. It was nice to see her father because we’ve only ever seen her mother who was her everything. Her career speaks for itself, the female Will Smith. They’ve taken hip hop to the elite level and made it legitimate in many people’s eyes. Much love and respect to the Queen!

    I love Lil Kim’s energy when she performs, MC Lyte is forever that bitch she looks amazing with a voice of gold and I hope Rapsody get her some hits because she is next in line to the throne.

    Jazmine is a future legend. Her voice is everything missing in music. Ari held her own and I can’t wait to see how she develops. HER is a much better musician than she is singer and she is a much better songwriter than she is a performer. I hate to say she should go back behind the scenes because she’s gorgeous, smart and seems like a genuinely nice girl smh.

    Everything else was a bore and Silk Sonic, stop trolling the people and give us this muhfuckin album. Dismissed.

    1. I just watched the show “The Talk” and instead of discussing Latifah mentioning her life partner,Eboni and their son Rebel.They only showed the part of the speech where she talked about her business partner and discussed their relationship/friendship.I think there are many people in the media that are waiting for her to say “I’m a member of LGBTQ” IDK?

  7. I just don’t see it with Method Man… I mean let me no lie, even if he was a nobody and he hollered at me he could get some but I am not THAT turned on by him. The City Girls giving straight high-school cheerleader tryouts, only they are the girls that didn’t make the cut. I live for Queen Latifah, it was moving but it wasn’t doing the most and it struck a cord with me. That guy you should was fine as hell… Tell us if you find out who he is.

  8. I see the “I’m not part of the gay scene. Pride isn’t for me” commenters have come out of lurking. I haven’t seen most of these commenters post before.

    I suppose if Lil Nas X reminded you of DL trade and used ambiguous pronouns, he would be easier to support.

    The unfair pressure and critiquing we put on our own is ridiculous. Lil Nas X wasn’t a child star. He didn’t recieve choreographed training during summers. To not have that, I consider him one of the best performers of the modern area. He has fun and isn’t at all stiff to me. He, Megan and Doja always give excellent performances.

    I want him to do that pole dancing for one of these performances and we’ll see who is ‘stiff’.

  9. It’s crazy how these comments are really coming at Meg’s performance but no one has said anything about the other rappers who just stood there and “performed” and barely walked across the stage! Smh

  10. I rarely watch the BET Awards, but I tuned in to this year’s show. The red carpet pre-show looks were horrendous. Everybody’s fits were off. I liked Megan’s performance. I really enjoyed HER and Jazmine Sullivan’s performances. City Girls need some work with their choreography. Lil Nas X was nervous and you could tell. The kiss at the end was underwhelming b/c i knew he was going to do something wild, i thought he’d go farther than just a kiss. The DMX tribute was outstanding!

    side note: i really like your blog and I have been reading some of your posts. You’ll probably see my pop up in the comments and likes.

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