is lil nas x starting to do too much? or ya’ll still on the hype train of “making the straights mad”?

there are some artists who will have always people talking.
no matter what they do,
it will be a subject of conversation.
i’d like to think lnx aka lil nas x is one of those people.
he left “old town county road” and made his new residence at “the gates of damnation“.
as someone who loves to make people lose their shit,
it warms my heart to see the straights and church folks go into cardiac arrest.
last night,
he continued his death streak with his performance at the bet awards.
he performed his song,
call me by your name“:

…and at the end,
sealed it with a kiss.

 it was very entertaining to watch,
but i had to wonder

Is he being controversial just to be controversial?

when i think about controversial artists like michael,
and even madonna,
they have always been controversial with a message behind it.
what is the message lnx trying to convey?

he didn’t have to kiss the dude at the end,
but unfortunately,
i don’t think the performance would have been a hit if he didn’t.
aside from the “remember the times” cosplay,
it was kinda boring and he was stiff when he was doing the choreography.

lnx has to be careful with being too controversial too.
that comes with an expiration date.
it was all good when lady gaga and nicki were doing it until they couldn’t provide anymore hits.
madonna has damn near wore out her welcome because she can’t stop doing it.
artists have to always remember:

The public is fake af

the will applaud for you when you make the world stop,
but as soon as you start doing too much and can’t produce a hit anymore,
they will turn on you.

How many artists have we turned on after many of us been like “YASS QUEEN YASS”?

i saw this video from “hollywood unlocked” and found myself agreeing with some points:

i like lnx and will always defend him against the contradictions of the wild & rabid straights.
would have this been an issue if two sexy vixens kissed each other on stage?
probably not and that is the shit i be talking about when the straights start whining.
he’s gay and we need to stick together against those who try to destroy us.
i love he doesn’t back down either:

just because i like you that doesn’t mean i have to agree with all that you do tho.
i don’t want him to become someone that ruins himself at the expense of controversy.
we shall see how this all plays out in a few years.

lowkey: all of this could change tho.
look at tyler the creator.
he started off being supremely controversial and has evolved into greatness.
he use to piss people tf off and he’s out here winning grammys ‘n’ shit.

66 thoughts on “is lil nas x starting to do too much? or ya’ll still on the hype train of “making the straights mad”?

  1. It’s crazy how people are upset with Lil Nas X for kissing a man on stage when in the past women kissed one another on stage after a performance. For example Madonna kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Where was the disgust and uproar then? Homophobia is too real and it’s sickening.

  2. Wait… didn’t Madonna kiss Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on LIVE Tv too? It was an Awards show too? That’s what I thought. Somebody said he is not talented, did you write a song that beat Mariah Carey as the record breaking number one hit? I don’t like his songs but that doesn’t mean he is not talented. That call me by your name is definitely a gay song. How many times have we done this sexually? Its a lot of artists who are very talented but the fact these men like dick and ass, people don’t want to give them opportunities to grow. Avery Wilson, is an extremely talented singer. Got Brandy approval, he even got approval doing tributes for BET. Where are the record labels trying to sign him? Why do gay men have to change who they are to make it when they clearly have the talent? We can agree to dislike their songs because that’s not what we feel we like. Don’t take their talent away from them tho. Hell Ka$h Dinero sounds like another John Legend but he will never get a record label after all the porn he did. He sang one of Xscape’s song in front of them and hit notes, they didn’t. That’s talent. But to force somebody to change their opinion, would do the same thing. We like what we like, and that is what makes us different but personally I would never discredit their talent. Its clear over a million people feel LNX is talented too.

  3. So odd that several on here are criticizing so hard for doing what so many of these shitty artists are doing have been doing. As if gimmicks, costumes and the like are anything new in the music industry. So odd!

    I’ve been around enough “geyz” to know many of them are bitter, jealous and spiteful. That’s why it’s easy to see through some of these “critiques”. The self-loathing that informs some of these comments is truly pathetic lol.

    Another thing: Black people upset about a damn gay kiss but not upset that BET decided to award a Best Group “award” to the blackfishing wedding singer and the colorist mixed dude for their shitty faux soul singer routine? Why are black people so collectively weak in their principles?

  4. I don’t get the controversy. Madonna kissed Britney and Christina on stage 20 years ago. It actually looked just like what LNX just did, only missing Missy Elliott coming out to spit some bars. Note that Madonna didn’t kiss Missy on stage. In fact I’m sure Janet’s superbowl mess was a reaction to all the press Madonna got from the “gay” kisses. At the end of the day the world spins on until the next stunt.

  5. I love what lnx is doing. He is showing the world that being gay is sexual. So many people are like ” I support gay rights” but see us as asexual. We are sexual beings just like everyone else. We are going to sing about sex just like everyone else, and we will wear our sexuality just like everyone else. The days of “being gay without sexuality” are done. Lil Nas x is a trailblazer and in the decades to come he will be seen as influential as an Elvis or Madonna.

    1. But I think they know it’s overtly sexual that’s sort of the problem

      Ppl wrongly associate sexually transmitted disease with gayness

      Pride is seen as a leather bdsm free for all

      1. I disagree. There are those that are homophobic and see us as sexual perversions, but there are people who support us as long as we are asexual. As long as we are respectable, sassy, fashionable and sexless (think of every gay character on tv) Lil Nas is making homophobic people uncomfortable and he is making those that support us face the fact that sex of a part of being gay.
        Especially in the black christian community, there is an idea that you can be gay as long as you don’t act on it, lol Nas is saying the sexuality is apart of being gay.
        Sex is a part of being human and it’s not something to be afraid of or ashamed of. If it makes you uncomfortable then that’s something YOU have to figure out.

  6. I applaud him %1000 percent. He is expressing himself as every artist who performed on that show did. I don’t her any noise about these women twerking and bending over, over and over and over and over, all damn night. Do you lil Nas X, don’t let anyone put you in a box.

  7. Miss me w the ‘internalized homophobia’ bs. He is all gimmick. Like, does the negro really like what he’s wearing on the red carpet, or is it because, gay? First it was him wearing chaps everywhere, now it’s purposefully done dresses. All for attention. No one, NO ONE, including him, thought his outfit was nice. It’s not the fukn Met Gala!

    Most gay men get up and go to jobs they hate every day, fret over bills, and pay taxes once a year, just like straight ppl. We don’t have to do things ‘because…gay’. Please stop trying to equate being gay to being feminine or over the top. Gay isn’t a monolith where ‘living in your truth’ means being into ‘drag race’ and calling everyone ‘girl’. It’s fine if you love those things, but please allow gay men ti exist outside of a box.

  8. I peep what he does and it’s annoying really. But it ain’t got shit to do with him being gay…

  9. I’m curious to the rap fans who don’t like Lil Nas X, which gay male rappers do you like? Also do you think the BET Awards having an out black gay male perform may open the door for other gay rappers in the future?
    I’m asking because I am not a big fan of rap music.

    I like Nas X more so for his personality and I’m rooting for him possibly he’s young (just turned 22) But also because I think him breaking barriers may pave the way for other black gay artists.

    I recently listened to a podcast with a successful black gay director I follow on IG. He said he “hate watches” some black shows that aren’t very good because supporting black shows/films prompts studios to green light more black shows/films.

    I’m hopeful that Lil Nas X success encourages music studios to give more out black gay rappers/artists a chance because representation matters.

    1. I’m curious to the rap fans who don’t like Lil Nas X, which gay male rappers do you like?

      Check out Don Dada by Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains. I’m choosing him because his gender expression is just as fem as LNX rather than the more masculine gay/bi rappers.

      1. @Jumanji: been on Cakes da Killa for a minute! And Chika. And Dua Saleh. EarthTone. Last Offense. Brynt. There are a few talented openly gay artists out there…

  10. Honestly I’m a lil disappointed by Jamari and some of these commenters. I expect the foxhole to be more on it than this.

    It’s internalized homophobia because the criticism isn’t focused on his talent. Y’all think he did too much. I think his song is terrible but I still respect what he’s doing for black LGBT people.

    Growing up we all dealt with peers or family getting on us for being too gay. Which is pretty much what y’all are doing. LNX is taking a stand against that through exposure. You would NEVER see two men kiss on BET before this, and it’s a shame. You don’t become comfortable with something until it’s exposed to you.

    I’ve never liked Queen Latifah as a person. Same with Missy Elliot and a few others. They’re very talented. But we all knew about them, yet they denied it publicly regardless of the impact it would’ve had for struggling black LGBT youth. They encouraged us to be shameful and to hide our true identity.

    Shit like this is why our suicide rates are high.

  11. Honestly I’m a lil disappointed by Jamari and some of these commenters. I expect the foxhole to be more on it than this.

    It’s internalized homophobia because the criticism isn’t focused on his talent. Y’all think he did too much. I think his song is terrible but I still respect what he’s doing for black LGBT people.

    Growing up we all dealt with peers or family getting on us for being too gay. Which is pretty much what y’all are doing. LNX is taking a stand against that through exposure. You would NEVER see two men kiss on BET before this, and it’s a shame. You don’t become comfortable with something until it’s exposed to you.

    I’ve never liked Queen Latifah as a person. Same with Missy Elliot and a few others. They’re very talented. But we all knew about them, yet they denied it publicly regardless of the impact it would’ve had for struggling black LGBT youth. They encouraged us to be shameful and to hide our true identity.

    Shit like this is why our suicide rates are high.

  12. People reducing this to internalized homophobia are simple minded to say the least. He’s not above critique just like when y’all gay, misogynist behinds judge female artists and pit them against each other.

    The boy has zero discernible talent! He’s obviously just a industry plant that will be used up and discarded once the general public loses interest.

    Sam Smith has actual talent. Hell, even Frank Ocean can sing and write songs.

    Mark my words, all this faux support will shift when he inevitably reveals a non black partner😂😂😂

    1. thank u!! The same ones throwing shade on Nicki are upset bc we Arent up nas ass

      The same ones that perpetually pinned Rihanna and Ciara against one another want “gays to support other gays”

  13. Good for him. And for us. We are taught to hate ourselves. We can’t even show our own sons affection. Let that young man have his money, body and lips. Haters. Ashy haters at that.

  14. I’m here for LNX. I really don’t get the hate that he’s getting for that performance. For years gay men has asked to be included, seen and heard. As soon as a young black gay man gets on stage and is unapologetic then it’s a problem. It takes courage for a gay black man to get on a stage let alone the BET awards stage with an audience full of hyper masculine rappers. A lot of y’all are sounding like those homophobic guys on Twitter.

  15. What I’m getting from these comments is the same energy I got from some dudes I served with in the military, they were the ‘I’m black, but I’m not that type of black’ type and I’m seeing a lot of y’all say… I’m gay but I’m not that type of gay…. Y’all claim he’s doing too much but before him who did we have? Little Richard who everyone knew was gay but it wasn’t acceptable to talk about. What about Frank Ocean? Who I haven’t heard from in YEARS! What about Luther who y’all did the is he or isn’t he for decades? Y’all rather be accepted by the straight instead of being yourselves and it’s honestly quite sad…..

  16. I think the larger issue is that teams and whatever management continuous fine it okay to exploit homosexuality as shock value way to increase an artists presence/popularity and subsequently spins. We saw that with Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, even Nicki Minaj’s teams in interviews said they changed her stage name for that purpose of exploiting sexuality and giving that idea of bisexuality. They know an openly gay black rapper is not the normal in our culture so they will exploit that to the death rather than getting him better writers and coaches for stage presence. Frank Ocean and Tyler The Creator (bisexual) said it once and kept it moving but they had the talent to back that up…

    LNX has been slipping down the charts of the premiere of every song after Old Town Road, sure they’ve gone “platinum” but his charting has dropped with each song. Old Town Road was a sleeper hit that no one expected. Personally, I don’t think he wanted to go down that cowboy gimmick but it worked and he’s was stuck in this persona until Montero. Every increase he has in this songs popularity has been around a marketing gimmick, i.e. lap dancing the devil and the shoes around the premiere which we know would get the church in an uproar, SNL performance grabbing a mans ass, and now kissing a man publicly on BET.

    We already have a larger issue in the black community with putting gay men into the femme only box and this isn’t really helping anything

    1. ^110%

      dope comment s.
      def brings a lot to the conversation.
      this discussion reminds me of when britney spears use to be half naked and her age was being brought up.

      1. Look at Chika. She’s a out and proud lesbian and an actual lyricist but do you see any LGBT huge support for her? No, she doesn’t fit the same ideal body type or skin color to fit the lesbian sexualization narrative that is pushed for gay women. People scream for “straight allies” like Madonna who use ballroom for her own gain or Lady Gaga who support is very vocal but has a gain from it, than pushing their own artists who live and breathe that lifestyle.

        There are male gay artists that don’t exploit themselves who don’t get the shine or attention because its not as loud and thats a problem. Kevin Abstract(Brockhampton, Steve Lacy (which has his own internalized colorist issues but it is what it is), Skype Williams, ILoveMakonnen (who more than likely probably got blackballed from that in 2014/2015) just for a few that get little to no support because they’re indie and non popular.

        Imagine if an entire group pushed actual gay artists and not straight “allies” (which I hate because they profit off of it and don’t live that lifestyle) what type of representation you’d have.

        1. You’ve got a point about Chika! I didn’t even know she was a lesbian. Makes the gay men attacking her on Twitter behind Nicki Minaj all the more disgusting.

          They lowkey would not be into LNX either without his status.

          That’s a lot of the reason black gays hate Todrick so much (although he is insufferable). He doesn’t really solicit or rely their support.

          1. I would rather and I do support Todrick Hall who can sing, dance and act over Lil Nasty. I’m here for the talent not the bullshit.

        2. ^i just heard a song with chika a few weeks ago and i’m into her music heavy.
          i shoulda knew she was talking about another woman in the song lol

    2. I-I-I-Is this an opinion that’s less than outright laudatory praise for LNX…??? Well, you know what that means: you’re simply a jealous hater with “iNtErNaLiZeD hOmOpHoBiA.” /s

  17. I’ve noticed that people who are unapologetically black,unapologetically gay,etc.are often accused of “doing too much”.I say keeping living out loud and keep giving them something to talk about.BTW most of that the criticism I read on blogs was about the gay kiss,most of the comments didn’t even mention his rapping or dancing.They were upset that he had the audacity to kiss another man on the BET Awards, as if that is a crime.

    I hope he keeps being bold and pushing the envelope on stage and on the red carpet.

    1. ^i think black people in general are tougher on our own.

      it’s like beyonce.
      she will be quiet for a year and come out with an album.
      the moment she is on too much tv:


      i think that’s done with every single artist or even regular people.

    2. @Y Collette

      Black people are the most opinionated, but when the magnifying glass is turned on them, they get quiet.

      Black people: I just want someone to put effort into approaching me
      Also Black people: Somebody approached me today. He was cute and respectful but he was doing too much. Who approaches people? He was cute though
      Also Black people: Wow, nobody approaches me
      Still Black people: All of this goodness is wasting away
      Meanwhile Black people: Somebody approached and they asked for my #. He was cute but that’s doing too much
      Black people: I would never approach anyone, but I want someone to approach me so I can deny them 3 times and if they keep it up maybe the 4th time I’ll accept, but this totally isn’t me doing too much

      So none of these opinions are surprising.

      Lil Nas X will have to “work” for people to respect his work ethic and talent.

      I can’t wait for the “Even though this is Lil Nas X, it lowkey go hard”.

      We can never just say something’s dope. We have to be shady and petty because we can’t see the hard work they put in, so we assume they “just got lucky” as if one hit wonders aren’t a thing.

  18. alright foxhole,
    lets not get into the everyone gay HAS to rally behind lil nas x.
    he doesn’t represent every gay male.
    we come in many different flavors and some may just not fuck with him.

    i like his tenacity and fearlessness,
    but some of his music can be very eh.

    1. lets not get into the everyone gay HAS to rally behind lil nas x.

      If not, they can sit there and eat their food. The “I don’t have to support just because I’m Black”, where is that energy for all of the coons we let speak for the Black community?

      You don’t get cool points for his music not being your taste. Saying he’s doing too much because it’s not what you would do..that’s too much. Imagine a hip hop fan saying an opera singer is “doing too much’.

      If being himself is “making the straights mad”, then perhaps people need to realize being yourself isn’t to make others comfortable. It’s because YOU were uncomfortable holding yourself back.

      If anything is fake, it’s these commenters. There are NEVER this many comments, but now suddenly everyone has an opinion. How many on this blog are into theater or music? So where does “it’s not what I would do” even COME from? How many can dance? Remember choreo? You don’t need to be talented to judge, but you definitely need to quit “I wouldn’t do that”. Nobody’s inviting you to be on award shows, because it’s not your field, so humble your opinion.

  19. T-Pain can sing but used autotune to stand out.

    Lady Gaga had the conversation-starting outfits.

    Nicki Minaj had the zany outfits and wigs.

    Of course Lil Nas X will want to do something different in 5 years.

    He’s a Black Gay Man who grew up in Atlanta area. He has EVERY right to queen out and get his life and it makes people uncomfortable.

    The masculinity politics put on Black men is why we won’t have another Lil Nas X for a VERY long time. Any DL rapper or singer who was considering coming out will worry about “Why does he have to be so flamboyant/feminine”?

    Channing Tatum can perform as Beyonce and people still want him, but when we have fun we’re “doing too much”. Black people don’t know WHAT they want.

    Let our representation be 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather then.

    Gay men don’t want people knowing they’re gay. That’s their badge of ‘not like other gays’. So, why do we need more rep? Straight-acting is who we are, right? Being discreet and private and not being too extra. We only allow women to be extra.

    Just because your fathers and uncles didn’t know how to communicate doesn’t mean “being a man” is silent and strong.

  20. Well ya knew he was gone do SOMETHIN..cmon now; BET..the last day of PRIDE. I don’t think it was that shocking..kinda expected from him. Hot tho! I just hope his stage antics dont over shadow his music. Our Black Lady Gaga!! Lol

  21. I don’t get the Lil’ Nas X hate.
    The kid is talented, sexy and attractive and I think that’s the major part of the issue.
    If he presented like one of the Reality show flamboyant loud talking gays, he’d be more accepted but because he does appear like a regular dude, it seems to rile people up.

  22. I hope he has a Madonna style career but he def is not my type of music, I hope he keeps winning though. He needs to stop being so defensive and give the jackals the Beyonce treatment, the best comeback is indifference. He is giving major bothered vibes and that isn’t doing him any favors.

  23. Its 2021 and simple minded mankind is still freaking out over a male kissing another male. Will this always be a problem???

    People are dumb,dumb Dumb!!!!!!

  24. The reason I don’t take the “geyz” serious cause if Lil Nas X came out the closet and was acting like a street nigga and trade the same “geyz” hollering “he’s doing too much” would be the same “geyz” saying he’s not being his true self!
    Geyz are a jealous bunch and it’s truly showing

  25. I’m going to answer the questions you asked in your headline. It’s not meant to be offensive to you or anyone here. it’s simply the truth. The difference between Lil Nas X and y’all is that y’all have colonized mindsets. period. He is free. This post alone by Jamari is full of respectability politics and is honestly all over the place and reeks of internalized homophobia. Have you been under a rock somewhere? Every song Lil nas X has put out as a single has gone platinum or multi-platinum and he has not released his first album yet. Reporting on a dark skin gay Black male music artist needs to have those important facts put front and center. What he has accomplished since 2019 is historic. Your post also says “when i think about controversial artists like michael, janet, prince, and even madonna, they have always been controversial with a message behind it. what is the message lnx trying to convey?” Every single person you listed in that is a heterosexual identifying person. Every single one and not one of them is a gay Dark skin Black male that could ever have the experiences that he has as a gay Dark skin Black male in a industry/genres that have been anti-Black/anti-Gay. Lil Nas X message has always been clear. He is simply a Gay Black man that is existing and performing. That alone is seen as “controversial” where as you saw an entire night at the BET awards full of women on stage shaking their asses up and down. A stage where Jazmine Sullivan & Ari Lennox were singing about riding d*ck. The real question y’all should be asking is why have y’all not done the unlearning of these colonized thinking? it’s tired. Also, Lil Nas X song “Call me By Your Name” is about having sex with another man. Why exactly would he not kiss a man during his performance when its inline with the message of his song?

  26. Lemme start out by saying I love LNX, with that said, he can’t just base his career on him being gay and that’s what it’s starting to feel like , it’s all about balance. I feel like this kiss wasn’t even needed , it felt a bit forced and awkward, if anything he should have focused more on his stage presence and choreography, at certain points it looked very “OK I have to do this move now” and other times he was kinda stiff🙄 but he does have youth and time on his side so I hope he makes use of the constructive criticism folks are offering.

  27. I don’t fully love the performance I thought it was cute but I’m not going to sit here and pretend like he didn’t cause controversy on the channel That just recently started showing gay black people in a way that wasn’t just the butt of the joke. I do think that he has to start doing better on Dances because you can tell that he was a little stiff but you can also tell that he’s not a dancer so it makes sense that he wouldn’t be as fluid as some other performers but I think that the production was great because when you consider a lot of the other other men that perform at bet currently nobody’s doing anything outside of maybe Tyler the Creator everybody else is giving you a real basic simple tired archaic overly done performance

    so I enjoyed that he gave a male performance that was interesting or at least something that we’re not getting currently. The controversy that he stirred up is interesting because we have people like Beyonce who gave Terrence Howard a lap dance on BET we have artists like Madonna and Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera kissing each other and yes those did cause stars but I don’t understand how those aren’t as controversial yet this is the straw that broke the camel’s back this is the performance that’s going to Cloud kids minds and cause them to be gay instead of just being like Oh I enjoyed it and that’s it

    I also want to address that Supabihh of all people is a hypocrite like let’s not pretend that he wasn’t on television in horrible day drag to play a character that supposedly a straight man was into from the back until they saw how manly and ugly he looked and he’s also a person that is usually on bigo arguing and cussing people out for random reasons like I don’t I can’t I can’t get behind the person that would say what they’re saying about little Nas X put out to be such a huge hypocrite at the same time it does make a lot of sense cuz I’ve heard him on bigo talk real filthy and nasty about the man that he’s dating and he sitting here saying that Nas is corrupting people’s minds when you’ve (supabihh) talked filthy about people & yourself. I don’t like people that engage in harmful gay stereotypes yet want to have a moral High Ground on somebody else it doesn’t make a lot of sense especially from that person.

  28. He’s a young gay boy doing what young gay boys do. But he’s in the public eye so it always gets picked apart. My prayer is that he makes good decisions and stays on an upward trajectory. Other than that idc how another gay nigga decides to be gay lol

  29. I’ma (try to) keep my criticism of LNX short.

    I feel like these little stunts for shock value are being employed by his team to hide the fact that without the flashing lights, the eccentric costumes and background dancers, the admittedly dope and catchy beats, the liberal use of autotune and voice editing software, and the pointless stunts (e.g., the ‘Satan shoes’), it would be blatantly clear that LNX got famous off a fluke and that he’s being sustained by the music industry for as long as he makes them money. I mean the boy can’t rap or sing (if anyone has evidence to the contrary please show me) worth a damn to warrant the level of fame and recognition he’s received.

    In my opinion, there are more talented Black LGBTQ artists that deserve the fame and recognition given to LNX. Cakes Da Killa, Serpent With Feet, Kaytranada, and Liniker to name a few…

    I do fear that these stunts and gimmicks are taking him down a path that with greatly shorten his career in the music industry–an industry that is constantly looking for the “next big thing” to make money from. Like, okay, we’ve now seen you kiss another man at an award show after you let one lick on your neck…what’s next? Grinding/Dry humping??? You and your dancers wearing G-strings and jockstraps???? Simulating sex acts on stage??? IDK…but ppl will get bored of him eventually. And all this fake praise he’s getting from everyone will disappear.

    With all that said, I must say, I loved his music video “Sun Down” and think that (outside of OTR) that was one of his better songs.

      1. It triggered you enough to respond… #missionaccomplished

        Now, that I got your attention, be sure to drink water and get enough sleep.

        1. You’re the one who sounds triggered taking the time to write a whole novel about someone and/or something you don’t like…

          Learn to love yourself baby 😘

  30. At the rate of how he’s going and his handlers any minute I expect to see him fucking on stage ….SMH. Lill Naz is being abused and used and hes allowing it . Hope he had a fat ass when he hit the bottom he can land softly

  31. Whew a lot of y’all internalized homophobia is showing!

    It’s funny how Nas X is doing too much but Megha’s big tall ass can damn near show her crack to kids and it’s okay, let’s not forget about those dry azz Myrtle Beach Girls, AND all the male rappers rapping about selling drugs, killing and having sex with multiple girls but the kids can watch that all day GTFOH!
    All Nicki does is show her ass and rap about her pedo loving pussy

    Gays wanna please the straights so bad it’s pathetic almost like how blacks coon for the white folks

    Straights has been doing this shit for DECADES

    PS: The guy in the Hollywood Unlock video was just exposed on Bigo a couple of days ago for dating and grooming his current boyfriend from the time his bf was 15 and he was 28 and all he does on Bigo is dress in wigs and makeup, soooooooo is that y’all advocate LMFAOOO😂😂😂

    1. Sorry in advance for the thesis, but I really don’t think our issue with Lil Nas X is internalized homophobia. No one (with any sense) in any of the internet chatter is saying they hate that he is openly gay. He is simply not talented enough so the gimmick “wears” him. Sorta like when Lady Gaga first came out, people were throwing the book at her for being gimmicky (some still do). However, at a certain point she stripped all that away and showed us she can sit toe-to-toe with Elton John, Tony Bennett and other entertainment legends. It forced people to say “oh she’s actually talented”. Didn’t mean they had to like her, but they had to respect the talent. Nas X is a bad dancer and not a much better rapper at THIS point in his career. Can he evolve? I am willing to believe he can but RIGHT NOW the gimmicks on stage, the gimmicky clothes make him look like somewhat of a puppet. Hopefully he will open the door for someone who is truly “the” openly gay artist many of us are looking for, because he’s not it. Just as Cardi B, the City Girls, Megan, Flo Milli, Latto, Ruby Rose are not the rappers who will most likely push rap forward. And yes, I too, am tired of rappers of all genders on the pussy/money/weed/hood tip. Life is so much bigger and I wish many of our artists in the rap community could see that. I actually got into a disagreement over this with a good friend who believes I should appreciate the representation and cut him some slack. I say “no” when the end product is not good. Billy Porter can be a lil extra BUT you cannot deny his talent. You CAN deny Nas X’s “talent”…LOL

      1. Obviously you’re not on Twitter cause everybody including the gays are definitely upset about two men kissing nothing about a gimmick. Just cause Nas isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean he isn’t talented he WROTE all of his #1 SONGS… that’s talent in and of itself! He’s also the 16th most listened to artist in the WORLD so just because YOU in your little world don’t think he talented you’re not the end all be all! If Lil Nas x were acting like a straight man kissing women the gays would have a problem with that saying he’s not being himself. The gays just want someone to hate cause they’re not in his position

      2. You took the words out of my mouth. I watched the performance and before the kiss this what I thought. I am confused, is he a rapper or singer. Either way he is not good at either. REALLY HE IS NOT. Now, I know the younger generation standard for talent is bottom shelf liquor. Not sure how this happened. Anyway, on top of that, he can’t dance well (lol). Hell, I am 50 years old and can dance better than HIM. If you going to copy a MJ routine, you better alight a fire. Also, he is not making the coins people think he is making. That GET-UP was a MESS. Who was the designer of that mess? Somebody in his camp should have said, get right of that bottom half, get some hot white pants, keep the bustier top with jacket, and you will be fly. Now the KISS. I have thought this kid has been the product of the White Gay community, and I believe it. The KISS was not SHOCKING. It didn’t spur big conversations. It was a quick bleep than GONE. I just looked and said “Oh, he doing the Madonna thing.” Once again, if you had smart people in your camp, you would have kissed a woman and a man, and walked off the stage together. Now that would have F UP their heads. But you needed the dude to be ultra masculine and the girl to be over the top hot. Black folks have always been comfortable with the fem girls. Fems ain’t that issue. In their mind, they believe it. Typical of FEMS to think everything is about THEM. Now what they can wrap their heads around is the masculine gay dude. The undetectable. Once the undetectable, bi, and fluid Black men come forth and speak truth, this issue will be over. Women will step up and speak about being with a bi man, which many are married or dating, but afraid to discuss it. Black folks will learn, grow, and move forward. But that mess he did. Not ground breaking. Hell, Sylvester broke more grown when he put on his dress and sand “Might Real.” Prince was more controversial, when he done a rain cut, black panties, and leg warmers, and released the dirty mind album. The single HEAD sparked a lot of conversations. Cause he was talking about giving somebody HEAD. Made you wonder who he actually meant. Lil Nausea needs to go back and learn about music and the people they came before him, and think about what he is trying to convey.

  32. I’m over it. We get it, he’s gay and happy… AWESOME!! He lacks stage presence, his performances are forgettable, and he can only do so much before the public and his fans get bored and want to actually see something of substance from him which, to me, we haven’t seen yet. At this point the only thing left for him to do is have sex or suck dick on stage because everything else has already been done.

    1. I agree with everything you said!!! Why didn’t the BET Awards plug somebody like Durand Bernarr or Serpentwithfeet??? These are amazingly talented artists that are truly performers!! It’s a shame that they constantly promote the “tramps, weirdos & gay men (I am not sure if it’s an act) who are willing to exploiting their supposed sexuality for shock value!! Popular music is a graveyards for trash….

  33. I want to remember Lil Nas X for making Groundbreaking art, not just shock value antics. It’s not the kiss for me, straight people have used sexuality for shock value for DECADES. However for me it’s his forgettable music. Artists these days just do singles with publicity stunts. We’ll talk about them for a few days or weeks, then it’s fade to black until the next stunt. No albums just microwaveable singles and music year after year until they burn out. He’s young He can always reach new heights. I just don’t want him to be known as the shock value trollin artist like tekashi 69

  34. In this industry, you’re hot one minute and then you’re not. I hope Lil Nas X is keeping track of his coins and not blowing threw them recklessly like the party will go on forever. As Jamari said, the shock value/controversy factor starts to get old and tired after a while.

    1. People from previous eras had to repress and hide themselves. Now that we’re able to be open, there is going to be pushback.

      It’s like how we glamorize “they’ve been married 60 years. Marriages aren’t how they used to be”. Um, women couldn’t do so much so they HAD to stay with a man for financial stability.

      Just because Black men had to be secretive for safety doesn’t mean that we’re ‘doing too much’ now. Let people be them and be whoever you are. As a Black person, at work you’re asked how you feel about BLM. If you’re out at the workplace, you’d be asked what you thought about his performance.

      That’s the issue. Not wanting to be asked or lumped in with “those gays”. And so the bitterness and resentment towards him will only grow as time goes on.

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