So I Heard Rihanna Shut Down Lenox Mall Today…

B00tO5BIYAATSd7see i like this.
so i’m pretty much in the rihanna navy.
i don’t do stan wars tho.
i just drive the get away car.
when i’m down,
i listen to her music.
i’ve been bumpin’ “rated r” and “loud” these last few days.
her music and all around vibe tends to make you have not 1 fuck 2 give.
rihanna went to atl do an event for her new perfume,
“rogue man”,
at macys today in the lenox mall.
i love how she interacts with her fans

she looks absolutely amazing.
i love how she
everyone on twitter had something positive to share about their experience.
of course i have videos:

ima have to head to macys to smell that cologne this week.
i want to meet rihanna,
but just not at a meet ‘n’ greet tho.
i don’t do “waiting in line”.
i want to sit down and talk with her.
she seems so laid back and a friend you’ve known for a long time.
i’m sure we will run into each other pretty soon.
i just hope i’m lookin’ fly.
it would be my luck it’d be an off day.

lowkey: i hear the navy let sandra rose have it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.02.58 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.03.32 PMshe picked the wrong stan base to get buck with.
don’t end up getting a another restraining order like beyonce had to do!

videos credited: skyylevel_media | theregoterry

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “So I Heard Rihanna Shut Down Lenox Mall Today…”

    1. ^i love skin!
      one of my favs off that album.

      one of my all time fav rihanna tracks is “where have you been”.
      i also love fire bomb,
      stupid in love,
      get it over with,
      and here i go again.

      i love her music period.

  1. i love how down to earth she is…i’ve been a fan of hers since the first album so watching her get to where she is now is just CRAZY…i guess hard work pays off the girl has released an album damn near every year she’s been out..i aint even mad at her make that bread RiRi…now to Sandra Rose she’s aggravating does the most, i still don’t like her she’s vindictive and LOVES attention…I’m #TEAMBEY #TEAMRIRI #TEAMROC all day lol SN: she killed that photoshoot with Naomi and IMAN a few months back i have one of those pics as my screen saver lol

    1. ^i loved that photo shoot!!!

      i also every rih album.
      i love the first one tho.
      it makes me happy lol

      i was just telling someone how teairra mari and her started the same time.
      everyone thought rihanna would be the one hit wonder,
      while teairra be the bigger star.


  2. Wow! That’s pretty amazing how she interacts with fans. It clearly wasn’t one of those situations where the handlers herd you along and you only have 5 seconds for pic.

    Now for Ms. Sandra Rose: I used to work in media in Atlanta starting around 2004ish. Sandra was nothing more than an event photographer. Her site was basically a photobucket that you would visit to get your pic from an event and post it on Myspace. I used to interact with her regularly. In person she is a very petite, quiet and handsome lady. Very quiet. She got blackballed from attending industry events after she got into a confrontation with Usher at an event. Since then, her site has turned down right nasty. If you advertise on her blog or send her free shit, you will become a friend of the blog.

    Back when I knew her, she was still living at home with her Jamaican mother. Funny how she always claims Engand but not her true Jamaican heritage. No offense but a lesbian with her Jamaican background probably explains her disposition on gay men.

    Her ass was not at Macy’s. Too many Atl industry people know her. Her picture would have been trending on Twitter.

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