so i watched “industry baby” from lil nas x and you already know what i’m thinking about it

 lil nas x (lnx) is one of those you gotta be careful with.
you say/font the wrong thing and you’ll be eaten for lunch.
you remember the kadoment that happened in his last entry.
( x see it here )
after the kiss heard around the world at the bet awards,
i wanted to know what was next for lnx.
while on my sabbatical,
he came out with a video for the song,
industry baby” with jack harlow.
it was produced by kanye west which tripped me tf out.
the foxhole has been wanting my opinion on the video and ima be 110…

i am into this song really heavy.
that choreography was awesome.
i’d like to have a cameo in one of his videos.
that would be fun.
this is actually a song of his that i’m playing more than once.
i love how he has no fucks to give with the video either.
from the twerking,
his dancing,
and all the juicy gay shit

lnx don’t give a damn.
i love this part of the chorus:

You was never really rooting for me anyway
When I’m back up at the top, I wanna hear you say
He don’t run from nothin’, dog
Get your soldiers, tell ’em that the break is over


i felt that shit.
that is the energy i am on right now.
i wasn’t really into montero or panini,
but i could get with this song.
it seems like others are into it as well.
according to spotify,
it’s currently #1 on the top played tracks in the usa.

with the right producers and song choices,
lnx could end up being a force to be reckoned with.
i’m curious as to what’s next.

lowkey: my sexy manz,
jason momoa,
was in the video. – it wasn’t a jason cameo.

jack harlow is so cute.


i like he isn’t shunned by some of the straights.
we need more of this.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “so i watched “industry baby” from lil nas x and you already know what i’m thinking about it”

  1. So unfortunately that’s not Jason mamoa although I really wanted that to be him.

    I really enjoyed this song a lot. I think the video conceptually is crazy fantastic especially considering he used the nike lawsuit as a way to advertise this song.

  2. Yeah this song hits different for me. I love the energy, I love seeing the choreography with all of the Guys. Folks are fussing about it but said nothing when my boo Cardi B and her dancers were naked in the Press video. I also love that he’s collaborating with artists more. People slept on the song that he had with the rapper Nas. And lastly he’s using proceeds from the song to help distribute bail money to folks who are financially disadvantaged regarding their legal fees and etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does a track with like Nicki, Gaga or Beyoncé next.

  3. Although I enjoyed the visuals of Call Me By Your Name, I wasn’t crazy about the song. I was apprehensive about this one because I was afraid it would be the same. Well when I heard it I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a bop and definitely getting added to my gym playlist. I think my lil gay nephew is gonna be just fine lol

  4. He surprised me too..

    I’M LIKE ——–“This girl may actually have some real substance (smile). ——–

    The song was true “Hip Hop” the Visuals were Solid and it shows that he can deliver !!!



  5. 😊😊😊😊Lil Nas has scored again. The message is clear. The audience obvious. The haters can kiss his black ass. 😎

  6. @jamari can we talk about Bankhead who choreographed this video?! He delivers back to back. Check him and his portfolio out.

    It’d be great for you to interview him.

  7. Even though I’m not a fan of Lil Nas X, I will give credit where it’s due…he did that with this music video.

  8. It was cool, but I hate that the choreo was clearly ‘female’ choreo, and yall know exactly what I mean. It would’ve been soo dope if he had them in those pink jail uniforms murdering male choreo, after having the guy pussy poppin in a handstand on him. But, if ur not emulating females you’re not being a ‘true to yourself’ gay…

  9. I like this song a lot and love the video but my fave Lil Nas X song of this recent group is SUN GOES DOWN. It’s such a beautiful, moving song about growing up Black and gay/same gender loving and the struggle to love yourself, find and live and your truth, and not succumb to the homophobia, racism, and everything else we have to live with. The song itself is one of his most melodic too. It kind of flew under the radar but it’s worth listening to again if you haven’t recently.

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